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La Siesta Joki Indoor Outdoor Swing
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There is no doubt that installing an indoor swing chair, hanging nest or hammock for your child is a really fun addition to a playroom or bedroom.

As a parent, it might be a distant memory, but most parents, no matter what a child's age can remember if their kids loved their baby swing. For some babies, a swing has a magical effect of quickly calming an upset or cranky baby. Many babies also love to sleep in their swing.


It can be a sad day when a baby outgrows their baby swing. After that, the only way for a child to get this same motion is to use a traditional swing at an outdoor playground. While it was so easy to put a baby in their swing, now it has to be planned around weather and a schedule.

La Siesta has the perfect solution with their indoor swing chairs. 

Here are 5 reasons to consider buying an indoor swing for your playroom:

  • Hanging Nests Make Great Secret Hideouts, Reading Nooks and Homework Spots 

For kids who enjoy reading, enjoy a quiet space to do their homework, or like spending time alone in a secret hideaway to escape and use their imagination indoor swings and "nests" provide the perfect place. 

  • Quiet, Stress-Free Place for Kids

Our world is a difficult place. Kids are under a lot of stress. There are some toys and activities that help them cope with challenges and circumstances. Older kids who go to school sometimes need a personal place to de-stress and unwind after a long day of reading and writing.

A hanging nest offers kids a quiet place to take a break from the outside world and re-group. Gentle, swinging, back and forth, is also an activity to help children with ADD and Autism to calm down or self-regulate. With supervision and in short timeframes, this type of play can sometimes improve their attention and for some children be a motivating way for them to want to talk and communicate more.

  • Indoor-Outdoor Versatility

​The La Siesta Joki Nemo Hanging Nest is actually a toy that can be used both inside and outside. With the right attachments, which will need to be bought separately it can be used indoors. The swing can also be hung outside from a secure beam, tree limb or outdoor playground.

Inside, kids can sit inside of it on the large cushion. If they use outside they can hold on by wrapping their arms and legs around the middle part of the swing for a more exciting ride. Another attachment can be bought to allow kids to not only swing back and forth, but they can also spin.

  • Easy to Clean, Weather-Safe Material

The HamacTex material used to make these swings is a polypropylene-based fiber made for both indoor and outdoor use. It's UV safe, water repellant, easy to clean and made of a breathable material that can handle outside weather. It can dry quickly when wet.  

  • Cost-Effective

La Siesta swings are of unbelievable quality, and cost-effective. La Siesta swing chairs, hanging nests and hammocks range in price from $89-$125 for the swing or hammock and $25 for the ceiling attachment. 

In the past I have priced out different swing options for older children. Many of these are only sold in special catalogs and have very expensive pricing.

Commercial swings generally require a very large space and do not include the same versatility of indoor/outdoor use. For a reasonable price, families can buy these great swings for their home or yard. 

  • Longevity and Durability

La Siesta hanging nests are recommended for kids ages 3-9, and can sustain weight up to 175 lbs. This is a very large range and no need to worry for a while that your child will grow out of this swing, just like they did with their baby swing.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.