5 Leading Trends in Lighting

Elevated view of man using tablet pc in kitchen at night
Astronaut Images / Getty Images

Trends in lighting reflect other trends in home furnishings; lighting is changing along with furniture to keep pace with how we live and how our homes function and look. Younger consumers, shrinking living spaces, and a quest for greening our home environment have all impacted lighting design.

The look in lighting, as well as other home furnishings, is uncluttered and clean. It echoes the look in architecture, and we are also looking for an architectural look in our furnishings.

  1. New Shape: Arc lamps have gained an edge over other floor lamps. The prevalence of arc lamps in living rooms is due in part due to the popularity of sectional sofas, and partly for the mid-century modern look.
  2. Different Proportions: You may have noticed taller shades and squat bases as the prevalent look in table lamps. In the bedroom, the popularity of platform beds has resulted in table lamps which have smaller bases and tall shades. These new lamps emphasize the shade and look substantial because of that emphasis
  3. Cleaner Look: The emphasis on shades and their larger scale also means that you see more attention to shades. They are more complex, at times almost sculptural, but never fussy. The bases can be mixed-material bases or novelty bases such as animal figures. The good news is that the overall look is uncluttered despite embellishments, whether the look is traditional or modern.
  4. Green Sensibility: The greater push for green in our lives has led to more energy conscious lighting choices such as LED desk lamps. You can also find chandeliers, pendants and table lamps that are now equipped to take fluorescent bulbs rather than incandescent ones.
  5. Different Material and Textures: Gone is the resinous and plastic look that you used to see everywhere. Metal, glass, and crystal are used for lamp bases. And in metal, brass seems to be coming back. Antique finishes along with polished nickel and copper are popular. Distressed finishes give a textured look. In short, we see a more handmade look as opposed to a factory made the look.