Laminate Bedroom Flooring

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Laminate is a low cost, low maintenance flooring material that is popular in a wide variety of interior applications. In the bedroom, it can be a frugal way to achieve the look of more expensive natural materials such as hardwood and tile at a fraction of the cost.

The Cost Of Laminate Bedroom Flooring


Average Price: $0.50 - $2.00 per square foot.

Laminate flooring is extremely inexpensive. This is especially true when you compare it to more popular bedroom flooring choices such as carpet, hardwood, ceramics, and cork.

Despite the low cost, it is still able to be manufactured to replicate the look of those same materials and will hold up quite well over time, especially in low impact bedrooms.

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Noisy Laminate Bedroom Flooring


Noisy: Because laminates are quite rigid, and are installed directly on the subfloor, they can be quite loud when walked upon. This is a problem in second story installations, where every footstep can send sounds of stomping ringing through the building.

The only real solution to the problem of noisy laminate flooring is to use padding. Carpets and rugs placed above the floor will help to insulate the impact of foot falls. If you are doing a fresh installation, then you may want to consider having insulating materials installed beneath the laminate pieces. This will not only cut down on impact sounds, but it can also help insulate the heat in the space, and make the floor more comfortable to stand on.

Note: Higher quality laminate materials will not have as many noise issues as their cheap, low quality counterparts.

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Cleaning a Laminate Bedroom Floor Installation


One of the great things about laminates is that they are so easy to keep clean.

Laminates are also resistant to the collection of dust, and other small allergen particles. Regular maintenance will simply consist of keeping the surface of the floor free of loose and floating debris by sweeping or vacuuming it regularly. By removing small dirt particles, you can help to maintain the integrity of the wear layer that guards the surface of your floor.

In more extreme cases a mild detergent solution or natural vinegar solution can be created and damp mopped onto the floor. However you should never immerse laminate flooring in liquids, and when you do mop, you should go over the entire surface with a dry cloth to remove and excess drips and splashes.

Over time scratches and dents may occur in your laminate installation. In some cases, you will be able to repair these using a laminate putty repair kit. If not, individual planks and tiles can be removed and replaced with new pieces of the same colored material.

Sunlight: One major element that can cause damage to a laminate bedroom flooring installation is sunlight.; Many bedrooms feature multiple windows, which allow illumination to come streaming into the space. The problem with this is that natural sunlight can severely fade the colors in a laminate floor over time.

The solution to this is to use heavy blinds, shades, and curtains to try and block out any excess sunlight that might stream in over the course of the day.

Laminate Bedroom Flooring Design Ideas


The bedroom is a place which touches the subtle psyche of your mind. Because of this, the design elements in this room are particularly important. Laminates are man-made materials, and as such are printed to look specifically like a variety of more expensive flooring options. While the reproduction is not perfect, in high-quality laminates it can be quite believable.

With laminates, you are also not restricted by the properties of natural materials. If there is a type of slate that only comes from India, you can have it reproduced in your bedroom for pennies on the dollar. The same is true of exotic species of hardwood flooring, which might cost dozens of dollars per square foot naturally, but which will be comparatively little in laminate form.

Another thing to consider is the perfection of laminate materials. With wood and stone, you have to deal with natural irregularities. Laminates are, by contrast, machine manufactured, and every single piece will be printed with the perfect image and produced to exact dimensions. That gives your bedroom floor a sense of perfection, while also making it much easier to both install and repair these materials.