11 Ladder Storage Ideas You'll Want to Copy

ladder storage ideas

Neat by Meg

Ladders are often bulky, heavy, and hard to store. But a properly-stored ladder ensures a better use of often-precious storage space and a ladder that's used more often and more easily. And you don't need an oversized garage to store a ladder—they can also be stored in hallways, pantries, and closets. Keep reading to check out 11 convenient ladder storage ideas.

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    Keep Ladders Together

    ladder storage ideas ladders together

    A Fresh Space

    Have multiple ladders? Store them together to make them easier to find and use. To minimize the space needed to store more than one ladder, look for hooks or racks that keep them off the ground, pulled close to the wall.

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    Use Your Hallways

    ladder storage ideas

    Neat by Meg

    Ladders can be stored in more than just huge garages—they can also fit in tight hallways too! We like the above storage solution from Neat by Meg—a wall-mounted rack with various hooks and holders can be used to store all kinds of things, including small ladders.

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    Store It With Similar Items

    ladder storage ideas store with similar items

    A Fresh Space

    If you're storing your ladder in a garage or outdoor shed, try to keep it near items that you often use alongside it, like yard equipment or a tool box. This ensures that the limited time you have to do weekend-warrior projects is spent actually doing the project, rather than rounding up the tools to get it done.

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    Elevate Your Ladder

    elevated ladder storage ideas

    A Fresh Space

    Elevating your ladder a few feet when storing it ensures that its wide base won't get in the way of foot traffic. The space above from A Fresh Space is a great example of this.

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    Make It Permanent

    ladder storage ideas permanent

    Reena Sotropa

    If you find yourself constantly using a ladder over and over again in the same space, consider installing one there permanently. This is a great solution for places with hard-to-reach storage, like lofts, pantries and extra-tall kitchen cabinets. Plus, because it's there for good, you can pick a stylish and on-theme ladder for your space—no more utilitarian chic.

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    Keep Step Ladders Indoors

    ladder storage ideas step ladders indoors

    A Fresh Space

    When deciding where to store more indoor-friendly step ladders, consider keeping them alongside other household cleaning gear, rather than keeping them with dirtier or more rugged equipment in the garage. This helps keep your step ladder fairly dirt-free, and makes it easier to find for cleaning projects.

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    Keep It in a Closet

    ladder storage ideas closet

    Neat by Meg

    If you're short on outdoor space to store your ladder, consider keeping it in an extra-spacious closet. Use hooks to keep the ladder off the ground, saving floor space for other more frequently used items. This works best for shorter step ladders, though a tall ladder can be kept indoors too—you'll just to hang it higher, or hang it horizontally.

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    Use Your Organization System

    ladder storage ideas organization system

    Neat by Meg

    Do you have a dreamy organization system in your garage or shed? Don't forget to add your ladders in. Look for ladder hooks or holders that will work with your system to store your ladders, and consider adding them at the end of a rack or near a corner—this keeps them out of the way and looks more visually appealing.

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    Create Extra Shelving

    ladder storage ideas shelving

    Breathing Room Organization

    If you've got a sparkling clean ladder that barely gets used, but you want to keep it around for those just-in-case moments, consider putting it to work even when it's not in use. Shorter ladders can be kept open and used as shelves for small equipment, paper goods, or even bulk dry goods. You'll need to take the items off before using it elsewhere in your home, but it's a handy way to get some extra shelf space in your house.

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    Rest It Against the Wall

    ladder storage ideas rest against the wall

    A Fresh Space

    There are many options for ladder storage—hooks, racks, holders, and more. But there's always the simple solution of just resting it against the wall. This works well if you have floor space to spare and only have a small ladder.

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    Get Creative With Storage

    ladder storage ideas creative

    A Fresh Space

    Learn to get creative when it comes to ladder storage—after all, you can store ladders even in places where you might not think to put them, like near bikes or other outdoor equipment. The hooks used to support these items can often also hold a ladder or two, so don't be afraid to think outside the box and mix and match.