Get to Know Your 5 Feng Shui Money Areas

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Once you go deeper into your exploration of feng shui—with all its complexities, layers and mysteries—you will suddenly discover that there is more than one money area in feng shui. Just when you thought you mastered the Southeast feng shui area of your home or office (or the upper left area in the Western bagua), you find out that there is more work to do.

The good news is that the best feng shui work is done in stages, so there is no need to rush and apply all the feng shui money tips you've read about. Less is better with feng shui. Gradual feng shui work is also much better than one big tornado movement to improve the feng shui of your space. Do not expect to earn millions the next day after you place a money frog in your feng shui money area or to win a lottery after you change the positioning of your fountain and lucky bamboo. An intelligent approach to feng shui is the only way feng shui actually works. So, if your focus is on increasing the flow of abundance in your life, let's see—with a joyful and calm attitude—how many money areas there are in feng shui. 

Southeast Bagua or Upper Left Area

This is the most well-known feng shui money area. It is located in the Southeast bagua area of your home or office (if you are using the Classical feng shui bagua) or in the upper left area (if you are using the Western/BTB bagua). This location can apply to the wealth bagua area of the house as a whole ("Big Tai Chi") and, on a smaller scale, the wealth bagua areas of each specific room in that house ("Small Tai Chi").

Personal Direction for Money and Success

Your best​, or lucky, feng shui direction for money and success is based on your Kua number, which in turn is based on your gender and date of birth. Once you know your personal wealth direction, you can do your best to face it, as well as place a meaningful (for you) cure in that direction that speaks to your personal concepts of wealth and abundance.

Annual Wealth Stars 8 and 9

If you are working with the Classical feng shui school, you are most probably familiar with the annual movement of feng shui energies (called annual stars). Not one, but actually two of these stars are connected to wealth energy—the annual Wealth Star 8 and the Future Wealth star 9—and both are important to pay attention to and apply the proper feng shui elemental balance expressed in various feng shui cures. 

House Period and Direction

This info is less known and a bit tricky to apply. If you know your house period, you can find out where the wealth star conditional to that information is located. Basically, each house has a wealth area that is built-in and is based on when the house was either built, renovated, or when you took ownership of the house.

The Corner Closest to Your Main Entryway

In feng shui corners are famous for retaining energy (which can be either stagnant or vibrant, all depending on your efforts). Why? Because a strong corner will actively draw in the incoming Chi (according to feng shui, Chi contains all the various qualities of energy, including wealth). The corner that is closest to the main door (and diagonally from it) will absorb and retain a big portion of Chi, so it is an important one to apply feng shui to and express the energy or welcoming abundance.