Kitchens Designed for Romance

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    22 Romantic Kitchen Design Ideas

    Susan Serra

    Have you ever dreamed about a kitchen that could have a little romance designed into it? Do you sometimes get tired of the utilitarian feeling of your kitchen which visually declares: "this is where I cook, clean (and repeat)?" With these tips, you can go "all in" with a bold red kitchen or add just a small dose of romance into your kitchen that looks and feels right!

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    Surprise Storage

    Susan Serra

    Push a button and up comes a beautiful storage cabinet for wine, glasses and other entertaining uses. Ready when you are in romantic red! Fun and functional, just imagine what romantic things can be stored inside - gifts, chocolate, candy, flowers, pictures and much, much more. 

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    Red Cabinets

    Susan Serra

    Red cabinetry is perfect for special pieces, especially those designed with a furniture look in mind. High gloss red with a lovely wood surrounding trim houses an oven with a backdrop of shelves - easy access and lovely to look at. 

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    Beautiful Curves

    Susan Serra

    Romantic soft curves evoke a calm and serene feeling. A circular, naked wood front creates a flow as one moves among the lovely curves. Natural design elements add an organic, wholistic feeling, leading us right to that romantic feeling.

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    Glitter and Gloss

    Susan Serra

    A luxe glittery gold and glossy red kitchen is the ultimate romantic (yet very functional) kitchen. This kitchen is decked out to the nines and the question is, "why not?" 

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    Bold Backsplash

    Susan Serra

    Dramatic and romantic, this backsplash can be a stunning focal point to any kitchen. Use red glass, laminate, paint or wallpaper for a seamless, rich red design statement.

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    Cherry Cabinets & Wine

    Susan Serra

    Deep cherry red always evokes romance! Add easily accessible wine refrigerators and you are ready for cooking, dining, and romance! Wine refrigerators such as these may also have solid panels in front so they can be completely hidden, but we all know it's 5pm somewhere! 

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    Sophisticated Pink

    Susan Serra

    Pretty in pink, this kitchen has a look of fine furniture. Shorter lower cabinets create a horizontal line. The wall paint adds to the romantic feeling. It's a beautiful composition, defined by a pretty color on modern shapes and forms.

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    Red Hot

    Susan Serra

    With a bold flourish of red across upper and lower white cabinetry, this kitchen easily ignites romantic burning embers - every day! It's a highly personal design element and it's uniqueness makes it all the more special.

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    Black, White & Red all Over

    Susan Serra

    Red on upper and lower areas in this kitchen is a modern romantic design. Romantic color blocking guides the eye to a balanced composition. The addition of black elements adds drama!

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    Warm Wood

    Susan Serra

    Pick a focal point or two and add a romantic red area to surround rich wood finishes. Wood tones and the color red go particularly well together and should be considered. It's the best of both worlds - the warmth of wood and the beauty and boldness of a deep red. 

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    Dark Dinnerware

    Susan Serra

    Black dinnerware in the kitchen is so romantic! It makes food visually pop on the plate. The smooth black surface against the highly textured food makes everything look appetizing. Whether black gloss or matte finished dinnerware, it's the deep, rich, midnight shade that is so attractive to the senses.

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    Ignite the Romantic Flames

    Susan Serra

    What could be more romantic than burning flames as a dining accessory? Romance, excitement, anticipation of a flame ignites the burning embers inside the heart, no? No dining table with a flame in it? Use candles - lots of them, different sizes, shapes and colors all grouped together!

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    Luxurious Textures

    Susan Serra

    A fur, faux or real, adds a lushness, a soft but highly tactile texture to any seat in the kitchen. It's a luxury design element, yet surprisingly affordable. Adorned on a chair, the look will transform any kitchen.

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    Windowsill Garden

    Susan Serra

    What says romance more than flowers? The sophisticated orchid, especially in a bold purple color, even at the sink, adds a romantic feeling to the kitchen every single day. The buds, floppy leaves and stunning blooms are a beautiful life force to enjoy.

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    Graphic Hearts

    Susan Serra

    Whimsical hearts, a romantic touch for kitchen chairs, curtains or for other kitchen textiles (tablecloth or placements) will simply make you smile. Hearts are the perfect way to be surrounded by a little romance while cooking or dining.

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    Regal Design

    Susan Serra

    Formal kitchen cabinetry adorned with beautiful hardware, moldings and designed with sumptuous curves speaks the language of romance! Luxurious, richly patterned granite completes the look. Curves and a beautifully grained granite countertop and backsplash creates a flowing design - a romantic statement.

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    Lux Lavender & Crystal Chandeliers

    Susan Serra

    Artwork, a crystal chandelier, tiffany glass doors, lovely lavender walls in this kitchen are all about romance! The look and feeling is soft, sophisticated, and oh, so elegant. It's a feeling that makes you want to linger in the kitchen.

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    Lacey Drapes

    Susan Serra

    High quality dark and lush lace curtains at the sink? Why not? A sink embellished with a beautiful stone countertop and backsplash, richly colored, an elegant faucet and fabulous window treatment feels romantic, and isn't that a good feeling to the sink? Yes please!

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    A Golden Addition

    Susan Serra

    An absolutely fabulous little end table to a kitchen island, painted in gold breathes romance into the kitchen. The petite size, beautiful legs, curved top is made to hold a vase full of flowers, decorative objects or a candle. Romance defined.

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    Fairytale Elements

    Susan Serra

    Bold, curved designs etched on a mirrored surface creates a look of opulence combined with a fanciful embellishment. It's a kitchen designed with a fairytale romantic theme. Use round design elements–they signify wholeness, timelessness, truth, and the circle of love, perfect for a romantic kitchen.

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    Rosey Romance

    Susan Serra

    Romance can be found in glass panels with designs inspired by nature. Added to cabinet or pantry doors in the kitchen, it is a lovely romantic design statement. Bright, happy colors, especially in red are elements of romance and joy.

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    Eclectic Room Design

    Susan Serra

    Table lamps, oversized blooms, a little table, bright white and furniture height cabinetry feels more like a sitting room than a kitchen–and that is just the point! Romance is everywhere–the gold colored walls are a warm embrace. Add some unexpected accessories to soften the kitchen.