Your lawn needs just as much love as any garden. These lawn care tips will help you maintain a healthy yard, from grass and soil, to mowing and fertilizing.
Close-Up Of Lawn Mower On Field
Battery Powered vs. Gas Lawn Mowers
Why You Should Topdress Your Lawn
Lawn surrounded by border planting, The Lowes Garden, The Coach House, Haslemere, Surrey, UK
Tips for Making the Grass Greener on Your Side of the Fence
Perennial ryegrass with short green blades in lawn
You Should Consider Growing Your Own Perennial Ryegrass
Shady spot on grass
The Best Shade Grass for the Lawn
Yellow flannel bush (Fremontodendron 'Ken Taylor'). Mixed fescue meadow.
Fescue - This versatile grass is not just for shade
Hand and earthworm
Don't Be Worried About Earthworm Castings on Your Lawn
Seeding bare spot in lawn
Filling Those Bald Spots in Your Grass
green lawn
Applying Agricultural Lime Is the Best Way to Adjust Lawn pH
Lawn fertilizer being poured into mower
When Should You Apply Spring Fertilizer?
Close-Up Of Green Grass Growing On Field
What Potassium Does for Your Lawn Grass
Patches of snow on green grass in winter
How to Deal With Winter Kill on Turfgrass Lawns
Front of Home During Winter
Learn How to Care for Your Lawn All Winter Long
Electric Power Rake Dethatching Spring Yard Grass
Spring: The Best Time to Dethatch a Lawn
Mowing lawn
Biggest Lawn-Care Mistake Is Cutting Grass Too Short
Mulched clippings in grass
Mulch Grass Clippings Back into the Lawn
sloped backyard
Grow Grass on Slopes and Hillside by Following These Tips
Moss lawn
Here's What to Know If You Want to Create a Low-Maintenance Moss Lawn
spring landscape
How to Get Your Yard and Garden Ready for Spring
Grass seeds
Stored Properly, Grass Seed May Stay Viable for up to 5 Years
Purple wild violet flowers and weed leaves in lawn
Learn Your Lawn Weeds and How to Fight Them
Lawn mower mowing grass
8 Tasks to Prepare Your Lawn in Spring
person raking leaves in yard
Why You Shouldn't Leave Fallen Leaves on Your Lawn
Ruler marking the grass height
Healthy Grass Is Grass Cut at the Right Height
Someone applying fertilizer
Cultivate a Healthy Lawn by Following a Fertilizing Schedule
Small, suburban, manicured, striped lawn, small pond, and garden enclosed by large deciduous trees, azaleas, etc.
Your Step-by-Step Guide for Seeding a New Lawn
Man laying sod grass down to start a new lawn.
Use These Tips for Laying Sod to Start a New Lawn
illustration of how to get rid of moss in your lawn
How to Remove and Prevent Moss From Growing in Your Lawn
Raking a lawn
How to Dethatch a Lawn and Why You Need To
Lawn aeration taking place
When and How Do You Aerate Your Grass?
raking grass clippings
How Does Leaving Grass Clippings on the Lawn Help You?
grassy lawn
Lawn Mowing and Care Tips for Beginners
Front yard with fall leaves
How to Easily Mulch Your Fall Leaves Into the Lawn
DIY yard with small rock pebbles replacing lawn with drain materials
10 DIY Yard Drainage Methods
Grass with sun rays in the background
When Is It Safe to Apply Grub Killer on New Grass?
drought tolerant landscaping
8 Drought Tolerant Lawn Substitutes
Downspout and Storm Drain
How to Install a Catch Basin For Yard Drainage
Grass blades in lawn backlit.
The Natural Way to Kill Grass and Open Up Planting Beds
Close-up of a dried lawn
Tips for Taking Care of Your Lawn During a Drought
lawn with garden border
Getting Rid of Grass to Reduce Lawn Size
lawn thatch or dead patch of grass
Learn About Lawn Thatch
Fresh Grass Clippings
How to Reduce Grass Clumping on Your Lawn
Close up of a bunch of green clover
Micro Clover Plant Packs a Free Lunch for the Lawn
Sowing Seeds For New Lawn
Fall Lawn Overseeding to Repair Grass
A large garden fork aerating a lawn
Why and When You Should Aerate Your Lawn
sprinkler on lawn
When to Stop Watering Your Lawn in the Fall
St. Augustinegrass
Choose Warm-Season Grass Varieties for Drought Areas
closeup shot of green grass
Tips for Overseeding Lawns With Cool-Season Grasses
Frost on grass in the morning
Why You Should Keep Off the Lawn on Frosty Mornings
Tall fescue grass
These Are the Pros and Cons to Different Types of Lawn Grasses
Core aeration
What Is Lawn Core Aeration?
Dew the gems of morning
Dry Climates Call for Special Lawn Care Practices
Landscape timber edging
Keep Grass in the Lawn Where It Belongs
Sprinkler watering lawn
How to Avoid Over-Watering Your Lawn
Yard fertilizing
The Importance of Paying Attention to Nitrogen Levels in Your Lawn
Striped lawn in a public park
How to Make a Striped Lawn in Your Yard
Don't scalp your lawn if you want to have healthy grass (image).
The Reason for Mowing Lawns
Mid adult man raking in autumn leaves garden
Don't Let Your Lawn Fall out of Shape in Autumn
A view of landscaping and a lawnmower at dusk
How Weeds, Pests and Other Issues Affect Your Lawn
close up of grass with sunshine
Why Does Longer Grass Help Support a Healthier, More Attractive Lawn?