15 Knife Storage Ideas That Will Get Your Kitchen in Order

Kitchen knives stored on a wall magnet

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Kitchen knives are a key piece of kitchen equipment, so it's important to really consider where they are stored. The best way to store your kitchen knives depends on how often they're used, their shape and size, and the needs of your kitchen. Keep reading to check out a few of our favorite knife storage ideas.

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    Use Two Storage Solutions

    knife storage ideas in two places

    Neat by Meg

    If you cook a lot and have a vast collection of kitchen knives to match, consider storing your knives in two separate spots. We like this solution from Neat by Meg, which keeps the most frequently used knives in a block near the stove, while the other, more specialized knives reside in a drawer.

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    Add a Magnet

    knife storage ideas knife magnet

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Knife magnets are quickly becoming a favorite way to store kitchen knives, as they allow for convenient access, and they don't take up any cabinet or countertop space. If you're looking for one that feels a bit less utilitarian, try to find a magnet that's covered in a wood finish—even better if it already matches your cabinetry, like the magnet in the space above from Cathie Hong Interiors does.

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    Use Your Spice Drawer

    knife storage ideas narrow pull out drawer spice

    Neat by Meg

    Narrow, pull-out kitchen cabinets are for more than just spices. Consider adding a knife block to store some kitchen knives. And while you're at it, bring in a few utensil holders to store extra spoons and ladles.

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    Use Cork

    knife storage ideas cork drawer insert

    Neat by Meg

    For a more custom knife storage solution, look for a drawer insert with a customizable interior, like the one above from Neat by Meg, which features a soft cork for the knives to rest in.

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    Create a Kitchen Essentials Hub

    knife storage ideas

    Emily Henderson Design

    For easy weeknight cooking, consider storing your kitchen knives in a similar spot as other kitchen essentials, like spices and oils. Check out the combo above from Emily Henderson Design to see what this can look like.

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    Consider Steak Knife Storage

    knife storage ideas steak knives

    Emily Henderson Design

    Steak knives can go in knife blocks too. This is especially helpful if your utensil drawer is just a little too tight for extra-long blades or funky handles. If you want to save counter space, consider storing them in the dining room or wherever else you regularly eat meals.

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    Add a Few Magnets

    knife storage ideas magnets

    Getty Images / Jonas Ingerstedt

    For a cheap and easy solution that's space-saving to boot, hang up some extra-strong magnets on an unused part of your kitchen wall. Kitchen knives can be set upon the magnets, allowing for easy access without sacrificing counter or drawer space.

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    Go Narrow

    knife storage ideas narrow block

    Emily Henderson Design

    Looking for a knife block that's a little less bulky? Consider getting a narrow vertical one, which will hold your kitchen knives in a straight line, rather than a square or rectangular pattern.

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    Get Decorative

    knife storage ideas decor

    Getty Images / Aleksandra Zlatkovic

    Knife storage doesn't need to be hidden away—it can also function as important piece of decor in the kitchen. Look for knife blocks in a stunning wood shade and grain that be attached to the wall to make a storage statement.

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    Get Custom

    knife storage ideas custom drawer insert

    Neat By Meg

    For a kitchen knife storage solution that's truly the cream of the crop, add in custom drawer inserts that will carefully fit each knife. The beautifully organized drawer above from Neat by Meg is a stunning example of this.

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    Use Bamboo Bins

    knife storage ideas bamboo bins

    Breathing Room Organization

    Bamboo bins in various shapes and sizes are a fantastic kitchen helper, and they're useful for storing small knives too. Just make sure your bin has enough room for the kitchen knives, or else you risk scratching it.

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    Use Unused Corners

    knife storage ideas in corners

    Naked Kitchens

    Struggling to find a place to store your lesser-used kitchen knives? Consider placing them in a small knife block and tucking it in an out-of-the-way corner.

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    Keep It Simple

    knife storage ideas simple

    Naked Kitchens

    If you're not too much of a cook and only have a few kitchen knives, a simple knife storage solution, like using a small knife block or placing them inside a drawer bin, will do—no need to overthink it!

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    Break Out the Clear Bins

    knife storage ideas clear bins

    Neat Method NYC

    Organizational-powerhouse clear bins are another helpful way to store your kitchen knives. Look for stacking ones to store less-used kitchen supplies underneath of your knives, and ensure you get a bin that's long enough for the blades of your knives.

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    Let Your Knives Breathe

    knife storage ideas open air

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    If you want to avoid some of the complications that come with storing your knives inside a block (primarily moisture build-up and rusting), look for a knife storage solution that allows your knives to be completely on display.