16 Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas to Try

Kitchen sink organizing ideas

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The kitchen sink can quickly become a dirty and disheveled mess, despite its close relationship with cleaning. The sink itself can get gunky from dish soap and food residue, and the cabinet below can be a mess of cleaning products and tools that can get forgotten. Fortunately, there are many useful organizational tips to help you keep your kitchen sink clean and tidy, both up top and down below. Try these 16 ideas to get you started.

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    Pick Up Some Plastic Organizers

    Kitchen sink cabinet storage and organization idea

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    Sometimes it's the smallest changes that make all the difference. This cabinet underneath the kitchen sink has transitioned from cluttered to clean with the help of a couple of plastic organizers. These also keep accidental spills contained, preventing stains on the cabinets.

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    Choose Pretty Cleaning Supplies

    Tidy kitchen sink with soap bar and scrub brush

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    If you really want to dress up your kitchen sink, consider updating your cleaning supplies. This gorgeous kitchen sink has both soap and a scrubber within reach, but the homeowner has chosen a soap bar and wooden brush to match the design aesthetic.

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    Dress Up the Sink

    Kitchen sink organization with plants and candles

    Black & Blooms

    More stuff does not necessarily equate to more clutter. If you like an eclectic look, find ways to dress up your kitchen sink that are practical and also match your style. This kitchen sink is surrounded by plants, making them easier to water, and a candle, to cover any smells.

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    Keep Your Scrubber in a Utensil Jar

    Kitchen sink organization with container for scrub brush

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    For those who never know where to leave their kitchen scrubber, here's a great hack. Visit your favorite store and pick out a simple utensil container, meant for your collection of ladles and spatulas. Use the jar for your kitchen scrubber and avoid spreading dirty water all over your kitchen counter.

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    Give Every Item a Home

    Kitchen sink under cabinet with labeled containers

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    The cabinet underneath your kitchen sink is a common catch-all for everything from trash bags to assorted cleaning supplies. It's not necessarily a bad spot for these items, but make sure you keep them sorted. In this featured photo, for example, every item has a proper home, designated by labeled containers.

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    Sort Countertop Goods in Containers

    Kitchen sink organization with tray and basket for goods

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    Here's a simple trick to tidy up the area around your kitchen sink. Select the items you want to be accessible, such as soaps and countertop cleaners. Arrange them into related groups and place them on or in something you'll then set on your counter. For instance, this kitchen has soaps seated on a tray and other miscellaneous goods gathered in a basket.

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    Keep Rags and Towels Close

    Kitchen sink organization with reusable wipes or rags

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    One item you'll want to keep close to your kitchen sink is a dish towel or wash rag. However, instead of draping a damp cloth over the edge of your sink, consider hanging them on the side of a cabinet. If you'd like, you can add two hooks and hang towels for separate purposes: drying dishes or your hands.

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    Store Detergent Pods on the Cabinet Door

    Kitchen sink organization in cabinet underneath with plastic container for detergent pods

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    This tip is particularly handy if you prefer pods to liquid or powdered dishwasher detergent. Keep your pods in a plastic container, attached to the inside of the cabinet door underneath your sink. This makes accessing detergent especially easy, and it leaves plenty of leftover room for other items you want to keep in the cabinet.

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    Reuse Pretty Soap Bottles

    Kitchen sink organization with flowers and decorative soaps

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    Let's be honest: a bottle of Dawn is not particularly pretty countertop decor. However, you don't need to buy fancy dish soap to keep a classy kitchen sink. Purchase a bottle of soap with pretty packaging, or glass bottles, then just refill them with any dish soaps you have on hand.

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    Roll Kitchen Towels in a Nearby Cabinet

    Kitchen sink organization with drawer of rolled kitchen towels nearby

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    When you're organizing your kitchen, make sure you're thoughtful about the contents of each drawer and cabinet. Since you'll need dish towels often at the sink, keep your collection in a nearby drawer. Consider rolling the towels, so they're easy to grab when you need them.

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    Keep a Basket Around for Dirty Dish Towels

    Kitchen sink organization with baskets

    Katie LeClercq

    In some homes, where there are multiple family members or perhaps no dishwasher, the dirty dish towels and damp wash rags can accumulate in a matter of minutes. If this sounds familiar, try adding a petite laundry basket below your sink.

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    Choose Solid Bins for a Clean Look

    Kitchen sink organization with baskets underneath

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    For those who feel extra sensitive to clutter, this tip is for you! Instead of picking out a basic set of clear plastic storage bins from your local retailer, choose solid containers instead. This will create a cleaner look in your cupboard.

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    Add Storage Space Vertically

    Kitchen sink organization with peg board for scrub brushes

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    Even after you've rearranged the cabinet underneath your kitchen sink and assigned every item to a specific bin, you may find that you're still in need of additional space. If you run into this issue, think vertical. This custom pegboard cabinet is easy to replicate on the inside of your cupboard door or even the inner wall of your cabinet.

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    Keep It Simple and Consistent

    Kitchen sink organization with natural cleaning supplies

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    When your kitchen scrubber has become too frayed or your sponge has started to separate, make sure you don't hastily replace them with cheap or ugly alternatives. Matching your cleaning supplies with your style is an easy way to achieve an organized look, so be sure to stick with your design aesthetic for the long haul.

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    Collect Herbs by the Sink

    Kitchen sink organization with magnet strip for knives and scissors

    Rikki Snyder

    If you like to cook with fresh herbs, you can keep them fresh for longer by storing them in water. Set your jars or bottles arranged with herbs along the edge of your sink for an eye-catching pop of color. This is also a practical spot, since you can snip off a few sprigs and rinse them before use.

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    Make Room for Extra Supplies

    Kitchen sink organization with plastic organizers in cabinet underneath

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    For some, after you've deep cleaned and organized the cabinet underneath your sink, you'll find you've somehow added more space—it's the beauty of organizing. If this is the case for you and your kitchen, consider adding some backup supplies to the lot. Think of products you use often and double up.