Laundry Tips & How Tos

Get tips, tricks and ideas to make doing laundry easier. Find out the best ways to organize your laundry, keep your whites whiter, and keep color from fading.
Dryer sheet on clothes
Worried That Dryer Sheets Are Harmful? You Can Soften Clothes Without Them
Close-up of camel colored suede jacket
How to Clean Your Beautiful Suede Coat
Man wearing a green rain jacket
It Takes More Than Rain to Clean a Raincoat
White button-down shrunken shirt hanging on drying rack
If the Perfect Shirt Is Too Big, You Can Attempt to Shrink It
pens leaking in back jean pocket
There's an Ink Stain on My Favorite Jeans! Now What?
White shirt and clothes soaking in a soapy tub
Should You Strip Your Laundry? Learn Why and How
birkenstocks and cleaning supplies
Keep Your Birkenstocks Looking as Good as They Feel
person putting ice in the washer
7 Laundry Hacks That Actually Work
Raw denim jeans folded closeup
Do I Wash Raw Denim the Same Way as My Other Jeans?
using a dryer sheet on a couch
15 Ways to Get More From Your Dryer Sheets
Man cleaning water stain on brown couch with green spray bottle and yellow cloth
How to Get Rid of Annoying Water Stains on Fabric
folded white towels
Scratchy Towels? Learn How to Soften Them
beach towel by the pool
How to Wash Beach Towels the Right Way
DIY laundry dryer balls in bowl next to glass jar of baking soda, folded towels and houseplant
How to Make 10 DIY Laundry Products
person cleaning suede slippers
Keep Your Favorite Slippers Clean and Fresh
cleaning canvas shoes
Keep Canvas and Fabric Shoes Looking Fresh
White linen bedding
Keep Your Linen Bedding Soft, Breathable, and Luxurious
caring for faux leather
Keep Your Faux Leather Clothing Looking Clean and Stylish
Gray rug in bathroom
How to Clean and Care for a Bathroom Rug
silk pillowcases
How to Clean and Care for a Silk Pillowcase
Basket of laundry in front of clothes line with clothes hanging to air dry
Solutions to Line-Drying Problems
Shower curtain with water color illustrations of plants hanging in front of shower head
Keep Your Shower Curtains Squeaky Clean
measuring the radius of a washer tub
What Is the Laundry Load Capacity of My Clothes Washer?
soiled wellies on a front porch
Too Many Puddle Splashes? How to Clean Rubber Boots Inside and Out
sorting lights and darks before washing
Are You Sorting Your Dirty Laundry Correctly?
using baking soda in laundry
5 Reasons to Keep Baking Soda in Your Laundry Room
sneakers by the hamper
Is Your Laundry Routine Spreading Athlete's Foot Fungus?
baking soda jar next to a laundry basket
Tips for Using Baking Soda in Laundry
folded knit clothing
How Can I Stop My Clothes From Shrinking and Stretching?
laundry hamper in front of a washer
Washer Cycles Demystified: How to Choose the Right One
coffee used in laundry
10 Laundry Rules That Aren't Actually True
kitty on a sofa
Love 'Em but Not the Fur? Remove Pet Fur From Clothes and Upholstery
closeup of a dryer
Permanent Press, Timed Dry, Delicate? Which Dryer Cycle Should I Use?
closeup of washing machine dials
Hot, Warm, or Cold? Choose the Right Water Temperature for Laundry
Detergent and washing powder by laundry basket
Overnight Guests? Don't Get Left Holding the Laundry Bag
person hanging a towel up to dry
6 Reasons to Skip Line-Drying Clothes Outside
white residue on clothing
Why Do I Have This White Residue on my Clean Clothes?
dark clothing in a hamper
7 Tips to Prevent Dark Clothes From Fading
Engineer Mending Domestic Washing Machine
Try This Before You Call a Washer Repair Tech
Washing machine with clothes
How to Wash Your Clothes, Shoes, and Laundry Appliances After a Flood
White and gray shirt with blue stain next to colored markers and scissors
8 Ways to Hide Stains on Clothes
tools you need to iron like a professional
Here's What You Need to Iron Like a Professional
hydrogen peroxide and white towels
5 Reasons to Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Laundry
college laundry room
How to Do Laundry in a College Dorm
water with suds
Hard Water Laundry Problems? Here's What to Do
Mustard residue spot cleaned on pink blouse with white paper towel
Spot Clean Clothes and Upholstery for Removing Stains
Woman removing sheets from dryer in laundry room
Does Your Washer Stink? How to Prevent Mold in Your He Washer
Woman putting dirty clothing into a front-loading washing machine.
Try These Top 10 Tips for Laundry Success
Scoop of powdered laundry detergent next to cap full of liquid detergent in front of large containers
Which Laundry Detergent is Best? Liquid, Powder or Single Dose Pack?
Clothing soaking in a bowl of bleach solution
How to Wash Clothes With Bleach
hamper in front of a washer
Laundry Hampered? How to Do Laundry in 10 Easy Steps
Cream colored dress, brown long sleeved shirt and folded jeans hanging on wooden hangers
What Are 10 Laundry Tips That Will Make Clothes Last Longer?
Outdoor seating with metal frame and light colored cushions in middle of garden
Outdoor Cushions and Fabric Furniture Clean Up Made Easy
an organized laundry room
Make Your Life Easier With an Organized Laundry Room
front-loading washer
Are You Using Your Front Load Washer Correctly?
Hole in organic shirt by insect eating
Get Rid of Clothes-Eating Bugs With These Natural Methods
selecting washing temperature
Hot, Warm, or Cold Water for Laundry?
chlorine bleach
Are You Getting the Best Laundry Results from Chlorine Bleach?
how to remove dryer sheet stains
Got Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheet Stains on Clothes?
Homemade dryer balls on wooden surface
DIY: Make Felted Wool Dryer Balls to Reduce Drying Time