Laundry Tips for the School Season

back to school laundry
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Back to school time means getting back into a laundry routine that may include some new stains and challenges. To help you make an A+ (or at least a passing grade!) on laundry, here are some helpful tips:

Keep reading for tips on how to wash backpacks, remove school supply stains like glue and ink, treat head lice, disinfect laundry after a virus comes home and handle sports uniforms.

Welcome back to school laundry time!

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    School Backpacks

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    Backpacks can get pretty dirty inside and out. Just think of what gets stuffed in there! And, as every parent knows, backpacks are pretty expensive and need to last as long as possible.

    Always check care labels, but most backpacks can be easily cleaned by hand washing and a bit of stain remover. The same techniques can be used for laptop and tablet protectors and cases.

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    School Supply Stains

    school supplies
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    If your kids have been crafty all summer, you may already be proficient in removing glue, paint and ink. If not, you need to be ready for the challenges. By treating stains properly, you can make those clothes a little longer until they outgrow them!

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    Head Lice

    Sharing is an important lesson for school kids to learn. Unfortunately, they often share more than a pencil or computer time. Head lice is a common problem in schools, day cares and any place kids gather.

    There are plenty of over-the-counter products that you can use to remove the lice and nits from your child's hair. But it is equally important to handle the family laundry correctly or everyone in the household will have lice over and over and over.

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    Laundry After a Virus

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    The only thing that spreads more quickly in a classroom than head lice is a virus. No one wants to see a child get sick and no one wants to share the virus. Handling the laundry of the little sick one correctly will protect the rest of the family and help the child get better more quickly.

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    Sports Uniforms and Gear

    How to Clean Football Uniforms
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    Until your superstar gets that big college scholarship or turns pro, you'll probably be responsible for handling the smelly, dirty uniforms. Whatever sport your child chooses from baseball and basketball to wrestling, here are some tips to help you handle the laundry. And, I've thrown in some extra help for the sneakers that even mathletes wear!