Review of the Newest LeapPad Tablet For Kids, The LeapFrog Platinum

LeapPad Platinum Learning Tablet

The following is a review of the newest LeapPad tablets for kids, the LeapFrog Platinum.

LeapFrog, one of the toy industry leaders in technology-driven, educational toys for kids, has deigned many durable learning tablets for children ages 3-9, since 2011. LeapFrog also designed the EPIC tablet, but that has a different type of processor inside the tablet. 

LeapFrog tablets are portable educational learning tablets for kids.

There is software and apps inside a durable device, where kids access using their finger, a stylus or tilt the tablet to play games and learn new educational skills.

The tablets have kid-friendly apps that are downloaded through wifi, that feature popular television and movie characters that children love and identify with. The device itself includes an experience reminiscent of their parent's tablet, but it ha safer internet compatibility and peer-to-peer gameplay.

The LeapPad Platinum continues the same legacy as other LeapPad tablets but since it is the newest, it includes kid-friendly access to 1,000+ age-appropriate, educator approved apps, e-books and videos. It is a durable tablet that includes a shatter-proof screen and wrap-around bumper, recommended for the 3-9 year-old age range.

The LeapPad Platinum tablet has a 7-inch screen (which is the same size as the previous LeapFrog xDi tablet), plus 8GB of onboard memory, which allows children to have access to 100 games and/or apps or 40,000 photos on their device.

10 apps are included on the device out-of-the-box with the initial purchase, and also includes the Music Player App Plus 10 Songs, Pet Pad Party, Pet Chat, Photo Fun Ultra, five Utility Apps and a choice of one app that can be downloaded onto the device via a secure wifi connection with a valid, parental account.

The LeapPad Platinum is recommended for children ages 3-9 and retails with a good sale, for about $100. 

The apps that are created for use in LeapFrog tablets for kids to use are approved by teachers, and created by following Common Core Curriculum guidelines. Apps include educational experiences related to science, math, reading and writing and as mentioned previously feature characters children adore. The games are also intuitive and able to adjust levels based upon how a child performs while completing the activities, offering a personalized learning experiences for individual users. 

Each tablet is capable of being personalized for multiple users, allowing it to be shared easily among siblings. For families who have invested money in prior LeapPad tablets, all apps are forward compatible, meaning older apps can be utilized on new devices. Each app purchase also includes several licenses, meaning if they were purchased through a wifi connection and downloaded onto the devices, versus buying the cartridge at retail, the apps can be used on up to 3 different devices simultaneously, providing a great long-term return on investment. 

The LeapPad Platinum has a camera that is also able to play games in real life with special Imagicards.


For more information to help make a decision on purchasing, here is a side-by-side comparison of the LeapFrog EPIC and the LeapFrog Platinum. Other popular LeapFrog toys include LeapTV video game console, the LeapReader and the LeapStart Interactive Activity Books.

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