5 Tips for a Cleaner Laundry Room

If you laundry isn't as clean as you you'd like, it could be because your laundry equipment and laundry room need a cleaning. Dirty washers and dryers, out of date detergents and stain removers and dirty folding surfaces can make your laundry efforts much more difficult. Follow these five quick tips to keep your laundry room clean and working smoothly to make laundry chores a bit easier.

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    Clean That Washer

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    At least once a week before starting a load of laundry, dampen an old towel and wipe down the outside of the washer and dryer to remove dust and stains. This will keep surfaces clean from accidental spills of liquid detergent and bleach which could damage clothes and prevent the transfer of dust and dirt to clean clothes. Plus you can simply toss the towel in the washer when you finish.

    If you have a high-efficiency front or top load washer, you may have noticed a foul odor emanating from the machine. This odor is coming from a build-up of detergent, fabric softener, dirt and body soil residue that has accumulated in the washer drum and door gaskets, This build-up and the moisture remaining in the washer are the perfect hosts for the growth of mold and mildew. Because these washers use much less water than a standard top load washer, the residue is not flushed away.

    High-efficiency washers should be cleaned at least monthly by following these steps. Even standard washers should be cleaned and disinfected periodically.Learn how.

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    Clean The Dryer And Vent System

    If you have noticed that your dryer seems to take longer and longer to dry a load of clothes, it is often a blockage in the vent system or a clogged dryer lint screen. The dryer needs plenty of fresh flowing air to remove the moisture in your freshly washed clothes. Lint blocks that flow.

    Even more important than quick drying is preventing fires. Lint is highly flammable and can cause fires to spark. Dryer fires are a leading cause of home damage and loss. If you still have a flexible white plastic dryer vent, replace it with the much safer rigid metal vent.

    The dryer lint screens should be emptied after every load of laundry.  Even a small amount of lint slows the performance of the dryer and adds to your utilities bill.

    Every month or so, check the dryer's outdoor vent to make sure it is not blocked.

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    Touch Up Washer And Dryer Finishes

    Chips or nicks in the finish of your washing machine or dryer drum are not only unsightly, they can actually damage your clothes. The chips in the finish can transfer rust stains to laundry.

    You can purchase touch-up kits to repair the enamel finishes online from Amazon or at a home improvement store. Be sure to check the outer areas that are near the openings and fix those nicks as well.

    If you hate the outer look of your washer or dryer or just want to update the look of your laundry room, here are steps on how to paint your laundry appliances.

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    Organize And Lose The Trash

    Keeping the laundry room organized is going to make your laundry routine easier. Just a few inexpensive plastic bins or baskets and a trash can will improve your work flow.

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    Sort Laundry Products

    Most detergents and laundry products do not have expiration dates. However, most of us will find an empty container, a product that we don't like or a product like starch that will never be used in our laundry room.

    Recycle empty containers, pass along products you don't use to friends or an emergency shelter that can use them.