Krystle DeSantos

Krystle DeSantos is a former writer for The Spruce. She mainly contributed stories and photos about DIY projects for home interior decoration.


  • 10+ years freelance writing experience 
  • Creative director and founder of Krystle DeSantos, LLC, a company designed to develop online written content​ and manage interior decor projects
  • Specializes in writing about home decor, DIY, and more for multiple outlets



Krystle has had over a decade of freelance writing experience and has covered trends in interior design, decor, and DIY projects specializing in home decor. She also has years of experience in digital advertising, marketing, and blogging. 

She's been published on and managed campaigns for sites such as Blavity, AphroChic, Apartment Therapy, and Crafty Habit. 


Krystle DeSantos earned her Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies from Stony Brook University in 2010.

Expertise: Home decor, DIY
Education: Stony Brook University
Location: New York, New York

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