Laundry Room Rustic Charm DIY

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    Create A Laundry Room With Rustic Charm

    What began as Lauren's business plan idea in college, Rustic Honey has become a lifestyle and boutique business. Rustic Honey combines the best of country living from products to  recipes to crafts and decorating.

    When I discovered Lauren's laundry room makeover, I found it offers tips that will actually fit any style of decorating when you're ready for a laundry room transformation. She had a tiny, boring (if you can call lime green walls boring) laundry room and recreated it into a stylish space. You'll find ideas for artistic design, painting tips and crafts that are both beautiful and very useful. (I love her dryer top ironing pad, keep reading!)

    Let's get started on the tour.

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    Redecorating Starts With the Walls

    The transformation began with three coats of white paint to get rid of the lime green walls and the painting of window trim to unify the space. Starting with a clean, well-painted palette is a must when creating a look for a room. If possible, remove everything from the space for ease in painting.

    Next, Lauren used painter's tape to create an abstract, graphic design. The random chevron pattern takes on a tree shape which is perfect for a rustic, country look. She chose to create only an accent wall with the design. This helps to draw the eye and make the room appear deeper than it really is.

    The same technique could be used to create nearly any linear design you can imagine. Painter's tape is less expensive than stencils or wallpaper!

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    Create A Graphic Wall Design With Painter's Tape

    Lauren gives some great tips on painting the rich grey top coat over the taped design. Be certain that the painter's tape is completely smooth and well-adhered to the wall. Use a small brush to paint areas around the trim and corners. Paint "with" the tape instead of against the edges of the tape to prevent bleeding and leaking. Then use a good roller with a smooth nap to fill in the rest of the wall.

    Allow the top coat to dry really well - several hours or overnight. Then peel away the painter's tape and watch the design appear before your eyes. For any bleeding, use a small brush to reestablish sharp edges.

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    Add Storage Spaces In The Laundry Room

    The decorating became a family project when Lauren's husband pitched in to make these sturdy rustic shelves. There was very little room for storage in the small space so creating vertical shelves over the appliances was a perfect solution.

    Since the storage is open, using baskets to hide unattractive supplies and glass storage containers for easy identification of products was a great idea. Lauren also added a portable rolling storage cart between the washer and dryer to create more storage. There's always a  need for more storage!

    As you can see, the room is blessed with lots of natural light but really tight on space. There's no room for an ironing board or many extras other than a small hamper.

    Keep reading for one of the best space saving ideas I've seen - a dryer top ironing pad - in a coordinating fabric.

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    Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

    Like any true Rustic Honey, Lauren makes her own homemade laundry detergent. Most recipes make a huge batch that will last for several months. Lauren stores hers in glass jars on the shelves but also keeps a small jar on the wire shelves right beside the washer. Using a thrift shop wooden spoon as a measuring scoop only adds to the room's charm.

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    Use Your Favorite Things In The Laundry Room

    No matter what decorating style you favor, always be on the lookout for unique ways to use the things you love in the laundry room. Lauren used vintage blue glass jars to hold coins and buttons that seem to always be left in pockets. Keeping those out of the washer not only gives some "found money" but also prevents mechanical problems with your washer that can cause leaks.

    The weight plate on the old scale is the perfect spot to store dryer sheets. It looks great and allows the dryer sheets to freshen the entire room.

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    DIY Dryer Top Ironing Pad

    This dryer top ironing pad is ingenious! While most of us do our best to prevent wrinkles and skip ironing, there are just some clothes that need a touch up. So, what do you do if you have no room for an ironing board?

    Some folks iron on a table, the floor or just go out looking wrinkled. Lauren created her own dryer top ironing pad that is attractive, easy to roll-up and store and very functional. You can follow her step-by-step directions here. I can assure you that I'll be making one!