10 Lake House Decorating Ideas for Your Waterfront Escape

Living room with a view of the lake

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When you think "lake life," you probably think of long, relaxing days by the water, kayaking with the family, and steamy summer BBQs. A beautiful view goes a long way, but the actual decor in your lake house will help create a serene and tranquil getaway. After all, a lake house should be a place where you make endless memories, a welcoming retreat that allows you to relax and rejuvenate while spending precious time with your family.

Whether you're into nautical or kitschy design or you want something a little more modern, we've rounded up some great ideas for your lake house decor.

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    Decorate With Paddles

    Lakehouse bedroom with paddles

    peabodysinteriors / Instagram

    Decorating your lake house with elements like kayak paddles or snowshoes is a great way to blend a sense of outdoor adventure with the interior of your space. This peaceful bedroom from peabodysinteriors swaps a traditional headboard for lovely vintage paddles to create a rustic, nautical vibe that doesn't feel over the top.

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    Take Advantage of the View

    Window seat with throw pillows

    apopofprettystyle / Instagram

    The thing that makes your lake house, well, a lake house, is the view. Make sure to take advantage of it by adding seating wherever you can. Can't you imagine lazily reading a book and staring out into nature in this window seat from apopofprettystyle? Creating your own window bench is a fairly easy DIY and a great way to add coziness to your lake house.

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    Focus on Indoor-Outdoor Living

    Screened in porch in a lake house

    thepinesonrestlake / Instagram

    A four-season room like this one from thepinesonrestlake is a great way to make your lake house a cozy destination all year long. Focus on your indoor-outdoor transitional spaces like patios, porches, and sunrooms and create extra living spaces in a way that embraces nature. If you have a screened-in porch, converting it to an all-season room is a great way to maintain a sense of outdoor living, even in the winter.

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    Try a Nautical Theme

    Entryway with navy blue walls

    margaretofyork / Instagram

    Though not particularly unexpected, a nautical theme is a great approach for any lake house. We love this elegant and modern entryway from margaretofyork that features a navy and white palette that's perfect for your lakeside getaway. Navy is a lovely color for a lake house because it's dark enough to hide dirt and grime from a long day on the water, but still cozy and welcoming.

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    Consider the Little Details

    Entryway with a red door and welcome mat

    laker_lager_ / Instagram

    Even if you aren't into lake-themed kitschy decor, you can still add a few themed pieces throughout your home in a very tasteful way. This lovely doorway from laker_lager_ features a themed welcome mat that pairs beautifully with the modern porch decor.

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    Embrace Cabin Style

    Bedroom with canoe paddles and wooden bed

    monicaandnikki / Instagram

    There are many themes your lake house decor can take on, but if you are set in the woods, a cabin-inspired theme is worth considering. This lovely bedroom from monicaandnikki features heavy wooden furniture and canoe paddles as wall art to give it that woodsy, chalet-inspired feel.

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    Build an Outdoor Bar

    Outdoor tiki bar

    whitepineonwater / Instagram

    We can't think of any better way to take advantage of the great outdoors than with this amazing outdoor bar from whitepineonwater. This DIY was made out of an old shed and is a lovely place to sip a margarita and watch boats go by on the lake.

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    Add Extra Beds for Guests

    Bedroom with twin beds

    onecottageway / Instagram

    This wonderful guest bedroom from onecottageway was once an unused attic that was converted into extra living space. Furnishing a bedroom with twin beds or a loft bed instead of fulls or queens is a great way to add extra sleeping space for guests, especially if you have a lot of children in your family.

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    Decorate Around Your View

    Living room with a view of the lake

    jubileehavencottage / Instagram

    If you have a living space with a stunning lake view, like this one from jubileehavencottage, spend most of your time decorating this room. These spaces should be the focal point of your home and where you spend the majority of your time. Depending on your family's lifestyle, you can even forgo a TV and make a living room with a view a place to relax, talk, and catch up on reading.

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    Make It Dog-Friendly

    House with dog beds

    thewonderfulwhimsicaloz / Instagram

    Your dogs enjoy the lake just as much as you do. Whether you are renting your lake house out to guests or you enjoy it yourself, creating a space that's dog-friendly is a must for any dog lover. This wonderful, playful lake house from thewonderfulwhimsicaloz is the perfect lake house inspiration for anyone who has four-legged friends in their family.