Kristin Hohenadel

Kristin Hohenadel has covered architecture, design, interiors and home decor for publications including the New York Times, Interior Design, Slate, Fast Company, Lonny, Apartment Therapy, and the US and international editions of Elle Decor.


Kristin began her career as a magazine editor before turning to arts, culture, and design writing while based in the U.S. and Paris. She has interviewed leading global architects, interior designers, and film and theater set designers; reported house tour features in 17th-century French chateaus and tiny Parisian apartments; and covered industry and lifestyle decor trends for a number of leading publications in the U.S. and Europe.

Years of living in an interior design capital like Paris and travel to 30 countries has given Kristin a global perspective on home design. After helping friends and family members decorate their homes over the years, Kristin finally began taking on the occasional interior design project. This practical experience has given her insight into the issues people face when looking for interior design solutions and inspiration, and reinforced her desire to help people create timeless, dreamy, attainable spaces that feel as good as they look and provide an oasis in an otherwise chaotic world.





Expertise: Interior design, Architecture, Home decor
Location: Paris, France
Title: Writer

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