Klein Side Cutting Pliers Review

Get a "Grip" on Your Electrical Tools

Klein Side Cutting Pliers
Klein Side Cutting Pliers. via Amazon

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Not many products are worthy of a solid 5-star rating, but this is one.  Besides the high marks given in this review, other owners tend to dish out words like "indestructible" and "legendary" when describing these pliers.

Klein side cutting pliers have been in electricians' toolboxes for decades--and they are still doing the job.

Even though you may initially purchase them for electrical work, you will find yourself using them for everything home-related.

Heavy Pliers for Electrical Wires

Let's say right off the bat that these are not cheap side cutters, in any sense of the word "cheap." But when it come to screwdrivers and pliers, it is worth getting top-quality tools because they take so much abuse.

Ever tried to twist an unruly wad of electrical wires into a manageable mass, in order to fit them in an electrical box? That's one thing you can use these heavy-duty side cutters for.

The big, fat jaws grab onto wires and hold them tight while you make them do what you want them to do.

This is especially valuable when working with electrical wires of 12 gauge and lower (thicker). These are heavy, substantial pliers--no doubt about it.

A Good Cutter and Hammer

Also, the these pliers have lots of cutting power, due to the force from the long handles. The cutting edges can easily snap the thickest wire you are working with.

On top of that, they have a large flat area on the side.

While this tool is not intended to be used as a hammer, it will be used as a hammer from time to time.

These pliers are heavy enough to pound in light-gauge nails, finish nails, staples, and even electrical wire staples.

Bottom Line

If you are just starting out your DIY home remodel and want to outfit yourself with a good set of basic tools, include the Klein Side-Cutters in that shopping list.

Yes, they are expensive, but just bite the bullet. Klein side-cutting pliers today hover around $25-$35. The reason for the vague price is that they offer different types of side-cutters.

As an historical note, these pliers have been made by the Mathias Klein & Sons Co. since the mid 19th century.  If you are trying to purchase American made-only tools, Klein pliers are still made in the U.S.

Not everything manufactured by Klein is perfect.  Its Katapult Wire Stripper leaves something to be desired.

But its side-cutting pliers will last you through the entire length of your home electrical project. And when the electrical is done, you can use them on everything else in the house.