Laundry Room Paint Color Ideas

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    Lemongrass by Behr Paints

    Colorful laundry room with a black cat
    Behr Paint Company

    A laundry room designed with vivid warm color can beat the laundry blues. And since a laundry room is only used for short periods of time, it can take any kind of color inspiration you can dish out. Behr's Lemongrass is bright and fun but also understated enough to avoid overwhelming the small room.

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    Behr Paints: Lemongrass PPU6-18

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    Ionic Sky by Behr Paints

    Ionic Sky color sample
    Behr Paint Company

    Turn your laundry room experience into a mini-vacation with a soothing color like Iconic Sky. The secret to using a vacation-escape color without making the laundry room feel cold is to choose a blue or aqua with a slight green undertone. The green undertone warms up the blue, and balances the cool colors and surfaces of a laundry room. Watch out for colors with too much gray, as they will give your laundry room a sleepy look and drain your energy as you tackle the laundry duties.

    Behr Paints: Ionic Sky 510C-1

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    Hosta Flower by Behr Paints

    Hosta Flower color sample
    Behr Paint Company

    Lavender is a surprisingly perfect color for a laundry room. While blue can feel a bit cold for a room dominated by water and sleek appliances, lavender is natural and soothing without being cold. If you want the true laundry palace vibe, lavender looks wonderful with a small chandelier, white shelves, and shiny chrome accents. Laundry may be a chore, but that doesn't mean the room you do it in can't look fabulous.

    Behr Paints: Hosta Flower 640C-1 

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    Graceful Gray by Behr Paints

    Graceful Gray color sample
    Behr Paint Company

    Perhaps you would rather not feel like a princess when you do your laundry, but instead, you handle the laundry duties like a boss. A rich greige like Graceful Gray is stylish and empowering without being cold or heavy. Accent this formidable color with muted blues for a classic color palette. A sparkly light fixture or other shiny accessories also complement this strong neutral.

    Behr Paints: Graceful Gray PPU18-12  

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    Song of Summer by Behr Paints

    Song of Summer color sample
    Behr Paint Company

    Just because you're stuck indoors doing laundry doesn't mean that you can't have a little sunshine. Behr's Song of Summer will give you that clothesline-dried warm feeling inside your laundry room. This cheerful yellow can be casual with magenta or mint green accents, or Song of Summer can be instantly elegant with dark wood accents, and brushed chrome fixtures. 

    Behr Paints: Song of Summer 340-A 

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    Cucumber Crush by Behr Paints

    Cucumber Crush color sample
    Behr Paint Company

    A light and fresh green, Behr's Cucumber Crush is an ideal choice for a retro laundry room. Reminiscent of a 1930s cottage, this pretty color shines in a dark laundry room. Using bright and cheerful color is especially important if your laundry room is buried in a basement or garage, where light is scarce. For a vintage look, combine this happy green with pink, chocolate brown, or turquoise. 

    Behr Paints: Cucumber Crush 440C-2 

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    Espresso Beans | Behr Paints

    Espresso Beans color sample
    Behr Paint Company

    Are you looking for a little drama in your laundry room? If you have great lighting or abundant windows, you can rock a deep color like the delicious brown of Espresso Beans. If you're concerned about having enough light for laundry-related tasks, a dramatic color like this can be used as an accent wall or for shelving. 

    Another fun idea for your laundry room is a dramatic paint color in a chalkboard formula. An accent wall adjacent to the appliances can become a chalk art wall or giant to-do list in an otherwise unused space.

    Behr Paints: Espresso Beans PPU5-1