16 Laundry Closet Organization Ideas to Keep Away the Clutter

open shelving and wallpaper in laundry closet


Sometimes the only space for a washer and dryer is in a small closet, which is good in that it's out of sight, but it can also be hard to organize. On this list, you'll find laundry closet ideas that make the most of the space from both an aesthetic and a function standpoint. Whether it's using wallpaper to make a laundry room space look bigger or adding shelving in an area that's often dead space, like the back of the door, these laundry closet ideas will prove that you don't need a laundry room to have an organized, dedicated area for washing, drying, and even folding clothes. And while this make not make laundry fun, per se, it'll be a whole lot less tedious when the space is organized.

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    A Primary Bedroom Closet

    laundry room in primary suite closet

    Studio DIY

    This colorful and cheerful laundry closet is actually part of the primary closet. A stacked washer and dryer make the most of space, and there's a small rattan bin and drawers for laundry supplies.

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    An Inviting Laundry Closet With Shelves

    laundry storage room with microwave and shelves


    A small space that packs a big punch. This laundry closet has plenty of shelving, and a countertop over the washing machine (that's big enough for a microwave) adds functionality, while art and a hanging plant bring a pop of fun.

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    Wire Shelving

    laundry closet with hooks and wire shelving


    L-shaped wire shelving in a walk-in laundry closet keeps all your detergent, cleaning supplies, and extra paper products organized in reach. Another simple trick for keeping the space organized is to use hooks for storing brooms and mops without taking up floor space.

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    DIY Laundry Storage

    laundry storage with under storage


    Floating shelves are popular, but here's a clever use of storage under the washer and dryer as opposed to above. By elevating the machines slightly off the ground, you gain space for hampers and a counter slab on the top makes it easy to rest detergent and other laundry supplies.

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    A Wallpapered Laundry Closet

    open shelving and wallpaper in laundry closet


    Wallpaper can make a small space look bigger in same cases, and always more exciting and whimsical. Long floating shelves are perfect for storing supplies and you'll have space leftover to display some personal touches like a framed photo and a small plant.

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    Hamper Storage

    wallpapered laundry closet with counter and hamper storage

    Stephyn Meiner, Design Associate @arciform

    Sure a laundry closet needs a washer and dryer, but it gets major points if there's a designated space for hampers. This crisp space uses wallpaper to add a fun touch, plus counter space, drawers, and a slim space for a drying rack keep the closet functional.

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    A Laundry Closet With Double Doors

    laundry closet with double doors and open shelving


    Bifold doors open to reveal a surprisingly large laundry closet. If your machines don't take up the full width of the closet, it's a good idea to use the side space for storing ironing boardings, a trash can for lint, or hampers.

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    Classic Wooden Shelves

    organized laundry closet with wood shelves


    Rustic wooden shelves add a farmhouse detail to the laundry space. It's nice to have a slimmer shelf for organizing detergents and soaps, while a wider shelf can hold dry balls and other smaller odds and ends. They can all be placed in labelled bins so you always know where to find them.

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    Organized Laundry Products

    laundry closet with organized products

    Breathing Room Organization

    Yep it turns out even your laundry supplies can look chic if you take care in organizing them. Getting rid of all external packaging cuts down on bulk, while bins with tops keep the clutter contained.

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    A Functional Wooden Countertop

    Washer & Dryer With wooden Countertop


    If you want to keep your laundry closet clean and sparse, shelving is a great way to keep products out of sight. A wooden countertop with nothing on it may seem like a missed opportunity but it's actually the perfect spot for folding clothes.

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    Woven Baskets for the Laundry Shelves

    laundry shelves with labeled baskets


    Everything has a space in this organized laundry room, and even the detergent has been decanted into a glass jar (which means you'll know when you're running low). Labelled baskets are easy to implement, plus because you always know where things belong, it's not too hard to maintain the system.

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    Sliding Barn Doors

    sliding barn door laundry closet


    Sliding barn doors are a great way to keep a washer and dryer out of sight, plus you won't have to worry about having enough space to fully open the closet doors. This laundry closet is extremely narrow (it's the width of one door) but it's totally functional and there's even room for a small folding station.

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    Behind the Closet Door

    behind the door storage in small laundry closet


    We love how in this small laundry closet, the area behind the door, which often goes unused, has slim shelves for the iron, cleaning products, and laundry supplies.

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    A 70's-Inspired Laundry Closet

    spacious '70s inspired laundry closet


    In this roomy, retro laundry closet, laundry will feel like less of a chore. Painted floors, plenty of throw rugs, and a fun accent wall make this space sing, and it's spacious enough for a hanging rack and a dresser.

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    Peel and Stick Wallpaper

    laundry room with peel and stick wallpaper


    Even the washer and dryer got a little facelift in this DIY laundry closet upgrade. Peel and stick wallpaper is renter-friendly and it's a great choice if you want to try out the look (plus it's a lot easier to DIY than more permanent options). A long floating shelf leaves plenty of space for supplies.

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    A Laundry Closet in a Playroom

    gorgeous laundry closet in kids room


    This discrete laundry closet packs all the punch of a bigger space: there's tile-like wallpaper, a sink, space for hanging clothes to dry, plus cabinets for keeping all the less glamorous stuff out of sight. This way, you can display plants and other pretty trinkets instead.