20 Laundry Room Organization Ideas to Declutter Your Space

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Small but mighty, laundry rooms are a critical room in any home, yet can often be neglected design-wise. Keeping a smart, organized laundry room ensures an efficient space that will make doing laundry less of a chore. 

We asked interior designers to reveal their favorite— and most stylish— laundry room organization ideas and they delivered. Read on for 20 tips that’ll instantly declutter your space.

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    Hide Your Washer and Dryer With Pocket Doors

    Laundry room washer and dryer with pocket doors

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway Design Studio + Shop

    Washer and dryer? What washer and dryer? Lindye Galloway, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop, oh-so brilliantly hid this machine set behind sliding doors. “I love these little hideaway doors we designed so you can keep the laundry room looking pretty no matter how many loads are ahead,” Galloway says. “The shaker-style cabinets discretely disguise the machines when not in use for an overall cleaner, more organized look.”

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    Optimize Your Storage

    Laundry room organization

    Spacecrafting for Bria Hammel Interiors

    “The most important thing when creating a functional laundry room is to include plenty of storage,” Bria Hammel, CEO and Creative Director of Bria Hammel Interiors, says. That could mean incorporating shelves, cabinets, and a space that allows you to hang clothing. “This will give you a variety of space to get your items organized exactly how they need to be."

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    Decant Your Laundry Products

    Decanted laundry detergent in laundry room

    Martin Vecchio for Neat Method

    Laundry detergent is a must, but the often oversized and cluttered-looking packaging it comes it doesn’t have to be. Instead, Ashley Murphy, co-founder and CEO of NEAT Method, recommends decanting your laundry products into alternative canisters.

    “Create a uniform space by trading original packaging for elevated canisters, bins, and baskets,” she says. “Utilizing these storage solutions, instead of bulky boxes, will also make it easier to categorize your products and save space.” Just don’t forget to add labels, since you wouldn’t want to mix up your laundry detergent with your powdered bleach.

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    Carve Out a Niche for Soaps and Sprays

    Laundry room organization

    Jess Isaacs for Jenn Feldman Designs

    “Finding small areas to carve out niches is a great way to customize and add muscle to the space,” interior designer Jenn Feldman says. Since soaps and sprays only need a tiny spot to sit in, a little depth goes a long way for a lot of functionality. “Keeping the niche at eye height adds a great visual and can be easily layered over with hanging racks for even more added value,” Feldman adds.

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    Add a Small Desk Space

    Laundry room organization

    Maggie Griffin Design

    We don’t all have the luxury of a private office space at home. Perhaps all you need is a sliver of counter space and a desk chair in your laundry room instead. Grace Brackman of Maggie Griffin Design included just that in this laundry room.

    “This busy mom needed a small space to keep things, herself, and her kiddos organized,” she says. “This small desk nook tucked in the laundry room serves as the perfect solution and doesn't impede on any important folding space!"

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    Carve Out Space for a Farmhouse Sink

    Laundry room organization

    Vanessa Francis Interior Design

    This laundry room is a delight in every way, from the pink paneling to the artwork to the herringbone tile. The star of the design is the Native Trails Farmhouse 2418 NativeStone Sink though. The deep, 24-inch concrete kitchen sink works perfectly as a utility sink in a laundry room, with its clean lines and natural beauty encouraging you to do one more load.

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    Install a Hard-Working Faucet

    Laundry room organization

    Jess Isaacs for Jenn Feldman Designs

    There are a lot of choices to be made when designing a laundry room, but don’t let decision fatigue get in the way of you selecting a faucet that works for your family and lifestyle— not just any run-of-the-mill one.

    “We like a faucet to work for you,” Feldman says. “Adding a pull-out sprayer with some length helps with cleaning soccer shoes to wiping down the dog on top of weekly laundry use. There's always added value in a utility sink area for a family home.”

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    Install a Countertop Over Your Washer and Dryer

    Laundry room organization

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway Design Studio + Shop

    Spare yourself from folding laundry awkwardly over your washer and dryer. Instead, take a note from this laundry room designed by Lindye Galloway Design Studio + Shop and install a countertop over your machines. It’ll both create a sleek look and serve as a folding station.

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    Understand Your Storage Needs

    Laundry room organization

    Molly Culver for Meredith Owen Interiors

    Whenever designing a laundry room, interior designer Meredith Owen always prioritizes her client’s storage needs. A few questions she asks: Do you have kids? How many? Do they play sports? Do you prefer open or closed storage? Do you need more shoe storage or hanging storage? 

    “We design laundry rooms and mudrooms so that they are the workhorse for our clients,” she says. “From sturdy hooks that can hold multiple bags at a time, to baskets to hide away all of the laundry a family accumulates, all of these accents are essential to designing a functional space.”

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    Hang a Rack

    Laundry room organization

    Justin Jordan for Bethany Adams Interiors

    It’s so simple and so smart: a rack for clothes in a laundry room is a no-brainer organization idea. A rack can also serve as a spot to hang clothes that need extra attention, whether a stain that needs scrubbing, an elbow that needs mending or some serious wrinkles that need steaming.  

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    Buy a Set of Matching Baskets

    Laundry room organization

    Julie Baker Interiors

    This laundry room designed by Julie Baker Interiors features a set of them on open shelving, perfectly concealing cleaning supplies, paper goods, and other laundry must-haves.

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    Take Advantage of Every Little Corner

    Laundry room organization

    Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

    With storage space of the utmost importance in a laundry room— a small but mighty space— don’t let any little nook or cranny go without a purpose. Take it from Maestri Studio, who designed this corner with open cabinet shelving so you can not only store essentials within arm’s reach but also style them to add a personalized touch to a sometimes sterile room.

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    Use Open Shelving to Display Family Favorites

    Laundry room organization

    Madeline Harper Photography for Leah Ashley

    We all know—and love!—open shelves. You don't have to limit them to living rooms and kitchens though. They're just as beautiful and practical in a laundry room. Use them to house laundry essentials, or if you have the ability to tuck those into cabinets, utilize open shelving to layer meaningful mementos, like family heirlooms and vacation treasures. Seeing your beloved items will make doing laundry so much better.

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    Clear Counter Space

    Laundry room organization

    Spacecrafting for Bria Hammel Interiors

    Open counter space is a huge must,” Hammel says. “Just like in the kitchen, we want all the counter space we can get. You never know when you need some space to scrub out those stains or lay out some project you may be working on.”

    Counter space gives you the option to fold your clean clothes in the laundry room too, instead of dumping it all on your bed.

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    Install a Kitchen Pot Holder

    Laundry room organization

    Tara Carter Photography for Morse Design

    If your floor space is maxed out, look up. That’s what interior designer Andi Morse of Morse Design did in this beautiful blue laundry room. “We used a clever kitchen pot holder above the washer and dryer to hang wet clothes on,” she says. “It’s much prettier than a typical drying rack and works just as well!”

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    Never Underestimate the Power of a Bench

    Laundry room organization

    Codi Lynn for Neat Method

    There’s no denying how practical a pretty bench can be in any space, including a laundry room. Ashley Murphy, co-founder and CEO of NEAT Method, agrees. “Washing and folding laundry can be time-consuming,” she says. “Adding a bench to your laundry room is a nice touch visually, plus it provides seating while you fold clothes. It can also double as shelving if you need extra storage for any items.”

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    Add a Hamper or Two

    Laundry room hampers

    Room & Board

    If space and budget allow, nab a few of the Kori Hampers from Room & Board for your laundry room. Not only do they look stylish— a must for such a utilitarian piece— but they’re extremely durable thanks to their braided wool-blend fabric too. To stay ultra-organized, you could dedicate one hamper for colors, another for whites, and another for towels, then hide them away with the included lids. No one needs to see your dirty laundry.

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    Go Tall With Cabinetry

    Laundry room organization

    Amy Bartlam for Jenn Feldman Designs

    All cabinets are great. Tall cabinets are particularly great. Take it from Jenn Feldman. “In laundry rooms, the utility items don't need much depth, but height is where the real magic can happen,” she says. “Building in full-height cabinets gives incredible storage for brooms, Swiffers, and upright vacuums. Even the smallest of spaces can pack a punch for keeping cleaning supplies and extra paper towels ready to go.”

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    Make Sure Everything Has a Place

    Laundry room organization

    Bethany Nauert for Peltier Interiors

    "When it comes to laundry rooms, it's all about storage,” Amy Peltier of Peltier Interiors says. “Making sure everything has its place will make the weekly (or daily) dreaded chore less stressful and more manageable. Decorating with beautiful baskets or containers will help sort out your different products yet make the space look pretty and put together."

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    Lay Down a Rug

    Laundry room organization

    Lauren Pressey for MBC Interior Design

    Okay, okay. So a rug won’t help organize your laundry room. It will, however, bring a warmth to the space that’ll encourage you to spend more time in there instead of avoiding your overflowing hamper. Even a tiny laundry room can benefit from a runner. Try it, and then watch your laundry pile diminish.