Lauren Thomann

Lauren Thomann

Lauren Thomann is a freelance writer and DIYer that owns and operates an antique jewelry business, Ageless Heirlooms. When she isn't writing or on the hunt for the next heirloom for her shop, she is working on various DIY projects around her home.

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  • Contributing writer for Dotdash since 2014
  • 13+ years experience in the antique jewelry business
  • In the process of renovating a 1916 bungalow
  • Launched the site Heirlooms at Home to document her various passion projects


Lauren has had an affinity for writing since she was a child. This drive led her to get a degree in English and Linguistics. Though she originally wanted to be an English teacher, she instead followed another passion and founded Ageless Heirlooms in 2006.

Her love of antiques and old houses drove her to focus her career on buying and selling old jewelry. In the process, she started a blog to document her business and to stretch her writing muscles. In 2014, Lauren joined the Dotdash team to write about fine jewelry.

Along with loving antiques, Lauren has always had a knack for crafting and DIY projects. She has successfully made and sold jewelry using reclaimed pieces and has enjoyed painting and other artistic endeavors throughout the years.

Currently, she is in the process of rehabbing her home and has taken on many new home-related projects in the process, which prompted her to launch Heirlooms at Home in 2018. She has been contributing home and DIY related projects to The Spruce Crafts since its launch in 2017.


In college, Lauren always knew a passion of hers was antiques and objects of interest. She opted to write her honor's thesis on Victorian literature, and the influence objects have on our lives, both then and now. Upon completion, she earned her bachelor's degree in English and Linguistics from the University at Buffalo in 2007.

As far as her business is concerned, Lauren has been both self-taught and taught through apprentice-like relationships. She has also completed several diamond and gemstone courses at the Gemological Institute of America in NYC.

To Lauren, learning is a never-ending process. She further develops her skills through various workshops, online courses, and reading. She enjoys a challenge and finding new ways to express herself through the written word.

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