32 Kitchen Rug Ideas Your Feet Will Thank You For

striped rug in kitchen

Cathie Hong Interiors

Kitchen rugs don't have to be boring. If you're wondering just how to jazz up those kitchen floors, we've got you covered. Here, you'll find 32 inspiring rug choices for the kitchen, which range from runners to small mats to larger area rugs.

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    Contrast Your Colors

    red rug in kitchen

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Add some contrast to your kitchen with a red rug like this one, which complements this space's laid back look.

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    Go Big or Go Home

    light kitchen rug

    One Coast Design

    While we often spot runners or small mats in the kitchen, don't be afraid to incorporate more of an area rug sized piece into your space. Here, a vintage inspired rug looks lovely below a wooden island.

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    Try a Coastal Touch

    jute rug in kitchen

    Victoria Bell Design

    For a coastal look, introduce a jute runner into the kitchen. Whether your home is located steps away from the beach or you just wish that were the case, the combination of white and jute will immediately evoke seaside vibes.

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    Bring on the Blue and White

    blue and white rug

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    Everyone loves blue and white. If you're looking to introduce some color into your kitchen, this crowd pleasing combo is a no fail pick.

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    Look to Your Cabinet Tones

    red and brown rug

    Erin Williamson Design

    Deep wooden cabinets carry over to the rusty hues on this kitchen rug, which truly serves as a work of art within the sparse space.

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    Or Keep It Simple

    simple white rug in kitchen

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    A long white runner is right at home in this airy kitchen. If you have young children running around, you may wish to opt for a darker shade, though, as spills are almost inevitable.

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    Get Moody

    moody rug in kitchen

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Why not pick a moody rug? This deep blue piece sure is full of personality and depth.

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    Keep the Little Details Top of Mind

    neutral rug in kitchen

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    This soft gray rug features a blue border that matches the paint color on the nearby island to a T. It's all in the details.

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    Make It Modern

    striped rug in kitchen

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    If your kitchen is modern in style, you'll want to make sure that the rug you select supports this aesthetic. Here, a red and white printed rug is minimalist and pretty.

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    Think Durable

    woven jute rug

    Studio Peake

    Bring on the jute—a thick, woven piece like this one is sure to withstand heavy foot traffic, which is essential in the kitchen.

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    Try a Happy Block Print

    blockprint rug in kitchen

    Studio Peake

    Block print is beautiful on clothing, linens, and yes, rugs. A blue and white design adds serenity to this colorful kitchen.

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    Bring on the Fun

    chevron rug in kitchen

    Studio Peake

    This kitchen is relatively simple—that is, until you look down on the floor. A rainbow chevron patterned rug steals the show and proves that a kitchen never has to be too serious.

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    Play With Shapes

    geometric kitchen rug

    @kariealleninteriors / Instagram

    Black and white checkered floors are pretty cool on their own, but this geometric print adds even more interest to this kitchen floor. Who says you can't enjoy multiple fun shapes?

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    Choose Checkers

    christmas checkered rug

    @gracecottagehhi / Instagram

    Celebrate the season with a festive rug. This red and white checkered number could actually work in the space all year long—in spring and summer, simply work in some strawberry-themed accents, and in the fall, switch to apples.

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    Double Up

    colorful runners in kitchen

    @yssinteriordesign / Instagram

    The more rugs, the merrier. Placing rugs on either side of the island is the name of the game in this kitchen—and these two pieces are actually not totally identical, yet they work together wonderfully.

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    Add a Pop of Pink

    pink rug in kitchen

    @lilpinkabode / Instagram

    Think pink! If you love the color pink, embrace it all throughout the home. Here, we spy pink cabinets, a pink door, pink flowers, and yes, a pink rug, of course.

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    Rock the Rainbow

    rainbow print rug

    @bethanyfaydesigns / Instagram

    Feeling bold? Go ahead and pick up a rainbow colored rug like this one. It's sure to brighten you up and give you a jolt of energy every time you see it—whether or not your morning coffee has kicked in.

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    Match Your Backsplash

    peach colored rug

    @allisonelefantephoto / Instagram

    An off-white and peach runner seamlessly ties into the tile in this kitchen's backsplash. Peaches and pinks are always festive in a cooking space.

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    Be Eclectic

    terracotta rug

    @hayes.cottage / Instagram

    A terra cotta color rug with red and blue detailing mimics the pattern on this kitchen's tile backsplash while adding a touch of playfulness to the space.

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    Mix It Up

    dark colored runner

    @m.r.brewer / Instagram

    Don't be afraid to mix patterns in the kitchen. Just because your space features a detailed wallpaper or backsplash doesn't mean you can't opt for a rug with its own, unique print, too.

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    Go Round

    green circular rug

    @queenvillagevictorian / Instagram

    If you have a round dining table, jazz it up by placing a slightly larger round rug underneath. This woven one is sure to be nice and comforting underfoot.

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    Celebrate Pastels

    muted turkish rug

    @joanna.anastasia_ / Instagram

    Pastels aren't just for kids' rooms. Here, they look beautiful in the kitchen and add lots of energy to the space. Top things off with a pastel colored Turkish-inspired rug like the one shown here.

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    Admire the Island

    blue and gray runner

    @ridge_and_oakley_home / Instagram

    Bring on the blue. If you're not sure what color rug to opt for in the kitchen, simply look to your island or cabinets for inspiration—so easy.

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    Go Warm

    reddish rug

    @akbdesign / Instagram

    Craving color in the kitchen? Go ahead and add a bold rug for an easy fix. This red pattern is nice and warm and also will easily camouflage stains—always a winning quality, particularly in a prep space like this.

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    Make It Fuzzy

    moroccan shag rug

    @my_renovating_diary / Instagram

    Give your feet a real treat with a plush Moroccan-inspired rug like this one. It helps to fuse together the cooking area and adjacent dining nook, too.

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    Embrace a Classic Pattern

    black and white rug

    @tugbaasahra / Instagram

    A Greek-inspired key pattern is always eye-catching and sophisticated looking. This rug adds instant style to an otherwise simple kitchen.

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    Be Dotty

    dotted rug

    @ewa_home_and_sun / Instagram

    What could be sweeter than a dotted pattern? This rug looks right at home in this charming, neutral kitchen.

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    Tone It Down

    jute rug in kitchen

    @our_home_in_hereford / Instagram

    If your kitchen is full of decor, you may prefer to keep your rug more subdued. As always, jute is a timeless, durable pick.

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    Go Gray

    soft gray runner

    @casa.arantes.style / Instagram

    A soft gray rug complements the cabinets in this kitchen wonderful. There's truly a rug choice for every design style.

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    Make It Minimal

    white textured rug

    @houseofchais / Instagram

    If you don't wish to draw attention away from a fun floor tile pattern, you may wish to opt for a kitchen rug in a solid color. White is an obvious choice here, given that it's one of the dominant hues used in this kitchen—just be mindful to pick a washable piece.

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    Go for Those Stripes

    simple striped rug

    @houseofchais / Instagram

    Say yes to stripes! This classic pattern will never go out of style and can shine in all types of kitchens. While this room leans more contemporary, the design adds a touch of traditional style.

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    Don't Be Too Simple

    large white rug

    @houseofchais / Instagram

    Simple white rugs don't have to be boring! This one features stylish tassels as well as a subtle geometric design.