Klask Is A Fun, Family Air Hockey Game Alternative

Klask Game

Klask is a fun, exciting and competitive family game that originated in Denmark. This beautifully designed, sturdy, wooden board game encourages players to use a combination of strategy and luck.

Players use the striker, which they control with a magnet with their hand under the table, as they try and aim the small yellow ball into the other player's circular goal. There are many ways to score points in Klask.

Get the ball in the other players goal hole, you score a point. Accidentally move your striker into your own goal hole by accident? That's a "Klask" and the other player earns a point. If 2 of the 3 white magnets, which are placed in the middle of the game board become attached to your striker, the other player also scores a point. Lose control of your striker and unable to gain control, the other player earns a point.

Klask, translated into English, means something like "flop, slap, smack or whack." You'll hear a klunky sound when the striker enters the goal. When this happens and players are definitely tempted to slap or whack their hands down in frustration with error. Don't worry though, there are many opportunities to earn points with which to beat your opponent before a winner of the match is determined.

 No need to worry about having to remember scores or write them down, players, even kids can easily manage their own scoring by moving a chip forward on the side of the board from 0-10.

Klask is not only competitive and addictive, but it's an active and exciting game for young kids who don't have the ability to read directions or wait patiently for their turn. The rules are simple and easy to learn, and it's a great game that can unite the young and the old.

While Klask involves hand-eye coordination and physical play, it is not a quiet game.

Expect players to giggle uncontrollably, scream loudly and pound their fists down on the table. The fun of this game involves experiencing a wide range of intense emotions. 

While there are more complicated rules of the game that older adult players will appreciate for strategy, like the white obstacles, these can be easily added slowly into game play over time as kids become more familiar with the game pieces and concepts.

When you outline the plans for your child's play room or game room and think about fun family games to fill it with, expensive foosball and air hockey tables may come to mind. Those large games take up a lot of space and cost a lot of money.

A game like Klask involves similar concepts of those games like air hockey and foosball that families have loved for decades, but aside from great game play it's much less expensive, doesn't involve any technology other than good old-fashioned brain power, and it is a toy that can be easily stored on a closet shelf or used as a beautiful decoration on a game table when it is not in use.

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