The Laundry Pod Non Electric Washer Product Review

The Laundry Pod
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The Laundry Pod is a portable, human powered washer. Wash your clothes and increase your arm muscles!

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The Laundry Pod

The Laundry Pod is designed for use in situations where there is no conventional washing machine available or for those who choose to do laundry without electricity. The product is a 14 x 14 inch plastic outer tub with an attached drainage hose. The drainage is controlled by a open/close valve.

Inside you'll find an inner, removable open-weave plastic basket that measures 11 inches across by 7 1/4 inches deep set on a pivot. When the lid is locked in place, the inner basket spins by turning a handle on top of the lid.

According to the instructions, to use be sure the drain valve is closed and add clean water to fill the tub about one-half full - about two and one-half gallons. Add detergent - about two teaspoons - and then add the clothes to the basket. Allow the soiled clothes to soak for several minutes and then turn the handle slowly for one to two minutes to agitate the clothes.

When the "wash cycle" is finished, be sure the drainage hose is secure in a bucket or sink and open the valve to extract the soapy water. As the water drains out, give the clothes several spins to extract more water.

Close the drain valve and fill the Laundry Pod with fresh water until all of the clothes are submerged.

Close the lid and then agitate the clothes for another one to two minutes. Drain and repeat this step.

After the final rinse is complete, continue spinning the wet clothes until no more water flows from the hose. Remove the clothes and hang to dry.

The Laundry Pod is available online from many retail homegoods outlets.

 It is available in three colors, white, spring green or grey and is manufactured in China.

The Laundry Pod and StoreBound Company

StoreBound is a product innovation company that works with inventors and licensing partners to create, manufacture and distribute small appliances. It is based in New York's financial district and represents The Laundry Pod and The Dash Greek Yogurt Maker as well as other household goods.

Laundry Recommendations

Using the Laundry Pod took me back to my childhood when I churned butter with my great aunt and my grandmother had a wringer washer. She would feed the wet clothes into the wringers (I wasn't allowed to do that because I might mash my fingers) and I would turn the handle to squeeze out the water.

I did several "loads" of laundry with The Laundry Pod. While the instruction manual states that you can place up to ten garments in the basket, I was only able to wash three t-shirts at a time or one pair of blue jeans. You could do ten ladies' undies or bras or maybe some very little baby clothes. Remember, if you have stains you'll need to spot treat them before washing.

The washer meets all three criteria for getting clothes clean - chemical energy (detergent), thermal energy (water temperature) and mechanical energy (my arm muscles) that must be used to wash clothes.

Be sure to use a liquid detergent, preferably one that is formulated for he (high efficiency) so that there are fewer suds to rinse away. I would not recommend using powdered detergent or a single-dose packet unless you pre-dissolve them in hot water. So here are my Pros and Cons for The Laundry Pod:


  • Requires no electrical power to operate
  • Much smaller footprint than a traditional washer
  • Gentle on clothes
  • Uses less water to wash three t-shirts than a standard or front-load washer small load. I used 7.5 gallons (wash and two rinses) vs 14 gallons for a front-load washer.


  • Very small load sizes
  • Short people cannot easily operate The Laundry Pod on a kitchen counter, yet the hose needs to be positioned so that water flows downhill.
  • Clothes are still very wet after spinning unless you have super-human arm strength for high-speed spinning. If possible, take the clothes to the drying rack or clothesline still in The Laundry Pod because they will be dripping water everywhere.

    I can easily see using The Laundry Pod if you are camping or on a boat that doesn't have a large sink. I can see using The Laundry Pod if you've just had a manicure and don't want to get your hands really wet swishing the clothes in the sudsy water or wringing out the wet clothes. Other than that, why not just use a sink?

    Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.