13 Beautiful Mirrored Bathrooms

Large bathroom with square mirror over marble vanity top

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Large or small, mirrors are a focal point of any bathroom's decor. Even in small bathroom spaces, a large mirror can be used successfully. Mirrors reflect light, giving the impression of a larger space, and they make dark bathrooms bright and cheery. Mirrors can also be used to hide elements like a deep countertop cabinet or add a decorative flair to the room, similar to a piece of wall art.

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    An Unframed Mirror Adds an Optical Illusion

    large mirror bathroom
    SHED Architecture & Design

    For a seamless countertop transition, go with an unframed mirror like the one used here by SHED Architecture & Design. This mirror, which stands over a double vanity, harmonizes the space, making it seem expansive by reflecting the other elements of the room. It also compliments the vertical window, adding style and texture.

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    A Framed Mirror Completes a Small Space

    large bathroom mirror
    Dowling Kimm Studios

    Framed mirrors add a decorative touch, like a work of art. Frames range from simple forms with clean lines to large and ornate masterpieces. And, the more elaborate the ​mirror, the heavier it will look.

    Bold mirrors, like the one used in this bathroom by Dowling Kimm Studios are best used in spaces where they will be the main focal point. Here, the black frame contrasts the off-white palette and makes a statement in an otherwise neutral decor. The wall-mounted sink appears light and airy balanced by the heavier shadow of the mirror. 

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    A Marble-Set Mirror Adds a Contemporary Accent

    big mirror bathroom
    Patterson Custom Homes

    The large mirror in this bathroom really defines the space created by Patterson Custom Homes. Note how the mirror extends below the floating vanity, adding to the expansive feel of the room. The large, frameless mirror is set into a marble wall for additional impact. Upon entering the space, a streamlined look and open nature greet you.

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    A Large Round Mirror Traditionalizes a Space

    large mirror bathroom
    Perkison Homes

    This traditional bathroom by Perkinson Homes features a stylish round beveled mirror that offsets the lines of the square subway tile. Framed by round sconces, this unassuming mirror also perfectly accents the black vanity and white marble countertop. Mirror shape—just like mirror size—can lend different effects on a bathroom's decor, as seen here.

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    A Wall-To-Wall Mirror Maximizes Space

    large mirror bathroom
    Randy Heller Design

    A small powder room looks much larger with the addition of an unframed, wall-to-wall mirror sitting behind the vanity and toilet. This bathroom by Randy Heller Design shows how to maximize any small space with a judiciously chosen mirror. In this powder room, the mirror sits between the wall and the crown molding, making it seem like an inherent part of the bathroom.

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    A Backlit Ornate Mirror Lends a French Feel

    large mirror bathroom
    Direct Interiors

    Everything comes alive in this bathroom by Direct Interiors. The vanity, chandelier, and, of course, the backlit mirror bring in light and make the space look glamorous. The rest of the room—neutral in palette—is simple and unassuming, leaving the visual focus on the decorative elements that attract the eye. 

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    A Large Framed Mirror Reflects a White Space

    large mirror bathroom
    Maker Girl Interior Design Studio

    This bright, delicate, and feminine bathroom by Maker Girl features a large framed mirror under an alcove ceiling. The frame is painted the same shade as the custom vanity, integrating the mirror into the whole feel of the room. The white paint reflects back from the mirror, adding brightness and light. It's the perfect space to wake up to.

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    A Brass-Framed Mirror Contrasts a Patterned Blue Wall

    large mirror bathroom
    Shannon Eddings Interiors

    Brass is back! And, it looks stunning used on both the mirror frame and light fixtures in this bathroom by Shannon Eddings Interiors. The gold color paired with the patterned blue wallpaper add a unique style to this space. And, a traditional white vanity with a concrete countertop keeps the focus on the back wall, giving the mirror the space to shine. 

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    A Large Mirror Compliments a Minimalist Bathroom

    large mirror bathroom
    Veronica Martin Design Studio

    A frameless mirror perfectly suits this ultra-minimalist bathroom by Veronica Martin Design Studio. Black is not a common bathroom color. But with a white ceiling, a floating stone vanity, and white flooring, it adds drama and contrast without being oppressive. Note the crown molding, which lends a decorative detail to the unembellished lines in the rest of the space. 

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    A Triptych Framed Mirror Adds Structure

    bathroom large mirror
    Chango & Co

    Marble and bronze work well together, proven here in this bathroom designed by Chango & Co. Here, the team uses retro-style bronze sink fixtures and accessories paired with the contemporary cleanness of aproned marble. The floor tile in this room is especially interesting in both shape and pattern and matches the vanity's countertop with the same soft veining. Instead of a wall-to-wall, frameless mirror, the designer used a triptych style, adding structure and visual interest. 

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    LED-Lit Mirrors Provide Scale and Light

    large mirror bathroom
    Jon Huelskamp/CRS Interiors

    This wide vanity integrates several large mirrors broken up with LED lighting and framed by glass tile. The design by CRS Interiors integrates features that all work together: the mosaic tile, the rich brown wood vanity, the white vessel sinks, and the dappled concrete floor. Mirrors this large could easily be imposing, but breaking them up with LED fixtures brings them back to scale while providing needed light.

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    A Sunburst Mirror Becomes a Focal Point

    bathroom large mirror
    McIntosh Moorman Interior Design

    The frame—as opposed to the reflective surface—makes this bathroom mirror shine (quite literally) in a space designed by McIntosh Moorman Interior Design. The long wooden vanity ends with a large silver sunburst mirror, adding dimension to the space. The large window on the wall and the hidden tank toilet offset the room, making the mirror the star of the show.

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    A Triptych Mirror Hides a Cabinet

    bathroom large mirror
    LOOK Design Group

    This bathroom designed by LOOK Design Group shows how you can use a large mirrored cabinet without adding too much weight to your bathroom. Complimented by the soft porcelain tile, a walk-in shower, and light fixtures mounted under the mirror, the room becomes full of light diverting attention from the mirrored cabinet. And the frame on the triptych mirror adds just enough to lend structure without weighing it down.