14 Simple Lawn Mower Storage Ideas

Lawn mower stored in the basement

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Depending on its size, a lawn mower can be a large investment which is why storing it properly is essential. Whether it's a push, riding, electric, or robotic mower, it's important to store it safely and protect it from the elements in order to prolong its life span and maintain good working conditions.

We rounded up 14 simple lawn mower ideas to give you inspiration for both store-bought and DIY storage options that'll keep your mower neatly tucked away but still easily accessible.

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    Garden Shed

    Small garden shed with a wreath on the door

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    A small garden shed provides an easily accessible place to store a push mower. Typically located in the backyard, it keeps the mower out of sight, and while you may not be able to control the temperature inside. Most sheds are constructed from waterproof materials to keep their contents dry. Additionally, the shed door usually comes with a lock to ensure that your mower is safe.

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    Garage Corner

    Lawn mower stored in a garage

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    Utilize a garage corner or nook to store your mower. A space under a slanted wall that's too low to accommodate a shelf is a great spot for it since it'll keep it clean, dry, and out of the way if you park your car in the garage.

    Storing the mower on the ground level as opposed to on a shelf or hung on the wall (in the case of smaller or folding mowers) has the added benefit of not having to lift and carry it before and after every use.

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    Mudroom with a built-in desk and bench

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    A mudroom is a hard-working space that often serves multiple purposes. It's usually located at the back of the house near the backyard, so its proximity to the grass that needs to be cut is a great advantage. Store smaller, folding, or robotic mowers in a mudroom and if they're electric, keep their chargers close by and ready to use.

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    Outdoor Pergola

    Wooden pergola with outdoor seating

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    During the seasons that your mower gets more use, keep it under a covered pergola for easy access. It's important that the pergola is covered so that the mower is protected from the elements. If yours isn't, you can easily purchase a waterproof fabric cover. Make sure to move the mower to a more fully covered location in the case of a severe storm or once the temperatures begin to dip.

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    Three car garage with white garage doors and black sconces

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    A garage is an excellent place to store lawn mowers of various sizes, including large riding mowers. It's insulated, which makes it safe for year-round storage where the mower isn't exposed to the danger of rusting or being damaged by harsh weather. There's also the advantage of extra safety when it comes to storing expensive equipment in a locked and secured garage.

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    Waterproof Tarp

    Blue tarp covering something

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    If you're going to store your mower outside, one great way to protect it is to cover it with a heavy-duty tarp. Keep it off the ground by placing it on bricks or planks of wood, then tightly cover it with the tarp, secure it with bungee cords, and weigh the corners down with bricks or stones.

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    Lawn mower stored in the basement

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    Some basements typically has a cement or linoleum floor that you don't have to worry about damaging when storing a lawnmower there. It's a space that's warm in the winter and cool in the summer to protect the mower from damage caused by the weather.

    If your basement ever floods, make sure to keep the mower out of the particular area that tends to get water and elevate it if needed.

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    Potting Shed

    Potting shed surrounded by greenery

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    A potting shed is used to grow plants and work with soil, so in other words, you don't have to worry about getting it messy with a lawnmower. The enclosed space is used to house gardening tools and supplies, so it's only fitting to designate one corner, preferably close to the entrance, to the mower.

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    Wall-Mounted Storage

    Wall-mounted garage storage

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    Install a wall-mounted storage rail in your garage to get your mower off the ground for a clean, uncluttered space. Use heavy-duty S-hooks to hang it on the rail and if the mower has a cord, use an additional hook to neatly hold it up.

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    Work equipment hanging on a pegboard

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    A pegboard is another wall-mounted storage solution for your lawn mower. It offers plenty of versatility and you can hang up mowing accessories such as headphones, protective eye gear, and gloves next to it to keep everything you need conveniently in one place.

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    Custom Built Shelving

    Garage shelf built from pine wood

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    If you're working with limited or oddly shaped space, whether it's a garage, basement, or shed, maximize the space and store your lawn mower on a custom-built shelf.

    Designing and building your own shelf allows you to tailor it to the size, shape, and weight of your mower. This DIY route can be much more affordable than purchasing ready-made industrial shelving.

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    Ceiling Hooks

    Ceiling storage in a garage

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    For an alternative to wall hooks, hang a mower from your garage ceiling. Make sure to pick a safe location, such as a corner or by a wall and do not suspend it above a parked car for safety reasons.

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    Charging Station

    Lawn mower next to charging port under a wooden shed

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    If you own a robotic lawn mower, build a mini shed or garage that can hold both the mower and its charging station. Similar to a robot vacuum cleaner, the mower can find its way back to the charger, so make sure to keep it unobstructed inside the storage construction.

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    Tool Shed

    Outdoor tool shed filled with gardening tools

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    Similar to a potting shed, a tool shed provides a practical storage space for a lawn mower. A great benefit to storing it here is that if it needs any repairs, you have all your tools and possible spare parts on hand for a quick fix.