Last Minute Halloween Needlepoint Projects

Stitch These Fun Halloween Needlepoint Projects in a Few Hours

Halloween is just around the corner and these quick and easy last minute needlepoint designs are “spooktacular” and will help to get you in the holiday mood with style! Each one can be completed in a few hours and makes a great party favor or fun non-candy trick-or-treat handout.

Have some fun stitching creepy spiders, scary cats, spooky ghosts and more to make ornaments for your Halloween tree or mantel. Turn your party into a haunted house bash for guests great and small by scattering these...MORE needlepoint toys on tables and window sills, or using them for unique game prizes.

Quick Tip: For easy DIY finishing, cover the back of the completed projects with sticky felt. Use sewing thread and a needle to whip-stitch store-bought trimming around the edges.

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    Itsy Bitsy Black Widow Needlepoint Spider
    Itsy Bitsy Black Widow Needlepoint Spider. Althea DeBrule

    Stitch this eight-legged arachnid on white #13-mono needlepoint canvas to make a creepy spider that will cause your Halloween party guests to howl with delight! Listen to the squeals as they react to needlepoint spider legs topped with black pipe cleaners to make them look realistic.

    Use whatever threads and supplies you have on hand—even sickly green and orange colored threads will work to create monster spiders. Don’t forget to add a touch of red to the spider’s body to distinguish it as a...MORE deadly black widow.

    Each spider can easily be stitched in 2 hours or less, depending on your needlepoint skill level. Experienced stitchers can work the spider body and background fill, and then super-impose or couch non-stitchable thread, pipe-cleaners, cording, furry knitting yarn or other trimmings on top for the spider legs.

    Although worked in needlepoint, make no mistake, this spider can still raise a hair or two once finished into a stand-up figure or small stuffed toy.

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    A Pair of Hissing Halloween Needlepoint Cats

    purple Halloween cat needlepoint chart
    Scary Halloween Purple Cat Needlepoint Pattern. Althea DeBrule

    Have extra threads from other needlepoint projects on hand? With backs arched and ready to spring, here are two great designs to use up all those threads and fibers!

    So, gather your needlepoint supplies and enjoy working these “hissing” felines to decorate your Halloween haunted house and party.

    When the cats are completely stitched, you can use a few sparkle threads, sequins or beads to emphasize their hissing features. Turn them into needlepoint gift tags and give one or both to a cat lover to...MORE treasure beyond the Halloween holiday.

    Using the needlepoint chart as a guide, trace the outline of each cat on to canvas to make it easy to use decorative stitch techniques. Work the project in traditional black, purple, brown or orange; or use a mixture of these colors to create bizarre needlepoint cats.

    Let your imagination run wild with items you can make from the needlepoint designs. Stitch the cats directly onto cloth trick-or-treat bags, Halloween party aprons, costumes and more with waste canvas and washable threads.

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    Colorful Needlepoint Masks for Halloween Costumes

    Orange Halloween Mask Needlepoint Pattern
    Orange Halloween Mask Needlepoint Pattern. Althea DeBrule

    It’s fun to decorate your home with these versatile Halloween needlepoint masks. You can even add some originality and pizazz to your kids’ costumes with clothing patches made from these colorful needlepoint projects. Your children will love wearing costumes that are distinctly theirs; and best of all, both masks can be stitched in as little as one evening!

    More silly than scary, these fun designs are too small to wear as real masks; but will make great conversation starters wherever they are...MORE seen. Here are a couple of ways to get the masks costume-ready:

    1. Stitch them on waste canvas to a sleeve or costume top.
    2. Work on mono needlepoint canvas as a patch to sew on the costume wherever you like.

    Place cotton batting under the needlepoint for extra padding, and add feathers, pipe-cleaners, cording and sparkling trimming around the stitching to really make them stand out even more!

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    Eerie Tombstone Needlepoint Prop for Halloween

    Eerie Tombstone Needlepoint Chart for Halloween
    Eerie Tombstone Needlepoint Chart for Halloween. Althea DeBrule

    Every house needs a Halloween wreath to welcome trick-or-treaters! This tombstone needlepoint design makes the perfect prop to place in the center of a wreath of dead leaves, bare branches or black feathers.

    You can also create your own scary cemetery scene by working a centerpiece for a Halloween party table with a stand-up figure made from this design. Use overdyed gray or taupe threads to stitch an eerie, weathered and lifeless look that will add a touch of creepiness to the finished...MORE needlepoint.

    Make your own DIY home decor items for a Halloween haunted graveyard decorating scheme by turning the stitched tombstones into needlepoint party invitations, coasters or stitched insets for table runners. Use them even after the holiday whenever you choose to host a scary movie marathon or similar event.

    Add a Halloween-colored needlepoint border to enlarge the design for mini-pillows or a small framed picture or wall-hanging. Stitch on #10 or #5 canvas for even larger needlepoint tombstones.

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    Halloween Cartoon Ghost Needlepoint Chart
    Halloween Cartoon Ghost Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule

    This friendly needlepoint ghost will make the perfect favor for your Halloween party guests! Work several copies of the design in different colored glow-in-the-dark novelty threads and hang on a small bare tree branch.

    Just before the party guests arrive, turn off the lights and watch their amazement as the silly little ghosts begin to shimmer and sparkle right before their eyes! You can also include them in pre-made “goodie bags” for trick-or-treaters.

    The needlepoint ghosts are quick and easy to...MORE make up, which is great for last-minute Halloween plans. Super simple to stitch, they will definitely make your party or event stand apart from other Halloween gatherings.

    2 Simple Quick Tips:

    1. Make an outline of the ghost with a waterproof pen by closely following the charted design; and then fill in with textured novelty threads to make an assortment of fuzzy, wonky and other one-of-a-kind needlepoint ghosts.
    2. Use needlepoint stitches that work best for each thread selection.