9 Laundry Room Door Ideas That Work For Any Space

Laundry Room Door

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Although they’re an often overlooked design element, doors are the gateway to a room. They make the first impression and can set the tone of a space. Plus, there are so many different options to choose from—whether French doors, pocket doors, flush doors, or more.

Laundry rooms are particularly fun spaces to get creative, as the small nooks often feel like their own little world. Not sure where to start or just curious about what options are out there? Check out these nine laundry room door ideas for inspiration.

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    Contemporary Laundry Room Door

    Laundry Room Door

    @micheleberrolinteriors / Instagram

    A contemporary door makes a statement in this laundry room by Michele Berrol Interiors. Set in an inky black frame with four long transparent panels, it helps set the tone for the modern farmhouse interior. A slender brass handle tops off the modern look with elegance.

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    Pocket Laundry Room Door

    Laundry Room Door

    @athomewithjhackie1 / Instagram

    Pocket doors are always a fun and unexpected choice for a space. In this laundry room, the owners opted for handmade barn-style doors which slide away. The black handles match the interior black details for a cohesive look. This is a great option if your laundry room is attached to another room and you want a stylish way to block it off.

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    Accented Laundry Room Door

    Laundry Room White

    @lacasa.delalita / Instagram

    Craving something simpler? Perhaps a classic flush door will do the trick. Set on a flat piece of wood, this one adds character with white accent lines placed across the light wood. It seamlessly complements the white interiors without stealing the show.

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    Paneled Laundry Room Door

    Laundry Room Rustic

    @honinghuffacres / Instagram

    Paneled doors are a clever way to add depth and visual contrast to a space. This one features clear window panels on the top half with classic rectangular molding on the bottom half. Set on an oaky frame, the hue and style complement the rustic interiors—particularly playing off the warm brick floors and brown accents throughout the room.

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    Glass Laundry Room Door

    Contemporary Laundry Room

    @nirvana.haus / Instagram

    In small laundry rooms, keeping things clean and airy always helps to make them feel more spacious. Opting for a clear single-panel glass door is a sure way to achieve the look. In this space, the door connects to the backyard, naturally allowing for lots of light to pour through and providing a nice view. An inky black frame helps to contrast against the stark white interiors.

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    French Laundry Room Door

    French Door Laundry Room

    @zephyr_and_stone / Instagram

    For an elegant but still airy feel, French doors are another go-to. Set in a classic white frame with square paneling, the door in this laundry room lets in abundant light. The brass handle matches the brass hardware on the cabinets, while the all-white palette keeps things looking polished and spacious—like a breath of fresh air.

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    Half Glass Laundry Room Door

    Laundry Room Green

    irina88w / Getty Images

    Another way to let in light while still maintaining some privacy is with a half-glass door. This one features a translucent panel on the top portion and opaque paneling on the bottom portion to hide the view of the laundry machines from the outdoors. An additional louvered square is placed on the lower half to increase ventilation—a great option for small or narrow spaces that may overheat more easily.

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    Sliding Laundry Room Door

    Laundry Room Coral

    onurdongel / Getty Images

    If you happen to have copious space for your laundry room, a sliding glass door is a sure way to make a statement and keep things looking luxurious. This space includes a black-framed sliding door that peels away to the outdoors, contrasting against the light coral interiors. Blackout curtains with a sheer underlay drape over the door, providing the option to create privacy when needed—as well as offer extra drama and flair.

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    Closet Laundry Room Door

    Closet Laundry Room

    Johner Images / Getty Images

    On the flip side, perhaps you have limited space when it comes to laundry. Closets and storage spaces are great places to convert into laundry rooms then, as their narrow bodies can often still fit a machine or two. This one is concealed with a simple single-panel white door set with classic molding and a silver door handle to help it blend with the milky-hued walls alongside it. It's not necessarily a space you want to draw attention to, so a more pared-back door style is best suited for such spaces.