7 Kitchen Utensils for a Spanish Kitchen

Pressure Cooker
Rithwik photography/Getty Images

Most of what is in your kitchen is standard in kitchens around the world. Everyone who cooks generally has a frying pan, a pot, knives, vegetable peeler, and the like. To cook Spanish food, generally one does not need special kitchen tools, however, there are a few unusual tools or pans to put on your wish list. Most of the items on the list can be found through an internet supplier of Spanish food, at your local ethnic grocery store, and some at your local department store.

Utensils for Cooking Spanish Food

  1. Ceramic or clay pots - Traditional clay dishes are a nice addition to the kitchen tools. Look for good quality dishes that can be used indoors and out - on a gas stove, in the oven, or on the grill. Clay dishes are available in a large range of sizes from 3-4 inches across to be used for tapa rations, to 10-12 inches across, used for cocidos (stews), and other oven-baked casserole dishes.
  2. Paella pan - For cooking paella outside on a barbecue or over open flames, a carbon steel paella pan is the best, but enameled pans are economical and function just fine. Paella pans come in a huge variety of sizes. The tags usually include the number of servings they make.
  3. Paella Spoon - Paella spoons are long-handled spoons usually made of stainless steel. They are used to stir the paella but keep hands and arms away from the heat and flames.
  4. Ramekins - For flan, Spanish egg custard with caramel sauce. Ramekins come in several sizes, but they are usually small (3 to 4 inches across), made of porcelain, and are perfect for making single servings of a variety of Spanish custards and desserts. They are also handy for serving nuts and small tapas.
  1. Spatulas - Because many tapas and other dishes in the Spanish kitchen are fried, having at least one good spatula, particularly a slotted spatula is important.
  2. Stick Blender - These little electric tools are very handy for making sauces or mayonnaise, or whipping salad dressing. This is particularly helpful when making alioli or creamy soups.
  1. Pressure cooker - This nifty invention might seem something that went out of style in the 1960's, but not in Spain. Modern pressure cookers are safe, and speed up the cooking process of stews, etc. The typical Spanish cook still uses a pressure cooker to make many traditional Spanish dishes in a fraction of the time it took their abuela. This last piece of equipment is not unusual, but have a quantity bottle opener on hand for that great bottle of Spanish wine.