Kraus Perpetual Carpet Fiber

Kraus PET Pashmina "Canyon Paradise"
Photo courtesy of Kraus Flooring

Kraus Flooring is a carpet and flooring manufacturer with production facilities located in Canada, the United States, and Australia. It is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Among its brands are Barrett Carpet and Blue Planet.

Many Kraus carpets are made from Perpetual, the manufacturer’s own brand of fiber.

What Is Perpetual?

On all of its sample labels and promotional materials, Kraus refers to the fiber as simply Perpetual, without elaborating further as to which fiber classification Perpetual falls under. Unfortunately, this leaves many consumers confused, as most people typically shop for carpet based on the fiber type, and synthetic carpet fibers fall within one of several categories. So just what type of fiber is Perpetual?

Perpetual is a polyester fiber. It is 100 percent continuous filament, which helps to reduce shedding.

Recycled Content

Perpetual is part of Kraus’s collection of Green Choice products. Green Choice products contain up to 20 percent recycled fiber, made from recycled plastic drink bottles. According to Kraus, every square yard of Perpetual fiber uses approximately sixteen 500 ml beverage bottles.

In addition to the fiber itself, the backing of Green Choice carpets is also made with recycled content and features 10 percent post-consumer content.

Perpetual Carpet Is Recyclable

Making carpet out of recycled material is not really a new concept. However, what has been developed relatively recently and is becoming increasingly popular with manufacturers is the ability to recycle old carpet into new carpet. This concept is known as cradle to cradle recycling, meaning that the recycled product can be re-recycled infinitely. (By contrast, cradle to grave recycling means that the product is recycled once into something that cannot be recycled again.)

Kraus states that it has actually been recycling fiber into a new carpet for years and that its Green Choice carpets can be recycled at the end of their lifespan. Kraus has several collection centers across North America where the old carpet can be sent. For more information on recycling your old carpet, ask your local retailer.


In addition to the features which contribute to a better outdoor environment, Green Choice carpets help contribute to a better indoor environment too. Green Choice products feature BioFresh antimicrobial protection, which works to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.

According to Kraus, all Green Choice products meet the Carpet and Rug Institute’s highest Indoor Air Quality rating.

Stain Proof

There are not many carpets that are promoted as stain proof, especially by the manufacturer. However, that is exactly the wording Kraus uses to describe its carpets made with Perpetual fiber.

Perpetual features a Stain Proof No Exceptions warranty. According to Kraus, liquid spills sit on top of the carpet and are not absorbed by the fiber, so they may simply be blotted up without leaving a stain behind.

Soil Protection

In addition to being highly stain resistant, Perpetual fiber features the Repel-it soil resistance protection. According to Kraus, the formula repels dirt and soiling, and features an advanced “immersion technology.” 

Perpetual Pashmina

Pashmina is the softest of the Perpetual fibers. Pashmina features extremely fine filaments of yarn, which provide a very soft and luxurious feel. Pashmina still offers the environmentally friendly aspects of Perpetual, along with all of the stain and soil protection. Essentially, it is the ‘upscale’ Perpetual fiber, offering added comfort and luxury.


Different styles of carpet made with Perpetual and Perpetual Pashmina fibers carry slightly different warranties. However, they all feature, at a minimum, the following:

  • Lifetime Residential Wear Warranty
  • Lifetime FuzzFree Warranty
  • Lifetime StainProof — No Exceptions Warranty
  • 10 Year Texture Retention Warranty

The StainProof — No Exceptions warranty is particularly noteworthy, as it is fairly uncommon among carpets. The warranty truly does mean that there is no substance that is excluded from the stain warranty. Typically, most stain warranties exclude several substances, which commonly include mustard, herbal tea, and pet accidents. All of these substances — and more — are covered under Perpetual’s stain warranty.

Style Selection

The Perpetual fiber is offered in many different styles of carpet, as is the Perpetual Pashmina. Many of the carpets in the Perpetual collection feature a cut and loop style, which creates trendy designs and patterns, including pin dots, geometric patterns, and abstract designs. Other carpets in the collection are cozy cut piles, offered in both solid colors and tone-on-tone styles.


Kraus is not one of the largest carpet manufacturers around, but it offers good quality, fashionable carpets at competitive prices. The Perpetual Pashmina line is soft and has a good eco story. With the Stain Proof — No Exceptions warranty, the Perpetual fiber brand is a good choice for most households.