Landmann USA 26-Inch Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker

Landmann 26-Inch Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker
Landmann 26-Inch Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker. Landmann USA

The Bottom Line

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This electric smoker from Landmann is the least expensive smoker we have seen since the demise of Brinkmann in 2015. Built like a typical little refrigerator style smoker, there is no insulation, no computer controls, and little space. The three nearly 12 by 12 cooking grates are just large enough for a short rack of ribs or a small brisket. The heat is controlled by a simple dial mechanism mounted on the power cord and the only way to regulate the temperature is by slow and tedious adjustment.

The door leaks smoke and you might find it difficult to keep closed. On the other hand, this electric smoker can be found for under $100USD (minus shipping and taxes) so it isn't a serious investment. Just make sure that if you buy this smoker you are not expecting more than you pay for.


  • Highly inexpensive electric smoker
  • Complete, self-contained unit
  • High wattage output


  • Consistent smoke production can be a little challenging
  • Needs to be plugged directly ​into an outlet (no extension cord) but comes with a short cord
  • Simple power control doesn't allow for accurate temperature control
  • Not insulated
  • Loose fitting door leaks smoke


  • 431 square inches of total smoking space
  • 1,500-watt electric heating element
  • Steel construction without insulation
  • 3 chrome plated wire cooking racks
  • Operates at a temperature range of 100 degrees F to 260 degrees F
  • Total weight of 26 pounds
  • Front door mounted temperature gauge
  • Top mounted vent controls how the unit holds smoke
  • Made in China by Landmann USA

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Guide Review - Landmann USA 26-Inch Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker

the Landmann company has been in business in one form or another for a very long time. In recent years they have exploded in the grill and smoker business with a wide range or products that show their diversity in quality, price, and performance.

They are largely a supplier to big box stores and their smokers come in gas, charcoal, and electric. These products have been competent and actually of pretty good quality considering the lower end price range. 

This particular model, the 26-Inch Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker (yes, Weber wishes they could have legally trademarked the Smokey Mountain name) is the least expensive smoker they make. In fact, it is one of, if not the least expensive electric smoker on the market today. Electric smokers can be very simple appliances. It needs to have a box to hold in the smoke, racks to hold up the food, a heating element to produce heat, a tray to hold wood chips and some means of temperature control. This electric smoker is ​the simplest version of all these things.

There are three chrome plated metal racks to hold up the food. These are about 12-inches by 12-inches and are very light weight. The box itself is powder coated steel sheet metal and had no insulation, so the heat generated by the heating element is not efficiently contained. The door is held closed by a magnet the size of a dime, so it can easily pop open and it doesn't seal closed costing more heat and a lot of smoke. The smoke loss is a problem because the unit has limited smoke production capabilities, to begin with.


The biggest limitation is probably the temperature control on this smoker. There is a basic dial mechanism on the outside of the smoker that turns between low and high. The operating temperature range of this smoker is between 100 degrees F and 260 degrees F, though that will depend on outside temperatures and wind. If you want to smoke a rack of ribs at exactly 225 degrees F, this it is going to require time adjusting the power regulating dial to the setting that is going to achieve that temperature. Precise, this smoker is not. Competent, however, it is. Like the inexpensive smokers from Brinkmann (before that company failed) this smoker will work, it will, however, require more monitoring, won't be as reliable as more expensive electric smokers, and don't count on it lasting for a long time.

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