Laundry How-Tos

Learn how to wash every item in your closet—plus shoes, bedding, towels, and more—with our comprehensive collection of expert guides and step-by-step instructions for doing laundry.

Pristine, white socks on a drying rack
How to Get White Socks White Again in 4 Steps
Hands placing sheets and towels on top of a bed
Can You Wash Sheets and Towels Together?
North Face fleece jacket folded up in a clothes hamper
How to Wash a North Face Jacket
Front view of sneakers in the dryer
How to Correctly Dry Sneakers in the Dryer
Pretreating a fleece blanket
How to Wash a Fleece Blanket
Person placing a white wool dryer ball inside dryer
What Is a Dryer Ball and How Do They Work?
Overhead view of soiled football gloves
How to Easily Wash Dirty Football Gloves
Stack of homemade soaps on a platter
How to Make Homemade Soap
Striped panties next to brown bra with soap suds and cleaning supplies
How to Wash and Care for Lingerie and Shapewear
Thrifted clothing hanging on rack with hangers in front of pink wall
How to Wash and Care for Thrifted Clothes
Leather gloves surrounded with cleaning materials and houseplant
How to Clean and Care for Leather Gloves
Light gray bamboo sheets in woven basket on top of bare bed
How to Clean and Care For Bamboo Sheets
Cleaned mattress protector held in a wicker basket
How to Wash and Care for a Mattress Protector
Green and blue sleeping bag inside tent with door open near lake
How to Wash a Sleeping Bag
Woman hanging washing on the line
11 DIY Clothesline Ideas for Inside and Outside
White silk sheets placed inside washing machine
How to Wash and Care for Silk Sheets
Made bed with white sheets folded and pillows with white covers
How to Keep White Sheets White
New bedsheets folded on top of made bed next to basket of laundry cleaning materials
Should You Wash New Sheets Before Using Them?
Floral patterned bedsheet made with hospital corners and cat laying down
How to Make Hospital Corners on Your Bed
White leather van shoes being cleaned with melamine sponge
How to Clean White Vans Shoes
laundry items in a basket
5 Laundry Products Everyone Should Have
Someone folding a down comforter
How to Wash and Care for a Heavy Comforter
vinegar in a laundry basket
Top 10 Reasons to Use Vinegar in Laundry
White button-down shrunken shirt hanging on drying rack
How to Shrink a Shirt
pens leaking in back jean pocket
How to Get Ink Out of Jeans With 2 Easy Methods
White clothing inside tub with laundry stripping solution
What Is Stripping Laundry—And How to Do It
birkenstocks and cleaning supplies
How to Clean Birkenstocks
folded white towels
How to Soften Towels
beach towel by the pool
How to Clean and Care for Beach Towels
DIY laundry dryer balls in bowl next to glass jar of baking soda, folded towels and houseplant
How to Make 10 DIY Laundry Products
person cleaning suede slippers
How to Wash and Care for Slippers
cleaning canvas shoes
How to Clean Canvas Shoes
White linen bedding
How to Wash Linen Sheets and Duvet Covers
caring for faux leather
How to Clean and Care for Faux Leather
silk pillowcases
How to Wash and Care for Silk Pillowcases
moths eating a sweater
How to Identify 8 Insects That Eat Holes in Clothes
Two sewn face masks laying on a table
How to Sew a Basic Face Mask
sorting lights and darks before washing
4 Simple Steps for Sorting Laundry
using baking soda in laundry
How to Use Baking Soda in Laundry
American flag hanging from pole in front of house porch
How to Clean the American Flag
basket of laundry on a mattress
How to Disinfect Laundry With or Without Bleach
Pillows without sheets stacked on each other on top of bed
How to Wash and Care for Pillows Properly
person dusting a window sill
12 Ways to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Your Home
weighted blanket in a laundry basket
How to Wash and Care for a Weighted Blanket
Large printed area rug being vacuumed in decorated living space
How to Clean an Area Rug
pairs of shoes and scrub brush
How to Clean 5 Types of Shoes Properly
sneakers by the hamper
How to Protect Your Laundry From Athlete's Foot
Baking soda inside labeled glass container in front of folded white towels
Uses for Baking Soda in Laundry
different types of laundry detergent
What's Best: Liquid, Powder, Pods, or Sheets for Laundry Detergent?
pilling on sweatpants
How to Prevent and Remove Pilling on Clothes
Someone placing a sweater in a mesh laundry bag
How to Wash and Care for Sweaters
folded knit clothing
How to Prevent Clothes From Shrinking and Stretching
coffee used in laundry
10 Laundry Rules That Aren't Actually True
bras and a delicates bag
Guide to Washing Women's Clothes
woman spraying perfume
How to Remove Perfume Odors From Clothes
Someone polishing athletic shoes
How to Clean and Care for Tennis and Athletic Shoes
Rash guard on a beach towel
How to Clean and Care for Rash Guard Shirts and Pants
kitty on a sofa
How to Remove Dog and Cat Fur from Clothes and Upholstery
laundry detergent alternatives
Emergency Laundry Detergent Alternatives
Baseball caps hanging from a hook
How to Wash and Care for a Baseball Cap