Tips for Controlling the Budget on a Kitchen Remodel

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    Budget Control Is Up to You

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    Begin with the reality of budgeting for kitchen remodels: Kitchens are always one of the most expensive areas of the home to remodel. Upgrades to bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and even small bathrooms pale in comparison to the price of remodeling a kitchen. The good news is that a budget kitchen remodel is possible relative to the average cost of other kitchen remodels.

    Windfalls of free or cheap kitchen cabinets or bargain appliance might help, but you cannot count on this. However, you can educate yourself on the basic themes that apply to budget kitchen remodels. 

    Only You Really Care About Lowering Kitchen Remodel Costs

    In the final measure, it is only the homeowner who has a true stake in keeping costs down for a kitchen remodeling project. All of the secondary parties involved in a kitchen remodel, including contractors, subcontractors, architects, designers, and suppliers, will tacitly agree to your stated budget. But it is not within their best interests to do so, since they are trying to maximize their profits at the same time you are trying to maximize your cost savings.  

    It's possible that you may find a contractor or architect who willfully tries to punch holes in your budget by heaping on more extras or finding problems down the road that require more and more construction change orders. Such deliberate undermining of a budget is not typical, though. More commonly, you be working with secondary parties who continually need to be reminded to stay within the limits that you are comfortable with.

    In the end, keep in mind that you are your own best advocate when it comes to keeping your kitchen remodeling budget within a manageable range.

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    Refresh Rather Than Replace Cabinets to Save Money

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    New kitchen cabinets are invariably expensive and contrary to the entire notion of a budget kitchen remodel. In general, all tear-out-and-replace projects are much more expensive than projects that keep a majority of the materials, and cabinetry is a prime example.  It is also more eco-friendly to avoid landfilling tons of flooring, glass, laminates, plastics, and other materials that take centuries to degrade. There are several good options that won't require new kitchen cabinetry:

    One way to limit the use of expensive wall cabinets is to install some open shelving. Result: an airy feel, almost like that of a commercial kitchen.

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    Limit the Use of Professionals: Do It Yourself

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    Do-it-yourself home remodeling projects let you pay for only the materials while bringing down labor costs to zero.

    Some remodeling projects range from easy to moderately difficult for do-it-yourselfers: interior painting, flooring installation, changing outlets and lights, hanging drywall, and installing baseboards and other trim, among other projects.

    Time, or lack of it, is another factor behind your decision to do-it-yourself or hire a professional. When you have the luxury of time to complete your kitchen remodel, you can do much of it yourself. Tight timetables entail hiring professionals. 

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    Fix and Refurbish Your Appliances

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    At one time, it was assumed that all appliances, even perfectly functioning ones, would be landfilled during the course of a kitchen remodel. Thankfully, that antiquated thinking is on its way out, as most municipalities have enacted restrictions against sending kitchen appliances directly to the landfill. 

    Readily available information about fixing kitchen appliances, coupled with a thriving online service parts marketplace, now make it possible for many homeowners to fix rather than toss many kitchen appliances, including:

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    Keep the Same Kitchen Layout

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    Dramatically changing around the kitchen layout is one sure way to drive up the budget. Conversely, keeping your kitchen layout basically the same while changing only the elements within that framework is one important key to keeping your kitchen update within budget.

    Moving essential plumbing services such as the dishwasher, sink, and refrigerator (ice maker) entails hiring plumbers. Moving around electrical services such as GFCI outlets, lights, dishwasher, refrigerator, and garbage disposal means tearing out drywall and rewiring the kitchen.

    Kitchen layouts are usually determined in the first place by the size of the available kitchen space. So, major changes to the footprint are sometimes more effort and cost than they are worth. Try to work within your current layout in order to save money.

    Corridor- or galley-style kitchens often have such limited space that footprint changes are not possible, short of major alterations to the home's structure. One-wall layouts allow for a little more flexibility since they do have an open side. In this case, adding a kitchen island is a great way to add more prep space and storage without major layout changes.