Knife Storage Solutions

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    Exploring The Best Knife Storage Options

    John Clark's Photo via Getty Images

    You are going to be hard pressed to find a kitchen without knives. Knives are to the kitchen what milk is to cereal; not 100 percent necessary, but one makes the other SO much more well rounded. In all seriousness knives will likely always be pretty important tools to have in the kitchen which brings up the question...what are the storage options? Well, friends there are many.  

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    Wooden Knife Drawer Insert

    This Old House via Pinterest

    One of the most common storage solutions is to integrate a wooden knife block into one of your drawers. Each knife slides into it's own slot allowing the knives to be put away while keeping them organized. A lot of families with small children opt for this option to ensure their little ones can not easily find and or get into the knives. Some go as far as putting a lock on the drawer to really keep the knives out of reach. 

    You can find these knife inserts from companies like Hafele, Richelieu or...MORE Rev-A-Shelf or at your local Container Store

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    Knife Pullout

    The Cow Spot Blog

    Earlier this year I designed a kitchen for the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine Luxury Living Show. One of the sponsors was Rev-A-Shelf so we had the opportunity incorporate some of their storage solutions into the design. One of my favorite accessories was this knife block pullout. There are two sections within the pullout made of a foam-like material to hold the knives. The material allows the knives to be placed anywhere which is a really cool feature and offers a lot of flexibility. I...MORE place a lot of pullouts on either side of the cooktop for spice and utensil storage. However, the concept of having knives in a nearby pullout also makes sense to keep all cooking essentials within easy reach. 

    The only potential  negative to this location would be the ease of accessibility to little children. If you have small kids at home this may not be the best solution for you. 

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    Knife Block on Counter

    Knife Block on Counter. via Pinterest

    In my last article I talked about how much I enjoyed designing kitchens in such a way that most items were stored within cabinets as opposed to sitting out in the open. However, a good ol' fashion knife block is the exception, even in my own kitchen! In my opinion a knife block is the perfect tool to have out for a few reasons:

    1. Aesthetics: A good knife set is expensive, thus the block and handles that show when on display are typically pretty. 

    2. Convenience: Knives are utilized for everything...MORE from chopping food to opening bags so having your collection with a large assortment of sizes easily available just makes sense and will ultimately allow you to maneuver quicker around the kitchen. 

    3. Warmth and Relatability: You can not put everything away or your kitchen will appear sterile and sad. The knife block is the perfect compromise because it will typically disappear into the background. 

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    Magnetic Knife Holder

    Design Sponge

    If you are into the idea of having your knives out and within easy access, but you do not want to give up precious counter top space, why not hang them on the wall? These magnetic strips are sold multiple places, but I've seen them most recently at Ikea (meaning their really inexpensive). I think this application is so cool. Not only do you have your knives out and ready to grab, but by hanging them on the wall like this you actually create visual interest.