4 Tips for Hosting a Las Vegas-inspired Anniversary Party

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    A Las Vegas-Style Anniversary Party

    Las Vegas Glitz & Kitsch on Display
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    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

    Well, not if you met there, married there or honeymooned in that dazzling desert city. Then that glorious love affair came home too and it is fun to celebrate your big anniversary with a Las Vegas-style anniversary party at home.

    Use the ideas in the following pages to inspire you in every detail of planning a Vegas party!

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    The Invitations

    Every great party needs great invitations and there are many ways to add a little Vegas style to you invites. This will give your guests a small glimpse into what they can expect at the party.

    The Design

    Think glitz and glam when designing your cards. This is a Vegas theme, after all, so the more bling, the better!

    Here are just a few ideas, feel free to let your imagination run wild.

    • Include a photo of your wedding day in Las Vegas. Did Elvis marry you? Include him!
    • Find a picture of your favorite...MORE Vegas landmark to share your best memories. Maybe it was the Venetian or the Bellagio or maybe it was the amazing view from the Stratosphere.
    • Glue the invites on the backs of Queen of Hearts cards and tuck them into a deck. Send them tucked into a box of silver mylar confetti and poker chips. 

    What to Bring and How to Dress

    Beyond the where and when, be sure to include any special instructions or requests for your guests.

    • If you would like them to dress up - like high rollers and showgirls, or characters out of "The Hangover" - this is the time to mention it.
    • You might ask guests to bring a honeymoon photograph of themselves. The photos add to the decor, but they are also very fun for a guessing game.
    • If you are not interested in receiving gifts, this is the perfect time to let them know.
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    The Music

    Program a playlist of Vegas-appropriate music to set the mood. There is not a shortage of famous acts associated with Las Vegas, so this should be very easy.

    • Include songs from the Rat Pack like Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.
    • Maybe a little Elton John or Celine Dion (or anyone else with a long-running Vegas show).
    • Program in the very fun and quite eclectic soundtrack to "The Hangover."
    • Hire a DJ to spin tunes or an Elvis impersonator to put in a cameo.

    Include every style of Las Vegas tunes...MORE by programming the music to change throughout the party. Start out with the sultry songs of early Vegas, segue to some show tunes, then end the night with the hopping beats of a nightclub.

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    Set Up a Casino

    Casino games are perfect for any Vegas party and they are the obvious choice for entertainment.

    No cash is changing hands, so skill level is not important. Everyone at the party can simply have a great time.

    • You can rent casino tables and hire dealers.
    • Or you can simply cover card tables with green felt and start dealing some blackjack and poker yourself.
    • Need a refresher course on how to play the tables? ThoughtCo's Expert to casino games has the lowdown.
    • Make sure you have plenty of decks of...MORE cards and don't forget the poker chips.
    • You might think about tying party favors to the value of the chips.

    "Gambling" for a Cause

    An even cooler way to play is to pick five philanthropic causes near and dear to your heart.

    • Set out decorated, clearly marked buckets for each cause.
    • Let guests "vote" for their favorite(s) by dropping in their poker chips at the end of the evening.
    • Then, you make a donation - in real money, not poker chips - in that amount to each charity.
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    The Food and Drink

    Every party needs a little food and some great drinks. Don't worry about going all out or serving a 4-course meal! Make it simple and easy.

    ​The Food

    Stage a lavish buffet and make everything finger-friendly. This allows guests to load up small plates and bring them to the poker table.

    For dessert? Cupcakes, cookies and a sundae bar that gives you all cherries, all the time!

    If you like, call in a caterer to take care of the...MORE details.

    The Drinks

    A Vegas party calls for old-school cocktails like martinis and Manhattans. Champagne is always a hit as well.

    Be sure to offer some swanky non-alcoholic drinks as well. It will keep the non-drinkers and designated drivers from feeling left out!