9 Practical and Pretty Laundry Room Folding Table Ideas

A boho laundry room with a wooden folding table on top of appliances.

Cathie Hong

Folding laundry on your bed or your couch can get cramped and messy, fast. Make extra room to fold your piles of laundry with a designated laundry folding table: a flat surface in your laundry room intended specifically for folding laundry. (Your laundry folding table can fold itself, too, to save space, but most laundry folding tables are for folding on.)

Add a laundry folding table to your existing laundry room to make life easier. Not only will a laundry folding table give you lots of room to fold your laundry, but it will also keep your laundry room (and wardrobe) tidy and organized—and keep piles of unfolded laundry from accumulating in your other living spaces.

A practical laundry folding table has enough room for you to fold items and stack folded laundry; a truly great one will also have an attached or built-in ironing board or allow you to place one on top of the table, allowing the table to serve multiple purposes. Read on for smart ideas for incorporating a table cohesively into your space.

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    Standalone Table

    A standalone laundry folding table in the middle of a laundry room.

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Renovations can get expensive. Instead of building a laundry folding table into your laundry room, consider placing a standalone table in the room to use for folding laundry. It can be any table, really—a small dining table, a coffee table, etc. If you’re on a budget, browse thrift stores and garage sales to find one that fits your space and style, and look for a table with built-in storage for even more bang for your buck.

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    Laundry Folding Table With Seating

    Wood laundry folding table with chairs in front of clothes storage.

    LeClair Decor

    Add chairs, a bench, or even a sofa so you can get comfortable while you fold. If you have a big family who goes through lots of laundry, this is essential. Seating is functional, of course, but it’s also welcoming and makes your laundry room feel more inviting. With the right chairs, seating can also make your laundry room look sleek and stylish.

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    DIY Wood Laundry Folding Table

    A farmhouse laundry room with a built-in wood table.

    Twelve on Main

    If you're going for a rustic, natural look, use wood for your laundry folding table. Pick a nice wood with natural knots and imperfections to make it look even more organic and consider using a slab with a live edge to keep things looking natural. You can also use a butcher block countertop, as seen in this beautiful farmhouse-style DIY from Twelve on Main.

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    Folding Drying Rack

    A white laundry room with a folding drying rack.

    LeeAnn Baker Interiors LTD

    Hang a folding drying rack above your laundry room folding table for a functional space where you can hang-dry your clothes. When everything is dry or you need to use the surface, you can fold this drying rack back so it's flush with the wall, giving you more room and opening up the space. Best of all, pairing your hang-drying spot with your folding spot means there's even less laundry hanging around in the other rooms of your home.

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    Folding Table on Top of Appliances

    A boho-style laundry room with a wooden folding table on top of appliances.

    Cathie Hong

    If you have side-by-side laundry appliances (as in, not stacked), take advantage of the space on top of them. Install a slab of marble or build a wood tabletop on top of the appliances to make into a laundry folding table. With a laundry folding table or laundry room countertop atop your washer and dryer, you won't have to carve out extra space to place your table, making this tactic ideal for those with small spaces.

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    Laundry Table With Storage

    An organized laundry room with drawers, cabinets, and fabric bins.

    YinYang / Getty Images

    Storage space is arguably just as important as folding space when it comes to laundry rooms. Add lots of shelves, drawers, cabinets, and bins in your laundry room to store your laundry supplies, as well as the clothes you have already folded. When you're ready to put them away, you can just grab a bin and bring it to your bedroom to fill your dresser with freshly cleaned clothes.

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    Multi-Surface Folding Spaces

    A small laundry room with dark brown cabinets and storage.

    PC Photography / Getty Images

    Instead of installing one big laundry folding table in your laundry room, use multiple flat surfaces for the same purpose. Make a flat laundry folding table atop your washer and dryer, install a small laundry folding table next to it, and use the flat top of a storage cabinet as another laundry folding table. This is ideal for those without a lot of space to work with and who like to have many different stacks of neatly folded laundry for easier distribution. Take advantage of every surface you can and transform it into your own folding table.

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    Laundry Folding Table With Storage Space

    A white laundry folding table with baskets underneath the counter.

    Mariakray / Getty Images

    Extra storage space is never a bad thing. Install cubbies in your laundry room folding table and add storage bins or baskets in each one. Fill them with laundry supplies, like soap, stain remover, and wool dryer balls. Everything you need will be easily accessible.

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    Laundry Folding Table with Sink

    Clean white laundry room table with a sink and overhead cabinets.

    Wivoca / Getty Images

    Having a sink in your laundry room is a luxury. Laundry room sinks make doing laundry more efficient, allowing you to quickly rinse off dirty clothes or soak stubborn stains. Make sure there’s a large, flat surface to the side of your sink so you have all the room you need to fold. Avoid cluttering up the folding table with soaps and laundry supplies by installing cabinets above and below the table and storing your things there.