LeapPad Platinum Tablet Review

LeapPad Platinum Learning Tablet

Have you seen LeapFrog's latest addition to the LeapPad tablet family?

The LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum tablet for kids has a large, 7-inch, high-resolution screen. It has a lot of memory storage (8GB) so kids can have 100 games on their tablet at one time. A feature of the LeapFrog Platinum, which is different than any of the other LeapFrog tablets, is that it kids can also play games using Imagicards.


Imagicards are interactive playing cards that are scanned from the camera on the LeapFrog Platinum tablet. These collectible cards, similar to how video game toys work, can impact the game play and the child's experience.

Children are so smart. At young ages they learn quickly to tap, swipe and play with their parent's smartphone and tablet. Most parents agree that giving an expensive device to a young child to use without supervision, isn't a good idea.  

Since 2011 LeapFrog has been designing durable educational tablets for kids that come preloaded with kid-friendly learning apps. These tablets can also connect to the internet through wifi, allowing kids to visit educator and parent approved websites. Games can be downloaded onto the tablet through wifi. as

Using Common Core Curriculum, these games teach kids ages 3-9 a school readiness through reading, social science and math. Many educational tablets allow kids to safely play games and text their friends who have the same tablet.

 Parents can choose to buy apps for their kids from the LeapFrog App Center, which has thousands of choices. For families who have spent money in other LeapFrog LeapPad game cartridges, these games are compatible with all LeapPad gaming tablets.

Out of the box, after turning the LeapFrog Platinum tablet on, parents will be asked to type in their birthday and preferred country.

It is possible to skip wifi set-up and still use the device. For families with very secure networks, you will have to skip the wifi set-up in order to locate the MAC address of the device which is listed under the System Information icon in the Parent Settings area.

10 apps are pre-loaded on the device out of the box and they include: 

  • Pet Pad Party - Players pick a pet, customize it with a color and a name, then play games like tic-tac-toe with their pet, decorate their pet's room, play ball or toys with their pet and even customize their pet's name.
  • Pet Chat - Kids can chat with friends nearby on another device. No need to worry if they can't spell, they can chat using emoticons, stickers and pick from a list of pre-written texts.
  • LeapSearch - After wifi is connected, kids can peruse educator approved kid-friendly websites, images, videos, and games.
  • App Center - in the AppCenter kids can make a wish list of apps they might want to own. Parents can agree to buy these apps from the wishlist and they will automatically download onto the device.  
  • Music - 10 songs are pre-loaded on the device within 1 of 2 apps, Scout's Jukebox and Songs from Us.
  • Photo Fun Ultra - Kids use the front and rear cameras on the tablet to take photos, then edit their picture by pinching, mirroring, shaking, stretching, the image. Images can be saved to the camera roll. There is also a 5 second timer for selfies.
  • Voice Memo - kids can make 16 different audio memos or notes which are saved on the device.
  • Notepad - Using an on-screen keyboard, kids type their own notes. These notes appear in a post-it note format.
  • Clock - There is an analog clock on the device that when touched, also speaks the correct time. This app also includes a stopwatch.
  • Calendar - The monthly calendar says the date out loud and kids can personalize the calendar with dates and stickers 
  • Calculator 
  • One Free App can be downloaded from the App Center after purchasing the device

6 Demo's & Trailers

  • Welcome - this app is a demo loaded on the tablet screen that shows participants the features the device has to offer.
  • Imagicard Demo - Using 1 of the 5 included Imagicards in the packaging kids can test out this interactive game play. Additional Imagicards must be purchased separately.
  • Scout and Friends and You! Demo - Watch a trailer or test out the game, where children learn about life skills, friendships, feelings, emotions and conflict resolution.
  • Other demo's on the device include: The Human Body Demo, Cooking Recipes On The Road, Stretchy Monkey 

The LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum has a fast processor that reacts quickly to a child's touch. This tablet includes a stylus with a soft, cushioned top. The tablet arrives with an AC adapter to re-charge the device by plugging it into the wall.

As a parent, one of my favorite features is the ability to manage play time. Parents can specify the time a child can play that ranges from 15 minutes up to 4 hours, before the device will automatically turn-off. A rest setting can also be included where child can't play again after this timeframe for 30 minutes to 24 hours.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.