35 Kitchen Peninsula Ideas That Are Pretty and Functional

peninsula with green leather chairs

Nadia Watts Interior Design

A kitchen peninsula differs from an island in that it isn't freestanding, but is instead connected to the existing countertops. Peninsulas come in handy whether you're entertaining, preparing food, or sitting down to enjoy a casual meal.

If you're looking to add a peninsula to your kitchen or have one already but need some help styling it, you won't want to miss out on the 35 beautiful kitchen peninsula ideas below.

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    Brighten Up

    peninsula with green leather chairs

    Nadia Watts Interior Design

    Installing pendant lights above your peninsula elevates the casual dining experience and means that you don't need to solely rely on severe overhead fixtures.

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    Try a Soothing Blue

    teal blue peninsula

    @you_neekdesigns / Instagram

    Bring on the blue. The peninsula—and the lower cabinets in this kitchen—all look lovely coated in a robin's egg color.

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    Experiment With Color

    peninsula with beadboard siding

    @katzrenovations / Instagram

    Just because your cabinets are white, it doesn't mean your peninsula can't boast a little color. Whether you opt for a subtle hue or go bold is entirely your choice.

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    Say Hello to Shiplap

    peninsula with shiplap

    @maggieclarkeinteriors / Instagram

    It's all in the details: This peninsula's shiplap siding plays off of the nearby range hood, which is also made from the material.

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    Add Architectural Intrigue

    neutral peninsula

    @cbharchitects / Instagram

    This neutral peninsula may be plain in color, but it certainly doesn't lack style thanks to its board and batten backing.

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    Get Party Ready

    peninsula with wine fridge

    @ct_design_ / Instagram

    Grab a seat right next to the wine fridge. Hosting has never been easier than it is with a peninsula like this one.

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    Commit to Coastal Design

    light blue peninsula

    @cabinetsdotcom / Instagram

    If you love coastal design, try a peninsula setup like this one. Blues, whites, and wicker textures are always welcome.

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    Hide the Microwave

    wooden peninsula with white top

    @spragueinteriors / Instagram

    No ideal spot for the microwave? Go ahead and incorporate it into your peninsula design, as seen here. No more staring at unsightly appliances.

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    Stash Away Those Bottles

    peninsula with wood siding

    @zarakitchendesign / Instagram

    Wine lovers, this one's for you. This peninsula features built-in bottle holders—organization at its finest. This solution is excellent for those who don't want to waste precious cabinet space storing bottles galore.

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    Keep It Simple

    black and white peninsula

    @zarakitchendesign / Instagram

    There's nothing wrong with a simple setup like this one. Keeping your peninsula minimal and clutter free will ensure you always have plenty of space for meal prep.

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    Tuck Away Your Books

    peninsula with book storage

    @renovation_ropemaker_hill / Instagram

    Bring on the books! This peninsula features useful shelves that are always welcome in a kitchen where storage options are always essential. Not a cookbook collector? Fill shelves with glassware, extra vases, liquor bottles, or anything else you like.

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    Go Wide

    simple wooden peninsula

    @nataliemyers / Instagram

    This peninsula features a marble countertop with a lengthy overhang, making it easy to tuck stools all the way underneath and out of the way when not in use.

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    Keep It Sleek

    sleek black peninsula

    @clairedunninteriors / Instagram

    This peninsula is oh-so-sleek. Low profile, barely there chairs add a high-end touch to the kitchen.

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    Add Personal Touches

    coastal peninsula

    @almafied / Instagram

    Decorate your peninsula with pieces that speak to you—hang open shelving above it for chic storage, hang or lean framed art, and finish off the look with some potted plants.

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    Divide and Conquer

    green peninsula with stools

    @mcdonaldremodeling / Instagram

    This green peninsula sections off the kitchen from the nearby dining space while serving as the ideal spot in which to enjoy an afternoon snack or flip through a cookbook.

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    Infuse Warmth

    peninsula with wooden chairs

    @my.horsford.home / Instagram

    Wood tones can add so much warmth to any space. Here, wooden bar stools make this kitchen extra charming.

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    Make It Monochrome

    simple blue gray peninsula

    @honestbydesign / Instagram

    If you're into monochrome spaces, select bar stools that closely complement your cabinet paint color to create a seamless setup.

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    Vary Your Hues

    multicolor peninsula

    @saxon.stories / Instagram

    Can't commit to just one color in the kitchen? Try painting your peninsula in a hue that's different from your cabinets. White and green are always a show stopping combo.

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    Pick Chairs That Talk

    peninsula with wooden wire stools

    @the_house_of_fitz / Instagram

    The chairs you select for your peninsula can really shape your space and help to make it look more complete. These wooden and wire beauties are certainly full of personality and style.

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    Don't Forget About Storage

    peninsula with storage on side

    @havenhousedesignco / Instagram

    This peninsula features open storage on the side, which is handy when it comes to tucking away cookbooks, baskets, and the like.

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    Be Bright

    peninsula with green stools

    @reclaimedkarma / Instagram

    Add some pep to your kitchen with bold green barstools that will pop against any peninsula. Even if your kitchen is all-white like this one, a little color never hurts.

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    Accessorize It

    peninsula with candle

    @mynorthernabode / Instagram

    Accessories like candles and vases aren't just for the coffee table; they're welcome on the peninsula, too. With all the time you spend in your kitchen, you deserve to make the space feel homey and cozy using small, thoughtful touches.

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    Think Strategically About Seating

    peninsula with wicker stools

    Grey Joyner Interiors

    Consider how you plan to use your peninsula prior to purchasing furniture. If you're going to use the surface for everyday meals, you may wish to opt for bar stools with full backs, which are designed for maximum comfort.

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    Combine Wood and Marble

    wooden peninsula with marble top

    Brittney Ferguson Interiors

    This peninsula slants into the kitchen, adding visual interest to the space. We love the combo of classic wood and mod marble.

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    Host Like a Pro

    peninsula with wine fridge and shelves

    @storylineinteriors / Instagram

    Who's ready for happy hour? This peninsula makes it easy to pop open a bottle of bubbly whenever the mood strikes, all thanks to the built-in wine fridge.

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    Choose Curves

    curved peninsula

    @moorlandshome / Instagram

    While many peninsulas feature sharp, 90 degree edges, there's nothing wrong with opting for a curved look if you feel like veering off the beaten path in your kitchen.

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    Gather ARound

    small peninsula with leather stools

    @designbynest / Instagram

    This setup demonstrates just how useful peninsulas can be for entertaining. It's easy for everyone to gather around and help themselves to drinks and appetizers, and being near the sink makes for speedy cleanup.

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    Pick a Pattern

    peninsula with tile design

    @gettingscituated / Instagram

    Love pattern? Have fun with your peninsula and jazz it up a bit using some tile. This art deco design is nice and bold.

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    Keep It Minimal

    peninsula with highchair

    @christie_ferrari / Instagram

    If you're worried about crowding the area surrounding your peninsula, consider using acrylic chairs and stools, which take up minimal visual space while still being entirely functional.

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    Coordinate Throughout

    peninsula with black metal chairs

    @no1_diamond / Instagram

    Here's another example of shiplap artfully spread throughout the kitchen. This peninsula features shiplap backing that plays off of the nearby door wonderfully.

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    Set a Table for Four

    peninsula with four stools

    @woodland_renovations / Instagram

    A peninsula can accommodate the whole family if you opt for the right seating. These stools are low profile while still being sizable and make it easy to entertain the entire crew right in the kitchen.

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    Maximize a Small Space

    peninsula with towel bar attached

    @randrathome / Instagram

    If you don't have tons of space to hang towels and oven mitts elsewhere in your kitchen, don't fear. Add a bar with hooks to your peninsula to make the most of your layout, even if you're a bit short on square footage.

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    Let Your Peninsula Do It All

    farmhouse style peninsula

    @downlenoxroad / Instagram

    This peninsula serves as part dining and prep area, part command center, thanks to the side hooks, open shelving above it, and small storage drawers placed on top.

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    Hang Pots and Pans

    peninsula with copper pots hanging

    @littlerusticdream / Instagram

    Copper pots are both functional and beautiful. If you're looking for a clever way to display yours, consider adding a bar to the side of your peninsula and hanging pots there, where they can be easily admired and accessed for cooking.

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    Show Off Your Style

    weathered peninsula

    @farmhousefor8 / Instagram

    Let your kitchen peninsula reflect your personal style. If you love a farmhouse aesthetic, for example, design your peninsula to have a weathered, rustic look, like the one shown here.