Left and Right Bridal Shower Game With a Surprise

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Bridal shower games sometimes have a bad rep, but they can be a great way to have fun with women who don't know each other well. The key is finding a bridal shower game that gets people laughing and enjoying themselves. This one is especially great because it has a fun surprise at the end.

Left/Right Bridal Shower Game With a Surprise Box

Ask guests to sit in a circle, then bring out three wrapped boxes. Explain that there's something very "special" inside and that whoever ends up with a box at the end of this bridal shower game will have to wear what's inside for the rest of the party. Make everyone think that something is embarrassing inside the box. Secretly, though, it is something nice like a bracelet, or a flower corsage.

Hand out the boxes to three guests not sitting next to each other. Explain that you're going to tell a story that frequently uses the words "left" and "right." Every time the word left is said, the box gets passed to the left. When the word right is said, the box goes right. It's helpful if the reader puts extra emphasis on the important words, so guests don't miss them. The faster you can read your story, the more confusing it will get, and thus the more fun this bridal shower game will be.

A Personal Story

It's also good to add in personal details that tease the bride about her relationship. For example, you could tell a story about their first date:

"As you may know, John and Jane met online. But you probably don't know the story of their first date. After lamenting that there seemed to be no good guys left in her town, Jane turned to the internet to find Mr. Right. Right away, she saw John's profile and sat down to write him an email. He wrote her right back, and they set up a first date for the pizza parlor in town for two nights later. She was at work when she noticed the time, and jumped right up, worried that there wasn't enough time left to get home and get ready. She got in her car, left work, and went right home to get dressed.

Meanwhile, John was at home nervously pacing, waiting for the right time to go to their date. Finally, it was 7 pm so he left the house and drove to the restaurant. He turned right on St. Johns St., right on Alameda Boulevard, left on Atlantic, and then got right onto the highway. He pulled up to the restaurant right on time, but Jane was as always running late. (She was even later than usual since she left her wallet at home and had to turn right around to get it.)

Fortunately, at the sight of her gorgeous face, long legs, and righteously beautiful body, John knew right that she was the right woman for him. He was left speechless. His breath might have even left his body for a moment. He didn't want to be one of the many many guys she'd left in her dust, so he made sure to be extra charming. He didn't even take home their leftover pizza so she wouldn't think he was cheap. When they said goodnight, he kissed her in just the right way and left her with the right first impression. A year later, he asked her to marry him, leading us to right this very moment."

A Simpler Version

For a simpler version of this bridal shower, the game is a variation on musical chairs. Hand out the boxes to three guests not sitting next to each other. Tell everyone to pass one clockwise and the other counterclockwise while you play some music. When the music stops, whoever is left holding each box is the winner. They'll be dreading being that person, and may even quickly shove it into the hands of their neighbor. But that person will have the last laugh with your nice present.