Kitchen Wall Colors: Picture Gallery From Major Paint Manufacturers

Martha Stewart Kitchen - Turkey Hill (CT)

Martha Stewart/Omnimedia, Inc.

The color of your kitchen walls will define the feel of your kitchen altogether, and so it's no wonder that some may have a hard time deciding what to go with. Before you decide what color to pick up from the store, find out how much paint you need with The Spruce's Paint Calculator. Here is some inspiration if you're looking to buy paint from a major manufacturer.

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    Bright, Cheerful Lavender Kitchen Colors

    Lavender Kitchen Wall Color
    Behr Process Corp.

    Manufacturer Behr outright admits to this being a purple, but it's not the kind of darker, grape-like purple you ordinarily imagine.

    It's softened and turned friendly by the addition of tints. Not only that, the cabinets--a nice color called Cloud Nine--balance out the wall color. Nothing garish here at all.

    It's a perfect color scheme for anyone who would like to have a light, airy, fun, and not-too-serious kitchen. One factor lending to this feel is the open shelving: two tiers of white shelves over the counter displaying pretty items only. Give your kitchen instant country-like charm by collecting smaller items such as teas and small linens in baskets, as shown.

    Mainly with this type of color, you'll want to keep it simple, clean, uncluttered. Here are your paints:

    • Wall- Weeping Wisteria.
    • Cabinets- Cloud Nine.
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    Cabin-Like Blue and Tan Kitchen

    Kitchen Wall Colors Cottage Style
    Ralph Lauren

    I like that Ralph Lauren Paint colors always have a touch of that Lauren style, and the photos are nothing short of inspirational. These kitchen colors are evocative of a seaside cabin. The gold-tinged tan of the beadboard back wall, in combination with the lightly gray-tinted blue of the side wall, make for an elegantly-plain space.

    You'll rise each morning as coffee is brewing and pull the cafe curtains aside to greet a sunny new day. Just imagine: it could be your cabin in the Cascades, Adirondacks, or Rockies. Or it could just be your own home in the city or suburbs. Sometimes, paint makes everything.

    Once again--as we've seen before--the addition of a few open shelves makes for a friendlier space.

    • Back Wall- Chamois.
    • Side Wall- Cowgirl Blue.
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    Mint Green Kitchen For a Garden Feeling

    Kitchen Wall Color Green

    Apples and apricots, a bright, fresh look for this sun-drenched kitchen. Glidden combines two appropriately-named colors (see list below) for a tasty combo.

    This type of green-against-white pairing can inject a feeling of garden freshness in a kitchen. Done without care, though, green can rate among one of the worst kitchen colors you can choose. It's a matter of "upping" the tint so that it isn't spooky Black Forest Green, but keeping short of electric sherbet tones. To put it plainly, green is a hard color in the kitchen, yet it can be done.

    I recommend checking out Glidden's site. No, it isn't especially large, but I like its Inspiration gallery which offers up nifty coordinating colors--something that many paint company sites oddly enough don't do.

    • Walls- Granny Smith Apple
    • Cabinets- Apricot White
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    For When You Need a Bright Green Kitchen

    Electric Yellow-Green Kitchen Wall Color

    Yes, this is a green for green-lovers who want more yellow.

    Glidden calls this Soothing Green Tea. As you can see--if you will please take off your sunglasses for a moment--this is a green with quite a lot of bright yellow. Adding to this: ambient light flooding the room and chiefly the yellowish pine cabinets.

    This is a small kitchen, so the designers were careful to keep the mood light and festive with classic small kitchen design touches. Note the cabinets that leave a gap at the top to avoid an imposing feeling. Note, too, the free-standing kitchen island off to the left. This kitchen can be moved closer to the cooking area when needed. In a pinch, it can even double as a table for eating.

    Toasted White is the color used on the crown and base moldings.

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    Delicious Peach and White Kitchen

    Kitchen Wall Color - White and Peach

    Another crisp kitchen color from Glidden. It's part of their Just Baked series. For a homey look--but one that goes with the black granite--try Ripe Apricot, shown here.

    Pairing up with the wall color is the smart-looking Silver Dust found on the radiator, door trim, door casing, and cabinets. All in all, a triad of colors that work well together, providing a homey look for your kitchen.

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    Creamy, Pale White Complements Martha's Copper Pans

    Martha Stewart Kitchen in Connecticut
    Martha Stewart Kitchen - Turkey Hill (CT). Martha Stewart/Omnimedia, Inc.

    Creamy white and very pale green are more like it in this neutral kitchen wall color scheme.

    How else can you handle a kitchen that is so busy with dozens of hanging copper pans? Go neutral.

    Unfortunately, the paint manufacturer is unknown, but likely it's a Martha Stewart product since this image comes from a tour of Martha Stewart's first Connecticut home.

    Not just the kitchen but the entire house was rife with this unnamed, unknown yet comforting shade of green--hallways, dining room, foyer.

    You may not believe this, but the kitchen originally was even busier. Previous to the renovation, baskets resided above the copper pans (and there were, even more, pans), the cabinets were knotty pine, and the colors collided.

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    Somber Gray For This Kitchen's Stately Servery

    Kitchen Wall Colors in Neutral
    Martha Stewart Living/Omnimedia, Inc.

    A servery? Well, the rest of us call it a kitchen island; or more precisely, a rolling cart or movable kitchen island. But hey--"servery" is only one word compared to two or three, so let's use it!

    So: servery. It's rather large and painted gray; white marble top matches adjacent counters. Stainless steel dishwasher. Clearly, gray predominates.

    I venture to say that, if this kitchen were mine, I'd add a splash of color--perhaps red at the far end, as an accent wall.

    You can duplicate this wall color at The Home Depot with Martha Stewart Living Paint in Bedford Gray. This kitchen is actually Martha's own, so it's impossible to know the exact color. But her site does list Bedford Gray as a good duplicate.

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    Paint Cabinets As Well As Walls To Transform Space

    Kitchen Wall Color Makeover
    Before and After Kitchen. Valspar

    I will be honest with you. This kitchen color scheme is not earth-shattering. It does not rock the design world. It will not be featured in DWELL. And that's why I like it.

    This is real-world stuff, folks. I think we'd all love to rip out the old cabinets and replace, but sometimes you've just got to do the best with what you've got.

    But I digress. We were discussing walls. Here, the wall color isn't much different from the "Before." It's maybe a little fresher and snappier. But notice how new colors on the window molding and counter base give the walls a different feel?

    All paints are from Valspar. Valspar is available at Lowe's.

    • Early Lilac 1002-6A
    • Oakmoss 6005-3C
    • Betsy's Linen 7005-16
    • Woodlawn Misty Morn 6008-3A