12 Ideas for Laundry Room Pantry Combo Rooms

Laundry and pantry room combo with cleaning supplies

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Laundry rooms and kitchen pantries are meant to be productive areas in your home. However, when these spaces are combined into laundry room pantry combo rooms, it can be challenging to stay on track and keep things organized.

But there are a number of simple ways to tidy up this well-loved room in your home, ranging from spill-proof storage containers to pull-out cabinets. Whether you're tackling this long-neglected room in your house or renovating to incorporate a laundry room pantry combo into your home, these tips will help you stay organized.

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    Gather Your Excess Dinnerware

    Extra cookware in cabinets in laundry room

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    If you have a collection of ceramic dishes or inherited china reserved exclusively for special occasions, your laundry room pantry combo room is the perfect place to store these items. Make sure you choose a cabinet in the corner or a high shelf. Leave the more accessible spaces for goods you use on a more consistent basis.

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    Keep Dirty Linens in Durable Baskets

    Pantry room storage ideas with glass storage containers and baskets

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    Your laundry room pantry cabinets will certainly house a variety of linens, but the wash rags and dish towels you use on a daily basis need a home that's accessible. Keep these clean linens in a drawer near your sink, and add a decorative, but durable, basket nearby where you can toss them after they've been used.

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    Use Plastic Storage Containers

    Plastic food storage containers

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    Whether you're keeping soaps or syrups or both in your laundry room pantry combo, you need a storage system that's prepared for spills. Avoid sticky residue and ugly stains on your shelves by storing these items in plastic storage containers. This will also make it easier to access what you need when you need it.

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    Label Everything

    Plastic storage containers for food and laundry

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    Label makers are a home organizer's best friend, and if you have a laundry room pantry combo, you'll want to get acquainted with this helpful tool too. To make sure everyone knows where items belong, label both your plastic storage containers as well as the edges of your shelves and drawers.

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    Choose Pretty Countertop Storage Containers

    Pretty Countertop Storage Containers for Laundry Room

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    Hiding everything in cabinets will certainly create a clean aesthetic in your laundry room pantry, but it may not be the most practical decision. For the items you use on a consistent basis, like laundry detergent and specific kitchen utensils, drop a couple of extra bucks on more attractive storage containers.

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    Designate Specific Spaces for Specific Tasks

    Laundry room pantry combo with double washer dryers

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    One of the challenges you may face by combining your laundry room and pantry is mixing things like dirty clothes with food. To prevent any accidental meetings, make sure you create designated zones for specific activities. For instance, make sure the counter space you use for folding laundry is different than the space you use for organizing pantry staples.

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    Alternate Storage Solutions on Open Shelves

    Alternating pretty storage containers for pantry laundry room

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    If your room features more open shelving than closed cabinetry, it's even more important to avoid overcrowding your storage space. Alternating between baskets, bins, and such is a simple way to conceal any clutter and can make your shelves more visually appealing.

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    Install Pull-Out Cabinet Drawers

    Pantry Storage with Drawers in Cabinets

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    You laundry room pantry combo is home to a wide variety of possessions, from cleaning supplies to cookware. You don't want to spend your time digging through crowded cabinets for extra hand soap or that half-empty box of OxiClean. Instead, save some time and install a set of pull-out cabinets.

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    Use the Back of Your Door for Storage

    Storage on Back of Door for Laundry Room

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    Besides the obvious options for storage, like cabinets and drawers, there are plenty of less conspicuous opportunities to increase your available storage space. For instance, you can use the back of your laundry room pantry door for products and goods you use more often.

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    Incorporate a Catch-All Counter

    Desk space in laundry room pantry combo

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    Many kitchen counters become a catch-all for excess mail, car keys, and other miscellaneous items. If you have the option, create a specific countertop area or desk space in your laundry room pantry for these assorted goods. Dress it up with pretty but practical organizers a like decorative tray for mail and a shallow dish for keys, spare change, and other items you reach for on a regular basis.

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    Add a Slide-Out Shelf for Pantry Staples

    Slide Out Shelf for Pantry Storage

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    Another way to avoid digging through stuffed cupboards is to install a couple of skinny, slide-out shelves. These are perfect for holding everything from pantry staples to stain removers, and they'll prevent you from losing any items to the dark, back corners of your cabinets.

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    Make Sure Every Item Has a Designated Home

    Laundry and pantry room combo with cleaning supplies

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    When we neglect our storage spaces and toss items here and there, it won't take long before those tidy counters and cupboards evolve into chaos. As you organize your laundry room pantry combo, be thoughtful and intentional. Make sure you, and your family, know where each item belongs.