Klose 20 inch by 30 inch Smoker

Klose 20 inch by 30 inch Smoker
Klose 20 inch by 30 inch Smoker. David Klose, BBQPits by Klose

The Bottom Line

When you talk about smokers, I mean serious smokers, you're talking about David Klose. He makes the best. If you see a serious smoker at a competition he probably made it. The 20 by 30 is what David calls the Owner Recommended. It's the smallest of the standard smokers he makes (he makes all kinds of custom units too). You only get 600 square inches of main cooking area but the excellent construction, fantastic heat properties, and great smoking makes it worth every penny of the more than $1,000.

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  • Fantastic construction
  • Easy temperature control
  • Wide range of accessories and feature available
  • No one will make fun of you anymore


  • Will set you back well over $1,000


  • 20-inch diameter by 30 inches long gives you a main cooking area around 600 inches
  • Has a 20 inch by 20-inch square firebox on the side
  • Painted 5 times with 1300 degree F. paint
  • 20-pound removable ash catcher in the firebox
  • Stainless steel handles and lid mounted thermometer
  • Extremely strong and durable construction
  • A whole host of add-ons, features and accessories are available. Talk to David to get what you want
  • Made from 1/4 inch steel

Guide Review - Klose 20 inch by 30 inch Smoker

Okay, it costs more than $1,000 and there are several units cheaper and larger than this little smoker. However, there isn't a single unit out there that is better made. David Klose of Houston, Texas has been making the world's best smokers for decades.

He's also been making practically every custom unit out there. He knows smokers and he knows barbecue like no other. The 20 by 30, what he calls the Owner Recommended is the smallest smoker he makes but it is a great smoker for the backyard cook or anyone who wants to bring home trophies from the cook-offs.

This smoker is made from 1/4 inch steel, precision welded and painted 5 times with 1300 degree F. paint. It will not rust or corrode. It is about as strong as you could make a smoker without using concrete. The large capacity firebox has a 20-pound removable ash tray. The whole unit is excellently vented so you can literally get it going and forget about it. You won't need to worry about temperature spikes or dips with this smoker. At the same time, this is a traditional smoker with a real fire. You get to have all the fun tending fires and making barbecue without any worries. If you've got the money you've got to have a Klose.

David makes many different smokers and specializes in custom units. This, the smallest of his smokers, is a great example of what you can get in a Klose smoker. Contact the company to find out what you need and the best way to get it.

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