Landscape Lighting: Show off Your Nighttime Curb Appeal

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Landscape lighting could help sell your home in the evening hours. When it’s time to put your home on the market, you work hard to make the outside of your home welcoming and beautiful by selecting gorgeous blooms, plants, trees, and shrubs. However, one aspect of landscaping that is often overlooked is outdoor lighting. When the night falls, without properly placed lighting, the well-planned landscape design completely disappears. After all, there is nothing quite like a soft glow of light along a pathway or a warmly lit patio to create a sense of welcome and make your property stand out from the crowd. So, to help you add to the beauty of your nighttime curb appeal, consider these landscape lighting ideas.

Outdoor Spot Lighting Fixtures Create Accent Illumination

Spot or accent lighting is most commonly used to highlight important fixtures or landscape design of the home. You can use it to accent large trees, statuary, and other architectural elements of your house. Different types of fixtures and bulbs can be used to create different effects. In-ground or well lights are excellent choices for uplighting the trees and adding safety and curb appeal as the evening hours bring darkness.

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Keep Stairs and Walkways Illuminated

Entertaining outdoors and seeing a walkway decorated with lighting in the evening makes guests want to come inside the house. But just like any other kind of home decor, there are various types of pathway lighting to choose from. Make sure to choose lighting that fits the architectural style of your house. For instance, you can line your walkway with small light globes stuck into the ground on either side of the path, or if you have an arbor, decorate it with string lights to create an aura that every passerby will admire. Alternatively, to highlight the landscaping along the walkway, hide some lights among the flowers and foliage in the front of your house.

Whatever you choose, just make sure not to put them too close together or else you will create a runway effect. And when it’s about brightness, remember less is more.

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Save Energy With Outdoor Solar Lights

If your house is placed in an area that receives full sun-ideally eight hours or more per day, consider solar lights to show off your evening curb appeal. Solar path lights can be installed into the ground alongside a walkway to gently illuminate the path at night. You can also use decorative solar lights including string lights, colorful blown glass, and lanterns to provide a warm ambient glow. Hang them over an outdoor dining table or an entertaining area to create a welcoming touch. Just make sure to use them in multiples especially where you require direct, bright light.

Hide Unsightly Fixtures With Landscaping Rocks

When it comes to your home's landscaping, natural stone is one of the best elements to use for a makeover, better yet when the lighting is disguised inside. Made to look and feel just like real garden rocks, landscaping rocks with lighting blend seamlessly with your outdoor environment. You can use them to light your patio area, doorways, driveways, sidewalks, flowerbeds, trees or wherever accent lighting is needed when night falls. Just make sure to pick the ones that are durable and high quality.

Well chosen landscape lighting can significantly amp your home’s nighttime curb appeal while making the outdoors safer by illuminating the pathways, sideways, porches and other areas you might need to travel. So make sure to use these ideas and at the same time light smart. To reduce excessive light and keep the costs down, retrofit the fixtures with LED bulbs and connect them to a timer or a dawn to dusk sensor. Consider asking a lighting professional when staging your outdoors if you're considering adding more landscaping lighting such as architectural lights, walkway lighting, and security lights. Each type of lighting can prove to be beneficial when lighting your home as well as keep your nighttime buyers safe when approaching and leaving.