30 Kitchen Paint Colors You Can Easily Copy

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    Kitchen Paint Colors

    Valspar/Eddie Bauer Kitchen Paint Color Idea: Farmhouse Yellow
    Valspar/Eddie Bauer Kitchen Paint Color Idea: Farmhouse Yellow. Photo Courtesy of Valspar Paint; © Valspar Paint

    3 Kitchen Paint Tips and Tricks

    1. Kitchen Walls. Don't stress. Cabinetry covers at least 50% of most kitchen wall space, leaving the other 50% to be used for backsplashes, trim, and other non-paint areas. That leaves a smaller area than you might think that needs paint.
    2. Painting Cabinets. Unless they are thermofoil, kitchen cabinets also are fair game for painting. Your biggest hurdle, with older kitchens, is to make sure the cabinets are adequately prepped for paint. TSP is a very cheap...MORE cleaning solution available at any hardware store that removes even the most stubborn kitchen grime.
    3. Ceiling. Finally, don't forget the ceiling. Ceilings tend to be "forgotten territory" whenever painting happens. While strong colors on ceilings can make the room feel oppressive, you can vary the "basic white" look by going for cream, putty, or other neutral shades.

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: A Kitchen You'll Love to Spend Time In

    Benjamin Moore Kitchen Paint Color Ideas: Westminster Gold and Sienna Clay
    Benjamin Moore Kitchen Paint Color Ideas: Westminster Gold and Sienna Clay. © Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore has great traditional, come-on-home colors. And this kitchen paint color, with its autumn gold back wall set off by another mildly spicy wall, exemplifies that homey nature. It's the kind of kitchen that guests will want to hang out in after the party's over.

    • Back Wall- Westminster Gold 200
    • Right-Most Wall- Sienna Clay 104
    • Trim and Doors- Simply White OC-117

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: Splashing the Backsplash

    Behr: Embellishing the Backsplash
    Behr: Embellishing the Backsplash. © Behr

    This Behr kitchen paint color scheme pivots on one simple idea: pure white for most of the kitchen, with one highly distinctive accent in a limited area.

    For distinctive style, you don't need much more than this kitchen backsplash "splash" of Behr Embellished Blue. This is an effective look that works well in conjunction with the dark natural wood cabinetry.

    • Kitchen Backsplash - Embellished Blue 510D-4
    • Wall - Ultra Pure White 1050

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: Light and Airy Paint Colors

    Valspar Martha Stewart
    Valspar: Martha Stewart. Photo Courtesy of Valspar Paint; © Valspar Paint

    It's a fresh pastel look for this joining of Valspar and Martha Stewart Colors. The light blue/green of the Vintage Map wall color makes for a soothing kitchen.

    • Walls- Vintage Map MS337
    • Trim- Wainscot MS189

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: Ultra Modern Bold Kitchen

    Valspar Kitchen Paint Color: Oh So Red with White Accent
    Valspar Kitchen Paint Color: Oh So Red with White Accent. Photo Courtesy of Valspar Paint; © Valspar Paint

    Valspar really excels when it comes to color richness. This kitchen paint color is extremely rich and bold and lives comfortably side-by-side with contemporary stainless steel, glass, and granite.

    • Walls- Oh So Red 1009-1
    • Ceiling and Trim- Ultra White 7006-24

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: Food-Themed Paint in a Kitchen. Imagine That!

    Behr Kitchen Paint Color: Sunshine Delight
    Behr Kitchen Paint Color: Sunshine Delight. Image: © Behr Process Corporation

    Talk about making colors match the room's function. Apple crisp, popcorn, chai latte... No, those aren't the dishes you are preparing in the kitchen: those are the evocative names for these warm and tasty Behr paint colors.

    • Walls- Apple Crisp 290D-5
    • Ceiling- Chai Latte 290C-3
    • Trim- Popped Corn W-B-200

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: Sophisticated Traditional Kitchen

    Benjamin Moore: Pale Green with Off-White Touches
    Benjamin Moore: Pale Green with Off-White Touches. © Benjamin Moore

    This Benjamin Moore kitchen paint color design looks complicated at first glance, but it really isn't. It's all those mullions, window posts, and cabinets that make it look complex. But here's what it's all about:

    A light green for both cabinets and ceiling. A very off-white for the trim. And a rich cream for the walls. That's all. It's a dense visual environment that enriches your kitchen and gives it a traditional tone.

    • Ceiling- Raintree Green 1496
    • Cabinets- Paris Rain 1501 (Eggshell Finish)
    • Walls-...MORE Natural White OC-1
    • Trim- Cloud Cover OC-25 (Semi-Gloss)

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: "Yes, But Does He Do Dishes?"

    Ralph Lauren
    Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren

    It's a cheerful approach to a country-style (or cottage-style, if you prefer) kitchen. These colors reflect the owner's love of casual, friendly spaces.

    Notice that this small sink area has been defined by an accent wall in Kayak Yellow. An accent wall typically is one wall painted a different, and usually brighter or bolder, color than surrounding walls. It also needs a major focal point--here, it's the sink.

    Mesa Sunrise below the sink unifies the desert-like color scheme into one.

    From Ralph...MORE Lauren Home

    • Kayak Yellow
    • Mesa Sunrise
    • Rowan White

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: High Style for this Loft Kitchen

    Ralph Lauren Kitchen Colors
    Ralph Lauren Kitchen Colors. Ralph Lauren

    It helps to have ample space, such as this urban loft does. But that's not a deal-breaker. Surrounding walls receive Soft Earth and Canvas, providing a dense neutral for the strong highlights of the counter's Dressage Red.

    The crisp Carson Blue door works well with the surrounding grays.

    From Ralph Lauren Home

    • Dressage Red
    • Carson Blue
    • Soft Earth
    • Canvas

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: Kitchen Colors Courtesy of Martha

    Martha Stewart Kitchen Paint
    Martha Stewart Kitchen Paint. Martha Stewart Living

    Bright and airy colors hearken to happy days spent at the seaside with family.

    It doesn't matter that your house faces a freeway--you can still get into that easy-going beach attitude every time you step into your kitchen with these colors from Martha Stewart. Available at The Home Depot, these Martha Stewart Living colors--Moon Time, Sea Salt, and Sunhat--are sure to enliven your kitchen.

    • Moon Tide
    • Sea Salt
    • Sunhat

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: Paying a "Complement" to the Kitchen's Wood

    Paint Color Green
    Photo Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams; © Sherwin-Williams

    This kitchen paint color scheme is a fresh look of minty green against the light wood of the frameless kitchen cabinets. Steamed Milk, a rich off-white, finishes off the trim and works well with the solid hardwood flooring.

    From Sherwin Williams

    • Walls: Lark #6745
    • Trim: Steamed Milk #7554

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: The Taste of Sherbet on Your Walls

    Kitchen Paint Color Pictures
    Photo Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams; © Sherwin-Williams

    A crisp and tasty sherbet-y look for this kitchen paint design, with an accent wall defining the cooking area in Mandarin. The ceiling, in Extra White, adds even more light to this already-brilliant kitchen.

    From Sherwin Williams

    • Accent Wall: Mandarin #6891
    • Right Wall: Capri #6788
    • Ceiling: Extra White #7006

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: Global Tapestry

    Kitchen Paint Color Designs
    Global Tapestry. Photo Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams; © Sherwin-Williams

    A sophisticated blend of colors with influences from India, Asia, and Latin America.

    From Sherwin-Williams

    • Enticing Red SW 6600
    • Gambol Gold SW 6690
    • Basket Beige SW 6143
    • Alexandrite SW 0060
    • Umber SW 6146

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: One Shade of Gray

    Kitchen Paint
    Photo Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams; © Sherwin-Williams

    With this high, heaven-reaching ceiling, and all the light brought in by the windows, this kitchen paint color design can pull in the darks and grays without bringing down the mood.

    From Sherwin-Williams

    • Ceiling: Super White
    • Walls: Austere Gray

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: Very Vibrant Kitchen Colors

    Kitchen Paints
    Photo Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams; © Sherwin-Williams

    What would otherwise be an austere kitchen gets a bold, one-two punch. The hot, vibrant Dragon Fruit accent wall behind the kitchen counter makes those black touches on the dishwater and counter really stand out. The Wisteria side wall, while bold in other contexts, here stands back and lets the accent wall do all the talking.

    From Sherwin-Williams:

    • Accent Wall: Dragon Fruit
    • Left Side: Wisteria

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: Comfortable Cottage

    © Devoe Paints

    A kitchen paint color evoking the cozy feel of a cottage. Devoe is a small paint manufacturer, known by few--which also happens to be the oldest paint brand in North America, dating back to 1754.

    From Devoe Paints:

    • Walls - Yellow Rose
    • Cupboards - Shell Creek
    • Cupboard Trim - White

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: Happy Cabinets

    Kitchen Paint Green
    © Devoe Paints
    Snazz up those kitchen cabinets. Paint your kitchen cabinets with these friendly colors from Devoe.
    • Cabinets Outer Frame - June Bud
    • Cabinets Inner - Bright Sun

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: Nautical

    Kitchen Paint Color Schemes
    © Dutch Boy

    A nautical theme for this triad of kitchen paint colors from Dutch Boy.

    • North Coast
    • Slight Yellow
    • Ultra White

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: Punch! Pow! Bam!

    Kitchen Paint Color Red
    © Dutch Boy

    Even Dutch Boy calls this color scheme "Depth Charge." And for good reason: this fire-hot red against the stone gray walls is mighty explosive.

    From Dutch Boy

    • Victory Red
    • Stonewall Jackson

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    Kitchen Paint Colors: Relaxed and Easy

    Dutch Boy Paint Colors
    © Dutch Boy

    A soothing combination of earthy colors for this room--from Dutch Boy.

    • Breakers
    • Regal Red
    • White

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    Do You Love This Orchid and Amaranth Kitchen Color Scheme?

    Go Bold With This Violet and Amaranth Kitchen Color Scheme
    Go Bold With This Violet and Amaranth Kitchen Color Scheme. © Pantone/Lowe's

    Lowe's Valspar paint has an initiative with color arbiter Pantone called "Pantone Universe."  Basically, it's a way to spread the Pantone religion to all parts of consumer life--mugs, mobile device covers, housewares, and yes, paint colors via Valspar.

    It's a limited collection, split into Warms and Cools.  And they do not include their most famous color of all, their Color of the Year 20XX (for 2015, it's Marsala; for 2014, it was Radiant Orchid; etc.  You get the idea.).

    In this kitchen, Orchid...MORE (not 2014's Radiant Orchid) dominates.  While Orchid is lovely, it threatens to grow out of control and take over the whole kitchen.  Darker Amaranth (real amaranth is a type of grain) steps in, via those two pantries, and brings down the tone to a more serious level.  

    A lighter, almost-white Shrinking Violet graces the front of the mobile kitchen island.

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    Sangria and Charcoal Gray Kitchen Colors

    Sangria and Charcoal Gray Kitchen Colors
    Sangria and Charcoal Gray Kitchen Colors. © Lowe's/Pantone

    Is it possible to be both rebellious and bold...yet play it safe?  

    One of the best and most tried-and-true kitchen color schemes is the one you're looking at right here:  red and gray.  Suggested by Pantone Universe--Lowe's collection of Pantone colors--these colors are like the schoolyard friends--the tough guy and the studious one--who happen to play together quite well, because of their contrasting natures.

    Pantone's Sangria for the walls itself is shaded down a bit, so it does have a...MORE natural affinity with the cabinets' Charcoal Gray.

    • Walls - Pantone Sangria PN5070
    • Cabinets - Pantone Charcoal Gray PN1080

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    Caribbean "Islander" Feel With Yellow and Blue Kitchen Color Scheme

    Caribbean Yellow and Blue
    Caribbean Yellow and Blue "Islander" Kitchen Colors. © Lowe's/Pantone

    Our brains work in mysterious ways.  All it takes is readjusting the wave-lengths of light to give a place an entirely different feel.  

    This kitchen, formerly a murky gray-neutral, is suddenly transported to the tropics, just by tweaking the colors of the wall and open shelves.

    Primrose Yellow brightens the walls, evoking a feeling of high-noon sun on a white sand beach.  The open shelves pop out when this rich turquoise blue is applied to them.  Use this shelf color sparingly, though.  A little...MORE goes a long ways.

    • Shelves:  Pantone Peacock Blue PN8060
    • Wall:  Pantone Primrose Yellow PN2040

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    Tuscan Orange Kitchen Island and Neutrals

    Tuscan Orange Kitchen Island and Neutrals
    Tuscan Orange Kitchen Island and Neutrals. © Lowe's - Allen + Roth

    I've never thought much about Lowe's Allen + Roth brand of housewares and paint.  Then I noticed that Allen + Roth has a superb collection of neutrals.

    Of their 5 series of paint collections, one is devoted entirely to what they call Sophisticated Neutrals (49 of them!).  The wall neutral you're looking at is one of their darker ones; they've got 40-plus other earthier neutrals with tones of orange, blue, and green.

    With the right tones, neutrals don't have to be boring.  

    Walls - Brown Derby Hat...MORE ar828

    Kitchen Island - Saltillo ar526

    Breakfast Nook - Keystone ar215

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    How About This Muted Green and Khaki Kitchen Color Scheme?

    Muted Green and Khaki Kitchen Colors
    Muted Green and Khaki Kitchen Colors. © Behr Process Corporation

    Green is one of those colors you need to be careful within kitchens.  Paint your kitchen in a St. Patrick's Day/Shamrock green and be prepared for guests running from the room in revulsion.  

    But bring down the green, neutralize it, add some tans...and you've got a warm, relaxing environment that feels natural.  This green, in conjunction with the khaki walls, acts as a much-needed counterbalance to that dramatically red cherry solid hardwood floor.

    From Home Depot's house brand, Behr:

    Cabinets -...MORE Dry Sea Grass - 360F-4

    Walls - Basic Khaki - HDC NT 09

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    Kitchen With Shades of Copper and Red

    Kitchen With Shades of Copper and Red
    Kitchen With Shades of Copper and Red. © Behr Process Corporation

    So, this is one of those spacious kitchens with a touch of the antique that's just screaming for yet another white-on-white color combination.  Except for one issue:  those golden-natural semi-glossy cabinets.

    For that eight-shades-of-white kitchen, you need white cabinets, too.  But what a shame to paint these.

    Instead, work with them by painting the walls in a copper-tinted tone and the mobile kitchen island in a lighter, brighter copper-y color.

    Walls - Copper Mountain 260D-7

    Table - Mulling...MORE Spice 280D-6

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    Vintage:  Light Robins Egg Blue Kitchen

    Vintage Light Robins Egg Blue Kitchen
    Vintage Light Robins Egg Blue Kitchen. © Benjamin Moore

    Blue isn't usually associated with kitchens.  But brightening up the blue with white until it's almost robin's egg makes this sweet, 1960s-style kitchen more palatable.

    And this blue emphasizes the light pouring through the Eichler-style four-sided courtyard, off to the right.

    While the white looks pure white, it's not.  Benjamin Moore's Patriotic White on the cabinets actually has a faint blue tint.  

    Walls - Blue Hydrangea 2062-60

    Cabinets - Patriotic White 2135-70

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    A Very "Moody" Blue and White Kitchen Paint Scheme

    White and Moody Blue Kitchen Paint Scheme
    White and Moody Blue Kitchen Paint Scheme. © Dutch Boy

    I proclaimed this dark, dark blue around this kitchen's trim a "moody" blue--before I remember that it was also the name of a rock band from the 1970s.  But how appropriate for this North Atlantic ocean color.  It's a serious color, like a bank of storm front clouds coming in over the sea.

    The light-blue beams nicely coordinate with the pastel peachy light-orange of the ceiling.

    From Dutch Boy:

    Trim - Rabelais' Song E12-1

    Ceiling - Pawtucket Peach B7-4

    Ceiling Beams - Highest Peak E12-2

    Cabinets - An...MORE unspecified white.

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    Rich, Luxurious Red and Yellow Kitchen Paint Combination

    Red and Yellow Kitchen Paint Scheme
    Red and Yellow Kitchen Paint Scheme. © Dutch Boy

    Gorgeous, rich colors grace this classic-style, kitchen vaulted with wooden beams.  Evocative of the Craftsman era, this red-and-yellow scheme perfectly complements the Tiffany glass' browns, yellows, and deep cinnabar reds.

    From Dutch Boy:

    • Ceiling - Warm Embrace C1-3
    • Cabinets - Regal Red A10-1

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    Cool Bluish Neutral Kitchen Paint Design

    Cool Bluish Neutral Kitchen Paint Design
    Cool Bluish Neutral Kitchen Paint Design. © Sherwin-Williams

    One way to define neutral paint colors is if you look at it and say, "I can't really figure out what color I'm looking at."

    Neutrals do have actual colors--blues make them cooler and yellows and oranges make them warmer--but the content is so minimal that your eye really can't place what it is seeing.

    And that is the very point.

    Flash your eye past this kitchen color scheme and what do you see?  If you said, "Blues," you would be right.  

    From Sherwin-Williams:

    • Walls - Breezy SW 7616