Easy Korean Dinner Party Menu

To throw a stress-free dinner party serving Korean food, it's important to choose a few dishes that can be made in advance and are still delicious when warmed up. This easy Korean dinner party menu includes rice, broiled salmon, noodles (chapchae), braised short ribs (galbi jim), kimchi and spinach side dishes, bean sprout soup, and barley tea. Everything but the salmon and short ribs can be made well in advance, and even these two gorgeous main dishes require very little hands-on time.

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    Kimchee in bowl
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    It's not a Korean dinner without kimchi, so plan to make this at least 2 days before your party. If you eat a lot of Korean food at home like I do, then you might already have this in your refrigerator. If you're a late planner, then I hope you're lucky enough to live close to an Asian grocery store!

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    Bean Sprouts Soup, Korean food
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    You can make this the day before your dinner party and it will still taste fresh reheated. Put it in a soup pot and bring to simmer. Take it off the burner, cover it, and ladle it into bowls when you are ready to serve dinner.
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    Fresh sauted spinach on a pan
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    Sigumchi Namul is served as a cold side dish, so you can make it the day before or the morning of your dinner party and store it in your refrigerator. You can plate it and serve it directly whenever you are setting the table.

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    Korean Food
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    These sweet potato noodles reheat well, whether you choose to warm them up on the stove or in the microwave. You can make this dish the day before your dinner party or the morning of, and then just reheat and plate it as your guests arrive.

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    Short Rib Preparation
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    These Korean short ribs require a couple hours of cooking, but then almost no hands-on time after the initial prep work.

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    Barley tea
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    Barley tea is an easy thing to make after the short ribs are cooking in your pot, and you can serve it directly from your stove since it is good served hot, warm, or cold on ice.

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    Grilled Salmon with garlic and herb
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    Broiled fish tastes best when eaten immediately, so this is the one dish that I would try to make right before you are about to eat. But the good thing about this menu is that everything else should be done: kimchi, rice, spinach, and sweet potato noodles waiting on the table, and the short ribs, bean sprout soup, and tea waiting on the stove to be plated and served. Enjoy!