Kris Jenner Wants You to Feel Calm While Cleaning

Explore Safely cleaning line's new Calm scent—only at Walmart

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Four Safely cleaning products lined up in front of flowers

The Spruce / Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Andrew McCaul for Safely

Kris Jenner has her finger on the pulse of pop culture, so it's no surprise that she is leaning into the green cleaning movement. Her non-toxic cleaning brand, Safely, just released a new scent called Calm, available exclusively at Walmart. The fresh scent gives off hints of lavender, coconut milk, lemon, rose, and vanilla. In the midst of spring cleaning and back-to-work orders, the calming scent couldn't come at a better time.

Safely is a non-toxic cleaning line created by Kris Jenner and Emma Grede (the founding partner of Skims and CEO and co-founder of Good American). The Safely line launched in March 2021 and expanded its offerings to Walmart in February of this year. Safely is made up of everyday cleaning essentials like hand soap and laundry detergent, and it promises a powerful clean without the use of chemicals like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or dyes. Its affordable price points start at just $5.98, hoping to make safe cleaning accessible to more consumers.

Kris Jenner and Emma stand in front of Safely Line at Walmart

Pierre Auroux @pierresnaps

According to Safely's website, the new scent smells "like drinking an iced lavender latte on a warm sandy beach." While we can't say we've ever done that particular activity, it sounds amazing. And if we must clean our counters with something, it might as well smell like Santa Monica.

Below, discover the new Calm Safely products available exclusively at Walmart.

Safely Universal Cleaner, Multi-Surface Cleaner, Calm Scent, 28 fl oz

Safely Universal Cleaner

Andrew McCaul for Safely

Everyone needs a cleaner that does it all. Why shouldn’t that cleaner also smell amazing? Safely's 28-ounce Universal Cleaner works on almost any surface, including steel, marble, hardwood, and porcelain. Mineral salts and coconut oil tackle and wipe away dirt and grime while leaving behind a scent that smells like lavender and coconut. Are you looking to clean your windows instead? The Safely Glass Cleaner also comes in this new relaxing scent.

Safely Dish Soap, Calm Scent, 16 fl oz

Safely dish soap

Andrew McCaul for Safely

A tranquil experience while scrubbing away at your post-omelet skillet? It’s hard to imagine such a thing, but if you’ve got to clean your cookware with something, why not invest in a product that smells inviting and warm? This pastel 16-ounce bottle of dish soap will even look calming sitting at the edge of your sink. If you're short on sink or counter space, this dish soap is also gentle enough to double as hand soap.

Safely Hand Soap, Naturally Hydrating Hand Soap, Calm Scent, 16 fl oz

Safely hand soap

Andrew McCaul for Safely

Take a slow, deep breath while washing your hands with this natural, moisturizing hand soap from Safely. Like all Safely products, this 16-ounce bottle is refillable and will leave your skin soft and smooth, thanks to its coconut conditioning ingredients. Follow with Safely hand cream to extend your relaxing experience.

Safely Everyday Laundry Detergent, Calm Scent, 32 fl oz

Safely laundry detergent

Andrew McCaul for Safely

Safely's concentrated laundry formula uses two kinds of plant-based enzymes to keep your whites and brights colorful and your dark clothing sleek. This 32-ounce bottle hosts a pH-balanced formula that’s safe and gentle enough not to irritate your skin but strong enough to tackle that coffee or stress-sweat stain from your latest virtual meeting.