Laminate Living Room Flooring Pictures

Living room with laminate flooring

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The draw of laminate flooring is its ability to simulate numerous natural materials, while still maintaining the durability and the ease of maintenance that you get with resilient options. This allows you to achieve a variety of distinguished effects in interior spaces without having to worry about constant upkeep or rapid floor degeneration.

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    Golden Oak Laminate

    Golden oak laminates


    In this photograph, a highly patterned laminate simulates the characteristic look of tigerwood hardwood with a golden finish treatment. This is contrasted by the olive wall in the background, and the entire decor is grounded through the use of dark hardwood accessories and elements throughout.

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    Formal, Upscale Laminate

    Formal, upscale laminate


    Just because laminate flooring is inexpensive doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. In fact, the best thing about laminate is its ability to accurately simulate a variety of expensive materials. However, while the look may be the same, the feel underfoot, and especially when directly touched, will be quite different.

    In this scene, a faux hardwood laminate floor is installed in a formal living room setting, complete with a baby grand piano. The colors in the floor are refined and reserved, and yet are intriguing enough that they draw the eye across the room allowing you to focus on the piano centerpiece, while also matching and complementing its darker colors.

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    Light Golden Afzelia Laminate

    Light golden laminate


    In this image, a bright, light, golden faux wood laminate is used to create a laid back, informal living room setting. The accents are all matched with soft tan, gray, and light blue colors, which serve to give the atmosphere a cheery, almost dream-like quality. Combined with underlayment padding, it can make the living room a comfortable, enjoyable place to spend time.

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    Faux Walnut Hartwood Laminate

    Walnut laminate den flooring


    Walnut is an exquisitely patterned wood with distinct characteristics that make it prized in a variety of interior spaces. In this living room, laminate planks have been used to create the simulated image of a richly detailed walnut floor stretching across the surface of the room. While this may not have the same feel or sound as the real material, it will have a much easier maintenance regimen.

    In this living room, the walnut look has been paired with white walls and white to off-white furniture accessories, to create a pleasant country home interior. The look has elements of the natural world set against subdued pieces, such as the glass and steel frame coffee table or the tastefully placed accent pieces.

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    Maple Laminate Floor in a Loft Apartment

    Maple laminate flooring
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    Loft living can be tough with spaces and rooms blending without walls and divisions to keep things apart. But there is also a simple charm to this style of design, especially if you take care to integrate the entire open space into a single concerted decor.

    In this setting, laminate flooring has been manufactured to look like a pale maple. This unassuming, subdued hue stretches across the entire space, seamlessly blending the bedroom into living area space. The effect is then complemented by the use of pale blue furniture accessories, which contrast with the floor's colors while also tying together the atmosphere of the space.

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    Hickory Laminate Flooring

    Hickory laminate flooring


    Hickory is a richly charactered hardwood flooring material with a simple, pleasant demeanor that fits casual environments such as living rooms and dens. In this photo, laminate planks have been manufactured with characteristic markings that are found in hickory to create a fairly accurate rendition of the natural material's appearance.

    The floor is matched by a series of brown and tan earth-toned accessories, which serve to ground the space, giving it a subdued climate that is relaxed and soothing. At the same time, the use of orange accent pieces causes the decor to pop slightly with points of interest scattered throughout the scene.

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    Dramatic Tigerwood Laminate

    Laminate den flooring


    One of the great things about laminate flooring is that you can get the look of rare hardwood, without having to pay exorbitant prices for material shipped from distant locations. In the picture above, a laminate floor installed in a contemporary living room setting simulates the look of tigerwood.

    The drawback to this is that laminate flooring isn’t eco-friendly. You will save some carbon emissions using materials manufactured closer to the destination but at the same time laminate is made using nonrenewable resources. This is always the balance and the question faced when deciding whether the ease and low cost of the laminate are worth it.