Little Design Changes = Big Results in Laundry Room

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    Functional But Lacking Style

    Two friends, Bridget and Casey, who are novice DIYers (I'm not so sure of the novice description!) share their best ideas and projects on their blog, The DIY Playbook. I discovered Bridget's post showcasing her refreshed laundry room and she graciously agreed to share it with About Laundry.

    Having seen many, many laundry rooms my first thought was, "That's a pretty good looking laundry room." She had closed cabinets for storage, a laundry sink and a space for hanging clothes. The washer and dryer were positioned so that the tops could be used for a work surface.

    Trust me, I've seen much, much worse! But with the average family doing 392 loads of laundry each year - nearly eight loads per week - having a more appealing laundry work space is a bonus.


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    Refresh with Paint

    The least expensive and one of the easiest ways to refresh a room is with paint. Whether you start with the walls or cabinetry or trim, finding the right color will make a huge difference in your laundry room space.

    Bridget did not like the orange finish of her old cabinets but wanted to keep the storage space and avoid having to replace them. So, she painted the cabinets a crisp white. Always take time to prepare the surface properly to avoid chipping and problems down the road.

    These cabinets happened to be some "leftover" cabinets from a previous kitchen remodel. So remember if you find a bargain set of cabinets or shelves at a home supply store or yard sale but you don't like the finish but they fit your space, always consider refreshing them with paint.


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    The Little Touches Make a Big Difference

    Those old orange cabinets also had pretty dated hardware. A quick change to sleek stainless-look handles and hinges changed the entire look. The hardware matches the stainless look of her washer and dryer.

    Whatever your style of home decor, you can find hardware that will add the final touch to bring it all together. Take a look at some examples of hardware from country chic to vintage to funky modern.


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    Create a Usuable Space Where Non Existed

    To function properly, front load washers require good air circulation around the entire appliance. There must also be space for hoses and cords behind the washer. And, in most homes the dryer venting requires a 6-12-inch space behind the dryer.

    To make the gap a useable space but still keep air flow consistent, Bridget added a wall-mounted stainless steel shelf. Laundry supplies can be stored there for easy access, leaving more room for folding clothes on the tops of the appliances. The shelf is easy to clean and can be removed if access is needed for repairs or cleaning.


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    Declutter With Style

    If you take a look at the Before photos of the laundry room, you'll see supplies and other items sitting on top of the washer and dryer. We all want to keep things handy, but just a few inexpensive items can make the supplies look neat and coordinated with the rest of the decor.

    Bridget used wire baskets, metal boxes, glass containers and fabric bins in a white and gray color scheme to bring it all together.

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    A Treat For the Eyes

    Finally to replace the cluttered bulletin board, Bridget added some colorful artwork. With inexpensive frames all painted white, the art brings a bit of brightness and fun to the space. You can have the same look with her free downloads.

    My favorite items in the space are the functional and attractive lost single socks wire basket and the swivel triple hook. Look for accessories that add style and functionality to your space.