13 Laundry Room Sink Ideas You'll Want To Copy

Laundry Room Sink Ideas

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Laundry rooms are considered more of a utilitarian space, but they’re actually great areas to get creative with design. Of course, since it’s used for chores, most aspects need to be practical. So, it comes down to choosing the right accessories.

A good place to start is with the hardware and appliances. Under that umbrella comes the sink. Used to rinse rags and wash your hands, this often overlooked design opportunity has plenty of options for you to choose from—from classic farmhouse sinks to sleek integrated stone sinks and more. Not sure where to start? Check out these 13 laundry room sink ideas for inspiration.

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    Go Gold

    Grey Laundry Room

    @beccainteriors / Instagram

    An apron-style sink gets a fresh, moody treatment in this laundry room by Becca Interiors. A brassy gold faucet adds some shine and contrast against the dark hues of green and black, while the basin is set in a deep charcoal to complement. Note that it matches the black counters alongside.

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    Try a Pull-Down Faucet

    White Laundry Room

    @tuskhome / Instagram

    A pull-down faucet is always handy in the laundry room to easily maneuver and get rid of any residue in the sink. This one by Tusk Home is set in silver to match the grey and white palette of the room. Plus, an undermount basin keeps things looking clean and seamless as you can easily wipe any mess directly into the sink.

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    Opt for Farmhouse Style

    Green Laundry Room

    Designed by Kristina Leigh / Photo by Milagro Collective

    Farmhouse-style sinks always make a space look more chic. Here, Milagro Collective opted for one in a clean white to juxtapose against the sage green cabinets. Set alongside marble counters and backsplash, it creates an elevated and elegant feel. A brass bridge faucet matches the rest of the hardware on the drawers for a cohesive look.

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    Get Industrial

    Dark Green Laundry Room

    @blackbanddesign / Instagram

    This sink features another mounted bridge kitchen faucet to keep with the industrial theme in this laundry room by Blackband Design. Set in silver with an undermount basin, it allows for clean lines with a slight edge from the faucet's sculptural silhouette. The chrome finish adds some shine and matches the washing machine accents and cabinet hardware for a ubiquitous feel.

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    Keep It Classic

    Pink Laundry Room

    Design by Marea Clark Interiors / Photo by Paul Dyer

    A classic farmhouse-style sink with a U-shaped pull-down faucet can pretty much work with any aesthetic—especially when set in white. This laundry room by Marea Clark Interiors proves that point, as the sink is paired with pretty pink cabinets, warm-toned tiled floors, and a statement pendant. With all that glamor, a simple sink like this is perfect for an elegant look without stealing the spotlight.

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    Mount the Faucet

    Laundry Room Sink

    @nfgdesigns / Instagram

    For a more sleek and modern look, you can always go for a wall-mounted faucet. This laundry room by NFG Designs features one in a chrome finish with a bridged dual-handle. The knobs are coated in white to match the cabinets and cream backsplash. One advantage of this faucet style is that it allows for more space on the countertop to keep things like sponges, rags, and soap within reach.

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    Have Creative Knobs

    Laundry Room Blue

    @sixwallsinteriordesign / Instagram

    This space by Six Walls Interior Design showcases another dual-handle wall-mounted faucet, though with a farmhouse-style basin. It's set in a brassy finish to play up the warmth of the woods in the space and match the cabinets' hardware. For a fun touch, the knobs are set in a cross-style with shiny white centers.

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    Make It Sleek

    Laundry Room Green

    @cedarandsuede / Instagram

    Craving a simpler look? A single-handle sleek faucet like in this laundry room by Cedar and Suede keeps things understated so the stained-glass windows behind can shine. An undermount basin amplifies the minimalistic feel, keeping things clean and streamlined.

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    Experiment With Faucet Shapes

    Laundry Room White

    @kinsmangroup / Instagram

    Rather than the typical U-shaped faucet, Kinsman Kitchens opted for a more geometric, rectangular faucet to balance out the softer touches in this space. It has a single handle set at the center to keep things consolidated. Set in a nickel finish, the sink adds warmth and makes a statement in this otherwise pared-back laundry room.

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    Save Space

    White Laundry Room

    PC Photography / Getty Images

    With another single-handle faucet, this sink minimizes cluttered counters with a handle that moves up and down rather than side to side. A long spout keeps things looking modern, with a silver finish to match the machine decals and grey baskets. An oversized undermount basin allows for plenty of space to hand-wash clothes, rinse items, and more.

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    Play With Color

    Laundry Room Grey

    whyframestudio / Getty Images

    Not keen on a metallic finish? You can always go to the dark side with a matte black faucet. A slim profile adds a contemporary touch to this laundry room, complementing its monochrome palette. The inky hue is also helpful to prevent stains and splatters from showing up.

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    Switch It Up

    Laundry Room bathroom

    whyframestudio / Getty Images

    While laundry rooms typically lean toward drop-in styles, you can create more of a statement with a vessel sink. This sink style takes the shape of a deep bowl mounted on a counter. In this space, one sits adjacent to the washing machines in a unique laundry-slash-powder room for a sophisticated and elegant look.

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    Get a Drainboard

    Laundry Room White

    @wallpops / Instagram

    Drainboard sinks are handy as they combine a small basin on one side with a counter-level drainboard on the other. The drainboard helps trap water and drain it back, making drying items quick and easy. Here, a glossy white one is paired with an anchor-shaped faucet for an elegant farmhouse look.